Friday, November 8, 2019

French Expressions Using Trouver

French Expressions Using Trouver The French verb trouver literally means to find and is also used in many idiomatic expressions. Learn how to meet ones match, find ones way, be lost for words, and more with this list of expressions with trouver. Possible Meanings of Trouver to findto come acrossto come up withto imagine Expressions with Trouver trouver boireto find something to drinktrouver se distraireto find a way to amuse oneselftrouver faireto find something to do, to manage to do somethingtrouver mangerto find something to eattrouver soccuperto find a way to keep busytrouver qui parlerto meet ones match, get more than one bargained fortrouver redire quelque choseto find fault with, criticize, have a complaint about somethingtrouver bien faireto be bound to do somethingtrouver bon de faireto see fit to do somethingtrouver le bonheurto find happinesstrouver bonne mine quelquunto think someone looks welltrouver le cheminto find ones waytrouver une consolation dans quelque choseto find consolation in somethingtrouver le courageto find the couragetrouver des difficultà ©sto come up against difficultiestrouver là ©nergieto find the energytrouver grà ¢ce auprà ¨s de quelquunto find favor with someonetrouver grà ¢ce aux yeux de quelquunto find favor with someonetrouver une idà ©eto hit on an ideatrouver la mort to meet ones deathtrouver le moyen de faireto find some way of doing, to manage to dotrouver plaisir faire quelque choseto take pleasure in doing somethingtrouver plaisir quelque choseto take pleasure in somethingtrouver un planto hit on a plantrouver preneurto find a buyer, takertrouver queto think, believe thattrouver quelque chose son goà »tto find something to ones likingtrouver quelque chose en quelquunto find something in someonetrouver quelque chose mauvais (informal)to not like something at alltrouver quelque chose trop adjto find something too adjtrouver quelquun adjto find someone adj, to think someone looks adjtrouver sa voieto find oneself, find ones life pathtrouver le sommeilto get to sleeptrouver son bonheurto find what one is looking fortrouver son maà ®treto find ones mastertrouver le tempsto find the timetrouver le temps longto find that time passes slowlyaller trouver quelquunto go see someonene pas trouver ses motsto be at a loss for wordsvenir trouver quelquunto come and see someoney trouver son compteto get something out of itComment las-tu trouvà ©(e)  ? What do you think of him (her)?Jai trouvà ©Ã‚  !Ive got it!Oà ¹ est-il allà © trouver à §a  ?Where did he get that idea from? Whatever gave him that idea?Quest-ce que tu lui trouves  ?What do you seen in him?Tu le (la) trouves sympa  ?Do you like him (her)? Do you think (s)hes nice?Tu trouves  ?Do you think so?Tu trouves à §a normal  ?Do you think thats right?bien trouvà ©well-spoken, cleverune formule bien trouvà ©eclever phrasetout trouvà ©ready-made, obviousune excuse toute trouvà ©eready-made excuseune explication toute trouvà ©eobvious explanationune solution toute trouvà ©eready-made solutionun sujet tout trouvà ©obvious topic Possible Meanings of Se Trouver to beto be foundto be situatedto feelto find oneselfto think/consider oneself adj Expressions with Se Trouver se trouver avoirto happen to havese trouver biento feel well, comfortable, happyse trouver bien davoir fait quelque choseto be glad to have done somethingse trouver daccordto happen to agreese trouver dans limpossibilità © de faireto find oneself unable to do, to not be in a position to dose trouver dans lobligation de faireto find oneself compelled to do, to have to dose trouver dans une situation dà ©licateto find oneself in a delicate situationse trouver à ªtreto happen to bese trouver malto pass out, faintse trouver mal davoir fait quelque choseto regret having done somethingse trouver mieuxto feel betterÇa ne se trouve pas sous le pas/sabot dun cheval. Thats not easy to find, not easy to come by.Ça se trouve facilement.You can find that anywhere.Il sen est mal trouvà ©.He lived to regret it.Je me suis trouvà © fin  !I looked like an idiot!Oà ¹ se trouve ...  ?Where is ...  ?Il se trouve... (impersonal)There is/are...Il se trouve que...It happens to be..., As it à §a se trouve (informal)maybe, its possibleTrouver conjugations

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