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Star Wars and Religion Essay -- Star Wars Film Movies Religious Essays

Star Wars and Religion Methodology In conducting my explore on Star Wars, I wanted to make for sure that I chassis of found a variety of sources. I decided to do my field report on Star Wars originally because I was certain that I needed to include an interview component in this report. I immediately thought of my R.A., who just happens to be an incredibly huge Star Wars fan. I knew that I would have to investigate some element of the movies and religion has always been a very controversial topic within the Star Wars universe. To research the topic I went through the IU Libraries Database and retrieved articles about Lucas and his beliefs about religion and about pop culture spirituality and the movies in general. I in like manner held an interview with my R.A., veronica Lloyd on the subject. She proved to be a very good source of knowledge on both sides of the issue at hand because she is a ghostly studies major as well as a Star Wars fanatic. Description I found that though t he movies are a pop culture phenomena, in that location are still unanswered questions. Even the biggest of fans are not certain about what the relationship between religion and Star Wars is. In the interview with Veronica, she mentioned that its kind of a mixture of things (Lloyd, 161), maybe its really something that will never be decided upon, but that hasnt stopped anyone from exploring the issue from all angles. I discovered a very interesting interview done by Bill Moyer with George Lucas, where he asks some of the questions that we all want answers to, but even Lucas doesnt know everything. Its interesting to me that the causality and film maker does not know the answers to questions about his own work, but I understand the reasons why he doesnt. Lucas ... ...port. I think a more than detailed form would serve to cover more angles, but also that there are so legion(predicate) angles to this topic that maybe too many would just be too much. I was interested in the topic a nd I think that helped to make the research and interview process easier to accomplish. I also think that I have a little more respect for the work of George Lucas and for those that know they are the true fans, they deserve the title. Works CitedBaker, Barbara J. The Star Wars Trilogy. Magills pass along to Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature. 1996. (*for general plot summaries) Johnson, Brian D. 1999. The Second Coming. Macleans. 24 May. Vol 112. Issue 21. p 14. Lloyd, Veronica. 2001. Interview by Jenny Hettenbach, 30 November, Bloomington, Indiana. immortalize recording. SW1. Moyers, Bill. 1999. Of Myth and Men. Time. 26 Apr. Vol 153. Issue 16. p 90.

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Graduation Speech: Lets Change the World -- Graduation Speech, Commen

Look at us, the class of 2012, with our diversity and respect for one another, I rouse see that our society has changed enormously in the last forty years a mere decade before County High School opened. I would even say that most of the world has changed from judging people by their race or nationality to judging them by their character. Although the world has matured a abundant deal we cannot remain in this single state of maturity, we must continue to grow. Now is the time to make a change in the world again. The ambassador of this change is County High Schools class of 2012. We can change the world this very hour, this very minute, this very second. The key to changing the world is in each and every one of you. By qualitying inside yourself and truly understanding who you are you can change the world. By finding out who you are now you can prevent yourself from becoming a victim of the void that lives in the people of todays society. People are in a sea of darkness this day. Th ey continually look for something meaningful that they can hold onto, but are easily distracted by temporary pleasures. While the bell was sounding for them to find themselves they were at the rules of order checking-out the people that just walked in. They were trying to get the high paying job so they could buy the luxury cars. They were trying to fill their emotional void with cloth objects and lustful fantasies. They never found out what their true delights were, they only listened to what society said could fill their heart and make their pain go away. They never knew themselves. Do not make this mistake in your life. Re-examine your life and find out what made you happy. What class excited your imagination? What was truly great near your past boyfriend ... ...test joys in life seldom add from material objects or non-challenging activities. To truly reach your potential you must conquer your fears and face the challenges that come before you. To be a great person you must be willing to do great things. Every person here is capable of excellence. It is my anticipate that you take these words and apply them to your life. You are graduating from high school and entering the world of possibilities and responsibilities. You have made friends, had relationships, and gained useful knowledge, all of which has prepared you to harness the possibilities and let the responsibilities. The greatest lesson you can now learn is be true to yourself. Find out who you are and who you want to be. Fate will dominate your life as long as you let it do so. Take control of your destiny and help our world to become a better world for everyone.

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Cigarette Advertising Essay -- Tobacco Advertising

Smoking has become one of the worlds master(prenominal) concerns after the realization of its effect on human health. Tobacco was first introduced by Native Americans and was considered to be harmless and a stress reliever. Eventually, this habit became popular all over the world, and as conventionalism as food. The increase in technology has brought out all the negative aspects and the side effects of smoking. Scientific analysis has proven that smoking is one of the main causes for death in the world. Since smoking has become a part of everyday life, quitting it has become even harder for those who are addicted. Advertisements and social pressure cause smoking with its devastating, spartan effects.Advertisements in the past were responsible for making smoking more popular all over the world. Many individuals decision to plenty comes from advertisements which uphold smoking. Proclamations made by cigarette companies claim people will feel happier, more glamorous, and healthier. A suggestive proclamation by Lucky Strike follow states, Smoke Luckies Youll get the happy blending of perfect mildness and rich taste that fine tobacco and only fine tobacco can relent you. . . . So get complete smoking enjoyment. Be Happy Go Lucky today The company has used lucky as its product disclose trying to make consumers believe that anyone who smokes these cigarettes is lucky and will have happiness. Advertisements like this brought attention to cigarettes and set the stage for smoking to be accepted. It became common for people to smoke at any age. Young and old were all smoking cigarettes without understanding their consequences. Also, social pressure is the most important cause of people smoking because they becharm everybody is do... ...rtisements. Although smoking can only cause problems to human health compared to the benefits, people will not stop. That is why everyone should try to avoid it. Smoking is a hazard for societies it affects the econ omy as people smoke and as their need increases their habit pulls them even more. Decreasing their ability to be more productive can be the result of smoking. If countries are looking for their welfare, countries should start to make cigarettes illegal. Overall, smoking always works against our wellbeing. Works CitedJacobs, Marjorie. From the First to the Last Ash The History, Economics & Hazards of Tobacco. Cambridge Marjorie Jacobs, 1995. Print.Joseph, Saad. Personal interview. 1 Nov. 2013. Lucky Strike. Advertisement. N.p., n.d. Web. 18 Nov. 2013.Teens Health. Kids Health Smoking. Kids health, n.d. Web. 02 Nov. 2013.

Refuge Camps :: essays research papers

Refuge CampsThere is a foreboding and ongoing crisis facing several third world countries today. This crisis is the rising amount of famine and health ailments that advert hundreds of thousands of individuals that face malnutrition, poverty, and several other serious problems that you will find in developing countries. Countless diseases plague todays world and the people who atomic number 18 most vulnerable to these diseases are also the ones that need the most help. Despite the lack of funds and limited aid available to these people, there is hope. A theme by the name of Doctors Without Borders is a non-profit organization that provides free health care in Refugee camps to the great amount of need and helpless individuals that populate our world.Doctors Without Borders (DWB) is comprised of fully certifiable and credentialed medical doctors from around the world. They travel internationally educating broad audiences by offering seminars and lectures based on their goal and pur pose. The organization is also composed of 2,000 volunteers who are enrolled and direct out annually throughout the world. The organizations main goal is to aid the several million refugees that reside in numerous developing countries. These refugees flee from their countries due to inhering disasters, extreme poverty and persecution that infects their home countries. DWB helps these individuals by setting up camps and shelters where they can seek refuge.The camps that DWB setup provide everything needed for survival. They provide clean water and ruddy food for all the refugees. Since water and food is limited at the camps, refugees are only provided with minimal supplies for survival. There is a medical station, where they provide all the incumbent vaccines and treatments for most illnesses and diseases. The refugees are given identification cards, which they need to show in order to get food and water. The camps are well organized and all the members make up together to provi de an adequate living environmentThese are many dangerous diseases that infect third world countries and Refugee camps. Two of these are cholera and malaria. cholera is a very dangerous disease that affects a lot of the refugees. Cholera is very contagious and about 50% of people infected with the bacteria die. In underdeveloped countries like Africa, diseases are everywhere. Most cholera deaths occur due to poor sanitation. In one incident, in Rwanda, there was an estimated 1000 deaths per day caused by cholera. If caught in time it can be cured.

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Funding and Lending Problems with China’s Three Gorges Dam Project :: Exploratory Essays Research Papers

Funding and Lending Problems with Chinas Three Gorges Dam upchuckThe Three Gorges Project continues to leave a wake of environmental and social transgressions. An assortment of activists and over 45 international groups, including the International Rivers Network and Sierra Club, become fought the project and all its detrimental attributes (Lammers 1). But because of the predetermination of its construction, certain consequences associated with the Three Gorges Dam are inevitable, especially those resulting from the inundation zones. Oppositely, there remain a variant of consequences, specifically concerning the impact of relocation and resettlement, which could be minimized and even avoided if the necessary steps were taken. Unfortunately, the current mixture of economics and politics between the State developing Bank of China and its lenders provides no safe guards against such transgression. Despite protests few if any changes have been made to rectify them. In the following p assage, I allow for give a short background of the obstructs history and consequences, disclose Chinas current resettlement efforts, and explain why minuscule change has been made to correct these matters. In the end, I will provide an alternative solution and hopefully focus needed attention to the most powerful aspect of the Three Gorges Project funding and lending. The Three Gorges Dam and Reservoir is questionably the largest engineering feat and construction project ever undertaken. The project originated as a solution to Chinas long-standing problems with mainland flood control (Shen 1). Soon after, the plans were altered to incorporated a giant shipping lane to the reservoir and 26 hydroelectric generators to the dam (Sly 1). The project, which resides on Chinas Yangtze river, has entered the second phase of completion. Following the diversion of normal river flow and traffic to a side channel, major(ip) construction of the coffer dam, which will reportedly span more than a mile in width, has ensued (Sklar 4). And major is no exaggeration considering the Chinese government is attempting to dam the worlds second largest river. The Three Gorges dam is estimated to be over 600 feet high and result in a reservoir of over 400 miles in length (Lammers 1). The resources and materials to be consumed, beyond the 29 gazillion dollar cost estimate, are to include the 3.6 billion cubic feet of rock and soil... to be excavated, 1 billion cubic feet of embankment fill... moved, 900 million cubic feet of plain and reinforced concrete... to be poured, and nearly 300,000 tons of metal structures.

Funding and Lending Problems with China’s Three Gorges Dam Project :: Exploratory Essays Research Papers

Funding and Lending Problems with Chinas Three Gorges dike ProjectThe Three Gorges Project continues to leave a wake of environmental and social transgressions. An assortment of activists and over 45 international groups, including the International Rivers Network and sierra Club, have fought the wander and all its detrimental attributes (Lammers 1). But because of the predetermination of its construction, certain consequences associated with the Three Gorges Dam are inevitable, especially those resulting from the inundation zones. Oppositely, there remain a variety of consequences, specifically concerning the impact of relocation and resettlement, which could be minimized and even avoided if the necessary steps were taken. Unfortunately, the current mixture of economics and politics between the advance Development Bank of China and its lenders provides no safe guards against such transgression. Despite protests few if any changes have been made to rectify them. In the following p assage, I will give a short background of the dams history and consequences, disclose Chinas current resettlement efforts, and explain why little change has been made to correct these matters. In the end, I will provide an alternative solution and hopefully focus needed attention to the more or less influential aspect of the Three Gorges Project funding and lending. The Three Gorges Dam and Reservoir is questionably the largest engineering feat and construction project ever undertaken. The project originated as a solution to Chinas long-standing problems with mainland flood control (Shen 1). Soon after, the plans were altered to incorporated a giant shipping lane to the reference and 26 hydroelectric generators to the dam (Sly 1). The project, which re billets on Chinas Yangtze river, has entered the second phase of completion. Following the diversion of normal river flow and traffic to a side channel, major construction of the coffer dam, which will reportedly span more than a mi le in width, has ensued (Sklar 4). And major is no exaggeration considering the Chinese government is attempting to dam the worlds second largest river. The Three Gorges dam is estimated to be over 600 feet high and result in a reservoir of over cd miles in length (Lammers 1). The resources and materials to be consumed, beyond the 29 billion dollar cost estimate, are to include the 3.6 billion cubic feet of rock and soil... to be excavated, 1 billion cubic feet of embankment fill... moved, 900 million cubic feet of plain and reinforced concrete... to be poured, and nearly 300,000 tons of metal structures.

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School Lunch

Dear Mr. I train coming to this school since 7th grade and has seen no progress at all, with the lunch. Im sorry for adage this but this food is NASTY It seems like its been frozen for 300 years, then cooked. Seriously, ar you guys trying to kill us? Since were not use to this cooking, were not dischargeing it as much. So try thinking of adding a couple of new foods while you read this letter. Some students at EMS has financial issues that they are dealing with at home. As a result no student would be buying school lunch. Also they may have not gotten accepted to have free lunch like I do.Another reason is the student may think the lunch the lunch look or taste disgusting. So you would expect the student to not even bother with the school lunch. Others say that the reason why they dont eat the lunch is theyre not hungry once lunch time comes. Either it was because they ate a big breakfast or they erect dont eat as much. Now think about it when they eat breakfast its probably ar ound 700 or 730. Thats 5 hours until the next meal is offered to them, if they laughingstock do that then they must be a superhero or something.Another huge problem is that the nutritional part about the food. I dont last if you have heard about this statistic. In order to have as many chicken, beef, and pork. Chemical labs clone the meat in order for us to have as much as we do now. Basically when we are eating meats at school that is cloned. The chemicals may have all different types of unhealthy bosom in it. That makes it taste like the real thing. Now who would like to eat chemicals? Not me, because I aspect chemicals were dangerous for you.Alright this topic is something I can carry on to, because of being a certain amount of pounds overweight. And the way these ladies cook that pizza has death written all over it. Only because it s just so greasy, usually some of us we take a napkin and wipe the grease of the pizza. And when were done the whole napkin is damp with grease. As a result of that is being diagnose with diabetes, high communication channel pressure, or high cholesterol. Living with a person thats a diabetic and has high blood pressure and high cholesterol also.Cannot be fun because, you have to watch what you eat or else you will go into a diabetic coma. Ive witnessed a person in a diabetic coma and it is scary because they just drop whatever theyre doing and fall. For the students that likes more of a variety to their meals. You could add a salad bar, fruit bar, alternate lunches, different types of the same food. So they wouldnt have to just choose one thing and move on. Who wants to do that every superstar day NOBODY Then the thing that we hate is that we have the same lunch choice almost every tow weeks in a row.Come on we are children we like to try new things not just the same old things. Another solution is that you can bring some of the kids background socialization to the lunch. But not no lasagna or Italian chicken feast beca use of some kids having Italian ancestors. Also to could just bring foods from around the innovation to just let us experience the world just by eating lunch at a middle school. At the beginning of the paragraph I was talking about adding a salad bar. Me personally I love salad to death. I mostly eat a salad with all of my meals that I eat. But sometimes it doesnt happen.To me its just nothing but a blend of vegetables with some salad dressing. You could also serve different fruits because I know that many people eat fruit and loves it. Or you could just hand out surveys to see what we like to eat the most or the least. So it just wouldnt be just this one big hassle, for only one choice of meal. As a result of you reading this letter. I hope you had at least a thought about making changes to the school lunch menu. If you do that, then I guarantee you that these changes will have students wanting to go to lunch, with a smile on their faces. To EAT

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Warlord – Creative Writing

Half a year before you were born, a great battle was fought and many brave men lost their lives. Your father lead his army of seven gm men into battle, they were fighting the evil Rovonaga. It was a lost cause right from the start, only trine thousand of the seven were prep ar warriors, the rest ordinary men trying to save their homes. The odds were foursome to one as Rovonaga had a force twenty-eight thousand strong, including five thousand cavalry and five thousand archers, each extremely well trained in what they did. It was said every archer could pierce an apple at four hundred yards.The other eighteen thousand were fully armoured samurai with swords so sharp they could cut a human torso clean in half. Our men fought bravely, plainly the outcome was inevitable, they lost and with it the write down. Rovonaga gave no mercy, he murdered every last man until a river of blood flowed. Your father was killed last, they hung him from a tree at the top of a hill so everyone could show him. His body was left there and nobody ever as wellk it down, it belatedly decomposed over time and nonhing is left, unless the rope, which still hangs as a symbol to show what happens if you get in Rovonagas way.That is how your father died son, he died an honourable man. A brave man, like your father, may die, but cowards do not live at all. Akechi remembered when his mother told him that story when he was six years old. That same night Rovonagas soldiers broke into their house, tied Akechi to a germinate and made him watch as his mum was slowly tortured to death. He managed to break free and run from Yalu, a large province in japan where he lived. When he was young he remembered his mother telling him what Yalu used to be like before Rovonaga took over. He pictured the image in his inquiry now, a beautiful, free place.Miles upon miles of fields, covered in crops. The warm sun beaming down giving colour and growth to all. The place was alive with animals of every ki nd, freely running here and there. Butterflies filled the air and birds the sky as rabbits roamed the ground. Farmers tended to their crops happily, at one with the creatures. She said the air smelt so fresh and every breathing time was like new life rushing into you. The highest hill was covered with trees, its top b bely visible. Flowers flourished in-between each tree and she said it was like walking by means of paradise. No sounds, except those of animals, no smell, except that of freshness.He remembered she once told him she climbed a tree on top of the hill. When she reached the top she was in the clouds, like being in heaven. She never climbed it again as she thought it was so holy it was only meant to be visited by God. Akechi desperately wanted to see this land, as it should be. Then he remembered what it was like before left. Chitu Village lay at the centre of Yalu, this was where Rovonaga lived. It was basically a huge palace for him and his generals. Not a nice place, an ugly place, too good-looking and covered in statues of eerie creatures. Small men with horns and great, giant goblins on top of towers.Surrounding his palace was where his soldiers lived, another ugly place, but lavishness compared to outside of Chitu. In the six and a half years Rovonaga had been in Yalu, he had sucked the life out of everything. The people were treated like slaves, only unploughed alive to serve Rovonaga and his soldiers. They grew all the crops, harvested them yet at the end they saw none of them. They were lucky if they got a meal a twenty-four hours and many died of starving and exhaustion. The hill where the trees once grew and the flowers flourished was now where a big, black iron gate stood, the only way in or out of Yalu.Walls soared high all some the border, covered with spikes, just as much to keep people in as out. It was a huge prison and the people were prisoners in their own homes. any animals had fled, their habitats destroyed and no life l ived inside of these pariess. The land was suffocated and the air heavy. People breathed un forgetingly, they only did because they knew they had to. Although the sun shone it appeared colourless and so did the land, everything black and white. The dead were not cared for and bodies lay here and there, some fresh others half decomposed.People did not live, they were merely bodies, without souls or spirits, all doing the same routine everyday. Nobody smiled, nobody laughed and most people did not even talk. Guards watched and drove the people on, whipping, beating and killing. When he was six Akechi escaped. He found a small gap in-between the land and the bottom of the wall. He dug furiously, earth flying out behind him. He heard guards coming and so surged on. The gap was now just big enough for him to get through, he did and he had made it, he was free. He ran and ran that night, too scared to stop, tears blurring his vision.Most of the way he cried for his mother, but she was ne ver coming back. By sheer fortune he had run to the coast. thither he saw a small trading vessel lying in the harbour. He sneaked upon board and hid himself inside a box. Inside he collapsed from exhaustion and slept for hours. He was in such a deep sleep he did not even know the boat had set sail. The boat took him to China and there he spent the next twenty years of his life. A family took him in and he was raised as if he were one of their own. He joined the Chinese army and with his fathers spirit and his intelligence he rose higher.He became general of the unanimous of South-East China and many people looked up to him. He was a fine leader and a great strategist. He also became well cognise for his excellence with the blade. Like his father before him, Akechi was a true samurai warrior. Rovonaga became bored with hid palace life and one day he ordered his troops to got o Chinese ports and burn any ships they saw. He wanted a war, and a war he would get. The Chinese government reacted straight away and ordered Akechi to take his men over to Japan and crush Rovonaga. Akechi rallied his men and they boarded their ships.Under his command Akechi had ten thousand samurai, six thousand archers and two thousand cavalry. A substance force of eighteen thousand, but he was outnumbered by Rovonagas force. They landed in the same port Akechi had fled from twenty years ago. There the army camped and stayed for the night. The next day was spent unloading the ships and gathering provisions. That night they marched until they were just three miles from the walls of Yalu. Akechis plan was one which relied on the element of surprise. He planned to camp for that day and labialise at dawn of the next.Armour was strapped on, swords worn and bows carried. He gathered his troops together and told them this. I know we are outnumbered in total force, but we will win. We will catch our enemy by surprise and overthrow them. We have more archers and this is a great advantage. Als o I am sure you are all thinking that we cannot get past the Walls of Yalu. We will use ladders to get over, rams to smash the gate, any means possible. Have you thought the people of Yalu may help. When they see what is happening they will rise and rebel. Giving us time and maybe letting us in. Be brave all of you.Someone once told me a brave man may die, but cowards do not live at all. Which one are you, I know my men and all of you are the starting line. Come on lets march on to victory. Just as he planned Akechi attacked at dawn. He ordered his archers to fire, and his men to go and ram the gate. A storm of arrows went over the walls, many hitting targets. Ladders went up and men climbed over. Rovonaga quickly rallied his troops and sent them to meet this onslaught. The gate held and could not be breeched, men poisonous from the ladders and Rovonaga was winning, there was simply no way in.The solid iron gate could only be opened from the inside. The people in Yalu did do what Akechi had hoped, they rebelled and fought the soldiers. This gave Akechi some time, in which he thought and planned. The gap in the wall where he had escaped, it was just around the corner. He had a plan, a trap. He sent his foot soldiers to go down the hill and stay there, he did the same with his cavalry and archers. He took about a thousand men and five hundred archers around to the gap. There he ordered his archers to give covery fire and keep the enemys heads down, and with his thousand men he ordered them to dig, but slowly.As he had hoped Rovonaga had seen them do this and assumed it was the alone army. He could not get to them, but he could not afford to let them in. So he chose to go and meet them. The gate opened and first out was Rovonaga and his five thousand cavalry, they galloped around the side to meet the army at the gap. As did the eighteen thousand men that followed. His archers stayed on top of the wall firing down upon Akechi and his men. The men did not see t he main bulk of the army at the bottom of the hill, and the trap was set.The gates were left open and three thousand of Akechis archers and a thousand of his foot soldiers went inside. Here they killed any remain soldiers and all of the archers. Then Akechis men did what Rovonagas archers were doing and fired upon the enemy below. Meanwhile the cavalry and the remaining two thousand five hundred archers and eight thousand foot soldiers went to meet Rovonagas force. They attacked the rear and the cavalry charged and chopped the men to pieces. The archers were very powerful against Rovonagas cavalry and foot soldiers, and severely weakened both.The samurai soldiers cam in to finish the fight off. Rovonaga surrendered and Akechi had won. His men were spared as was he. Rovonaga and his men were kept in prison for the rest of their lives and things slowly returned to normal. The walls were torn down as was the place and the great iron gate. Colour returned to Yalu and so did life. New trees were planted, animals returned and over the years things became increasingly better. Akechi retired from the Chinese army and became convention of Yalu which China gave back to Japan. Life went on better than ever. Akechi was a great ruler and his people loved him, a true warlord.

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Othello Response

janskii Othello Response. Mr. jannski Othello Response After reading Othello by William Shakespeare i found it to be a really interest story that contained great details and imagery. This tale also includes a fascinating plot line. I can restore to the text in this story very well. The character Rodrigo is very much alike me because i have been in the situation alike where, i had feelings for someone who had absolutely no mutual interests bottom to me and the person i had interests for had feelings for someone else.I can fully relate to the jealousy that Rodrigo continues to experience. This does not conflict with which i see the world. I see the world as, you slang term let something without resorting to violence. In the story, theres violent themes such as hatred and a great example of this would be when Iago says that he hates Othello. I hate the Moor, And it is thought oversea that twixt my sheets has through with(p) my office. He says that he hates Othello because rumor s point to Othello sleeping with Iagos wife.In the text, Iago tries to provoke Brabantio by telling him his daughter is seeing Othello, whitch triggers very vulgar language. This can be explained when Iago proclaims, Even now, now, very now, an old Welhaf 1 foul ram is tupping your white ewe. Thats my opinion on this tale of different emotions, which contained many themes and is serious, yet comical in some parts. Its a hard read for a 10th grade honors class, so reading pages multiple times would ensure a good sagacity about this story. I can fully relate to the jealousy that Rodrigo continues to experience.This does not conflict with which i see the world. I see the world as, you cant fix something without resorting to violence. In the story, theres violent themes such as hatred and a great example of this would be when Iago says that he hates Othello. I hate the Moor, And it is thought abroad that twixt my sheets has done my office. He says that he hates Othello because rumors point to Othello sleeping with Iagos wife. In the text, Iago tries to provoke Brabantio by telling him his daughter is seeing Othello, whitch triggers very vulgar language.This can be explained when Iago proclaims, Even now, now, very now, an old. black ram is tupping your white ewe. Thats my opinion on this tale of different emotions, which contained many themes and is serious, yet comical in some parts. Its a hard read for a 10th grade honors class, so reading pages multiple times would ensure a good understanding about this story. I can fully relate to the jealousy that Rodrigo continues to experience. This does not conflict with which i see the world. I see the world as, you cant fix something without resorting to.Ery now, an old black ram is tupping your white ewe. Thats my opinion on this tale of different emotions, which contained many themes and is serious, yet comical in some parts. Its a hard read for a 10th grade honors class, so reading pages multiple times would ensure a good understanding about this story. I can fully relate to the jealousy that Rodrigo continues to experience. This does not conflict with which i see the world. I see the world as, you cant fix something without resorting to.

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An Introduction to Car-sharing & Zipcar Essay

Back in 2000, in lieu of overcrowding in the US political machine rental market, Zip railroad simple machine implemented a blue ocean strategy and established its car-sharing business as the dominant alternative to car experienceership. Comp ared to car rentals firms that charge wasting diseasers on a per day basis, Zipcar offers users the flexibility of deciding the number of hours and distance of car usage. In addition, un equal car rental firms which require customers to pick up the cars from their offices, Zipcar allows members to pick up a car from their nearest pose lots find at strategic points throughout metropolitan areas. The added convenience over the traditional car rental business model, coupled with Zipcars first movers advantage in the US market, led Zipcar to be the largest car-sharing company in the world, with a total of 570,000 members and 8,000 cars.Zipcars Service Proposition 4 Simple travel to Driving a Zipcar Firstly, new users are required to apply f or a Zipcar membership which costs about USD60 annually. Secondly, users proceed to reserve a specific car model at their preferred nearest location, via phone, online or the Zipcar mobile application. Thirdly, users proceed to their reserved cars and unlock their cars by having an RFID scanner located on the cars windscreen scan their assigned Zipcards. Lastly, users return their cars to designated put lots and will be subsequently billed on a per-hour basis, without having to pay for fuel or insurance costs.Zipcars Four Market SegmentsThe bulk of Zipcars operations is located inwardly the US, although it does operate in selective cities of Canada and the UK. Its r planeues come from the following quaternary market segments. Individual Membership Servicing individuals who prefer car-sharing to urban car ownership due to significant cost savings Universities Working with universities to address the need of parking lots by providing car-sharing to staff and students and reducing the number of cars on campus Businesses & Government Working with businesses and topical anesthetic governments to meet environmental goals by providing employees access to Zipcars and bring forward car-pooling FastFleet System Selling its proprietary and trademarked car-sharing management systems to organizations interested in implementing an internal car-sharing program Opportunity for Zipcar to Enter the Growing European Car-Sharing Market In 2006, the European Union (EU) announced plans to drastically reduce greenhouse accelerator pedal e commandions and the carbon footprint across European nations.Under the new EU zipper policy, European nations are required to report their annual carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. As such, given their ability to reduce the cars on the road and consequently the greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprints, car-sharing services flourished in Europe. According to Frost & Sullivan, the revenue from car-sharing in Europe is likely to hit $2.6 b illion EURO ($3.4 billion USD) by the 2016. This figure even exceeds the projected US car-sharing revenue in 2016 of $3.3 billion USD. Given that the European car-sharing market is likely to be more lucrative than the US one, Zipcar should not miss out on the opportunity to expand its operations to Europe.Our Recommended Goal for Zipcar and Reasons for Recommending It Despite lacking a first-movers advantage, we recommend that Zipcar fix ups its sight on penetrating the European car-sharing market, specifically Germany and Switzerland, and seizing market leadinghip in the long run. Our radical proposes the use of creative collaborationism strategies as a workaround to Zipcars lack of first-movers advantage when entering the aforementioned markets. These strategies will be further elaborated upon in Component 2. Our recommendation of seizing market leadership in Switzerland and Germany is base on the following reasons. Firstly, Zipcars acquisition of UK car-sharing market leader (Streetcar) in addition to its minority stake in a Spanish car-sharing start-up (Avancar) provides a square(p) geographical platform for expansion across Europe.By tapping on the knowledge base regarding the European car-sharing scene Streetcar and Avancar built up over the years, Zipcar could meliorate understand the differences in consumer preferences between European car-sharing customers and their US counterparts without any incurring any market research expenses. Zipcar could then tweak their car-sharing offering and achieve high levels of market-fit. Secondly, Germany and Switzerland make up 35% and 19% of the European car-sharing market respectivelyv. Apart from the UK, which Zipcar is a market leader in due to its recent acquisition of Streetcar, the be European nations only make up single-digit market shares amongst the European car-sharing market.Since Germany and Switzerland make up almost half of the European car-sharing market, entering these two markets instead of separate geographic markets should give them the greatest Return on Investment (ROI). Thirdly, by targeting high-growth car-sharing markets like that of Switzerland and Germany, Zipcar can reap substantial economies of scale and scope, which will lead to a lower cost structure, as it increases the size of its car fleet to meet the increasing demand for car-sharing in these nations. For example, Zipcar could negotiate bulk insurance deals at cheaper rank with insurance companies. Seeing as how Zipcars recent hit margins rent been eroded by increasing operating costs like soaring prices of petrol, it is cardinal that Zipcar explore cost savings through economies of scale and scope to ensure long-term sustainability of profits.Competitive Advantages that Helps Zipcar Fulfill Long Term Goal Firstly, as a car-sharing firm that owns the largest car fleet in the world, Zipcar has developed numerous patented technologies and invests heavily in research and development to uncover new i nnovations that competency fix its techno arranged leadership. For instance, its patented Z3D familiarity Center technology is capable of synchronizing and displaying real-time information like reservation cost, vehicle location maps on heterogeneous consumer touch-points like the online website, Zipcar mobile application and telephone reservation system. Looking forward, Zipcar is planning to use its proprietary wireless data network to be the first car-sharing provider to implement in-car Bluetooth and even Internet Wi-Fi services.Secondly, over the years, Zipcar has been body-building a significant amount of defect equity. Today, Zipcar is a brand that is synonymous with car sharing and environmental conservation. Its powerful brand and trustworthy brand name is underscored by the numerous awards it has won over the years. For example, Advertising Age Magazine named Zipcar in its 2009 list of lift 30 Worlds Hottest Brands. Given its powerful brand, Zipcar will find it easi er to gain the trust of potential collaborative partners. However, transferability of these competitive advantages across geographical boundaries might be held back by differences in consumer behaviours and competitive landscape.For instance, Europe and the US surrender radically different GPS networks and Zipcar might encounter challenges in implementing its patented GPS-reliant Z3D Knowledge Center technology in Europe. The extent to which Zipcar could leverage on its competitive advantages will ultimately depend on the effectiveness of its deployment strategies. Potential Pitfalls that Zipcar Should Look proscribed for When Pursuing its Goals While penetrating the European market, Zipcar should be wary of the threat it might face in the US market from an emerging form of car-sharing where online communities like Zimride allow individuals to form car pools with others who reside near them.It is important that Zipcar hedge against this increasingly popular form of car-sharing by not overcommitting its financial capital to the European market, and allocating a fixed portion of its annual marketing budget to the US market, in order to differentiate itself from Zimride as the superior car-sharing offering through the use of creative marketing initiatives and even sales promotions.. Challenges Faced as a Second-Mover into the Germany and Switzerland Market We established in Component 1 that Zipcars next logical course of action will be to compete for market leadership in Switzerland and Germany.However, this will be an uphill task, as Car2Go and Mobility, the respective market leaders in Germany and Switzerland, have leveraged on their first movers advantage to erect significant barriers to entry. Firstly, as first movers, Car2Go and Mobility have established themselves as technological leaders and have shaped customer expectations regarding car-sharing technological features. For instance, Car2Go has installed patent-pending electronic dashboards in their cars , which allows users to get directional help via GPS technology, as well as keep track of distance travelled and its resultant costs. Zipcar on the other hand, is in the midst of implementing such technologies and might come across as an inferior choice to certain group of customers.Secondly, Car2Go and Mobility have pre-emptively secured scarce assets vital for success of a car-sharing business. creation first on the scene, they have secured strategic and limited parking lots around the cities as their designated car-sharing parking lots. Facing the above second movers disadvantages, it will be challenge for Zipcar to enter the new markets in the conventional manner. As such, our team recommends victimization creative collaborations strategies, tailored specifically for Germany and Switzerland separately. Entry into Germany as a Second-Mover via collaboration with a Railway Operator * Reasons Why Zipcar Should Collaborate with Deutsche Bahn AG By collaborating with Deutsche Bahn A G (DBAG), the government-owned railway operator, Zipcar will gain swift access to scarce resources in form of car-sharing parking lots.In the urban areas, most of the limited viable parking lots have already been transfigureed into Car2Gos designated lot due to their first movers position, leaving close to none for new entrants. Being a state-owned public transport operator, DBAG holds strategic state-owned land areas in urban districts, which could be converted into designated Zipcar parking lots. This is made possible by a German legislation allowing government authorities to authorize the conversion of state-owned land into car-sharing sets and lots. As such, Zipcar avoids the lengthy process of acquiring parking lots on their own prior to beginning operations, during which Car2Go would have continued to strengthen its market leadership in the absence of Zipcar.* Reasons Why Deutsche Bahn AG Would insufficiency to Collaborate with Zipcar The DB brand is synonymous with being t he frontrunner on climate protection. By collaborating with Zipcar, which takes 100,000 cars off the road and reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 150 million pounds annually, DB could tap on Zipcars credibility and proven track record of being environmentally friendly to enhance its brand equity as consumers start to about associate the two brands over time. Besides, prior in-depth studies in European nations have shown that collaboration between car-sharing and public transport firms have resulted in higher profit margins for both party. * Executing the collaboration and Achieving Long Term Market Leadership This collaboration will seek to integrate different transport options, giving citizens in Germany the option of catching a train for the main part of a trip, before picking up a Zipcar at a specific station and drive for the last part of the journey.The customers of DBAG are an ideal target segment for Zipcar to extend its service offering to, as these frequent railway commute rs are improbable to own a car. Hence, Zipcar should launch initiatives that convert railway commuters into Zipcar members. For instance, Zipcar could execute joint marketing campaigns with DBAG promoting joint-package pricing programs where consumers enjoy discounted rates for railway train rides and Zipcars car sharing services. Zipcar can in like manner leverage on the unique marketing channels DBAG offers by posting marketing collaterals in railway stations and within trains themselves to educate commuters about its car-sharing offer. Given that countless Germans take the railway every day, this serves an effective platform for Zipcar to reach out to an enormous target group.These marketing collaterals should also make the partnership between DBAG and Zipcar obvious, through slogans like Zipcar the public car from DBAG. Knowing that the service is jointly-offered by their established and trusted public operator, consumers will be more receptive to Zipcars offer. In the inter est of user convenience and expediting the acceptation rate, Zipcar should clearly indicate on the DB railway transport track map which stations offer car-sharing services. Zipcar should also station staff at railway stations providing reliable information regarding car-sharing. Entry into Switzerland as a Second-Mover via Collaboration with Universities Mobility, the Switzerland car-sharing market leader, is involved in a collaboration with the Swiss Federal Railways. Hence, Zipcar cannot use the same collaboration strategy as what we proposed for Germany and we suggest Zipcar collaborate with local universities instead.* Reasons Why Zipcar Should Collaborate with Switzerland Universities Zipcar lacks a knowledge-base about the Switzerland car-sharing market, particularly consumer preferences and strategic locations where car-sharing is in high demand. By collaborating with local universities that serve an importance source of learning, Zipcar could rapidly build up its knowledge -base through interactions with tertiary students, as compared to venturing into the market alone without any form of market intelligence or research. Universities are also ideal collaboration partners as college students are generally open-minded youths who form the majority of the early adopters who are eager to try new innovative ideas like car-sharing.* Reasons Why the Switzerland Universities Would Want to Collaborate with Zipcar The collaboration with Zipcar achieves a strategic fit reduction of carbon footprint. Switzerland is one of the leading environmentally friendly countries due to continuous governmental efforts to promote a green lifestyle. Zipcars mission statement of reducing global carbon footprint will resonate well with these government-linked universities. In addition, most Switzerland universities, peculiarly those located in the city, face parking management issues due to the lack of land and face an institutional need to reduce cars parked on campus. Collabo ration with Zipcar provides a cost-effective manner of solving the above issues, given Zipcar eight-years worth of partnership experience with US colleges, during which they achieved a proven track record of in the altogether down the number of cars and traffic congestions in various campuses.* Executing the Collaboration and Achieving Long Term Market Leadership Initially, Zipcar should focus on promoting mass adoption among university students. As it is a rite of passage for most European graduates to purchase a car when they leave school, it is crucial for Zipcar to get students to experience the benefits of car-sharing first-hand and warm them up to the idea of a car-free lifestyle post college years. Since most university students have limited spending power, Zipcar should tailor its marketing initiatives to convey the cost savings students will enjoy as a Zipcar member, due to their lack of a need to pay for car insurance, parking and rising fuel prices. Zipcar might also wan t to mark a story of convenience, where students matriculation cards could double as Zipcards that unlock Zipcars.Taking into consideration that university students are mostly Millennial (adults belonging to Generation Y), who are progressively getting more environmentally conscious, Zipcar could also highlight the fact it offers a selection of hybrid cars, like the Totyota Prius and Citron C1. Upon achieving mass adoption status, Zipcar should convert graduating college students into life-long Zipcar members, by offering incentives of lower annual membership fees and loyalty points. By targeting a specific target segment (i.e. college students) instead of competing head-on with Mobility for the same group of customers, Zipcar can steadily grow its market share and eventually emerge in a good position to challenge for market leadership.Bibliographyi Baan, J., Mack, D., Murphy, T., Sharma, S., & Watson, L. (2011, 08 22). Zipcar to set the Pace in Race for Young Urbanite Market. Glen dale, Arizona, regular army. ii Edgar Online. (2011, 04 14). Edgar Online ZIPCAR INC. Retrieved 10 22, 2011, from Edgar Online http// iii Garthwaite, J. (2011, 4 14). Car Sharing Startups Bask in Zipcars I.P.O Glow. New York, USA New York Times. Retrieved 10 22, 2011, from NY http// iv Zipcar Inc. (2011, 01 01). How It Works. 4 simple steps to freedom from car rental and ownership Zipcar. Retrieved 10 22, 2011, from Zipcar http// v Zipcar Inc. (2011, 01 01). Rate & Plans, car sharing instead of car rental and owning a car Zipcar. Retrieved 10 22, 2011, from Zipcar Inc http//

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Illegal Immigration Essay

With Illegal immigrants entering the united States daily, attention grows as to what should be done about it. Illegal immigrants who enter the United States and build lives here ultimately affect our economy and society. On one side of the contention, you have those who believe all illegal immigrants should be deported. No exceptions should be made and citizenship should be required to enter the borders of the United States. On the other side, why not give illegal immigrants a chance? Allow them to earn rights in the United States and eventually gain citizenship. Serious debate rests over what reforms should be made to our nations Immigration laws.With a vision of much secure borders, at that place be those who see illegal immigration completely unacceptable. This side argues that Illegal immigrants be given no status in the United States. Those who share this institutionalize of view often times share similar reasons as well. Many middle class jobs, available to legal United States citizens, are being sweep up by illegals. Illegal immigrants are using falsified documents to gain access to such jobs. Its not fair that legal citizens who are looking for jobs plaque competition against illegal immigrants. Their spend of fake social security issuings to authenticate documents causes issues to tax brackets and government assistance programs. Government assistance, only intended for use by citizens in need, is being utilized by illegal immigrants. As well as wanting to keep government agencies from being utilized by wrong parties, safety is a strong reason for wanting more secure borders. With thousands of immigrants making the attempt into the United States daily, it is impossible to filter out angry offenders and other criminals from non- criminals. This is what scares many American citizens into wanting completely shut borders. You just dont know who is entering the U.S. Without the ability to screen everyone who enters the U.S., and regulate the num ber of immigrants entering the U.S., this side forget continue to vote for closed borders.On the contrary though, commonly in tune with ideals that our nation was founded by immigrants, there are those who see reform is necessary for the United States. America has been known as the lay of opportunity for centuries. Why not allow everyone a chance to thrive? Immigrants bring and have brought new ideas to our country for centuries. Every day they form a functioning part of our society as well as economy. Although few view it wrong for illegal aliens to receive government assistance, they contribute to taxes as well. With dreams of bettering ones life, immigrants usually come to the U.S. with strong work ethics and hopes to prosper. beatified for the shortages in jobs, Illegal immigrants seem to fill the holes in society that legal citizens havent already filled. With them they bring values of their own cultures. This helps distill more values of culture into our own. Creating a m ore diverse country can help everyone feel more like they fit in. Illegal immigrants, with dreams of citizenship in the U.S., should be given the chance. Reform in our government should allow more eligibility for those trying to gain citizenship. Opportunity should be accessible to everyone.With illegal immigration often debated by those with strict agendas, it is easy to see certain points of view are missed. Noted historically as one big melting pot, The United States was in the first place founded by immigrants. Most Americans today are descendants of immigrants who came to the U.S. hoping to find opportunity, the same as immigrants today. The United States should honor that many illegal immigrants see it as the land of opportunity. Citizenship here should not be a dream held out of reach for so many. Immigrants bring diversity to new nations. Government reforms concerning both sides can be made. Changes that not only allow more opportunity to those looking in, but strengthen an d secure our borders as well. Consideration from both sides of the debate is necessary in trying to find solutions to the immigration problems our nation faces today.Debate over whether our borders be accessible or left shut will continue as long as people try to cross them. There will always be those radically opposed to immigration as will there always be those for it. With chancesslim of immigration into the U.S. slowing down, parties will have to form necessary common grounds in order to spare the integrity of our nation. Security for the U.S. will always be the main factor in how our reform pans out. It should never be forgotten though that this is the land of opportunity, strengthened by those who came by boat. Only views of equality can fix the issues tying up our immigration reform.Work CitedBrooks, Philip. Timeline. Immigration. Chicago Heinemann Library, 2004. 44. Print Illegal Immigration. Illegal Immigration. N.p., n.d. Web. 25 Nov. 2013 Immigration What Ar e the Solutions to Illegal Immigration in America? ProConorg Headlines. N.p., n.d. Web. 25 Nov. 2013. Smith, James P., and Barry Edmonston. Historical Background and Current Immigration Issues. The Immigration Debate Studies on the Economic, Demographic, and Fiscal Effects of Immigration. Washington, D.C. National Academy, 1998. 289-310. Print. West, Darrell M. Shifting Public Opinion. Brain Gain Rethinking U.S. Immigration Policy. Washington, D.C. Brookings Institution, 2010. 107-26. Print.

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Sexual Assault Against Women

Sexual Assault against Women I choose this topic because cozy assault is one of the most offensive crimes committed in our society. non only is it a threat to the community, but it has a physically and psychologically effect on the victim in many ways. For the last couple of decades, cozy assault, rape, and child molestation has become the focal point of public concerns today. According to a 1993 National Crime Victimization Survey conducted by the U. S. Department of Justice, closely 500,000 rapes or sexual assaults occur each year (Statistics, March 2010).The Department of Justice states that, rape crimes have risen nearly three times as fast as the total crime rate, although other studies have shown statistics that be in conflict with these numbers due to the victims that do no incubate their attacks. For example, the National Womens Study claims that about 683,000 rapes of adult women occur annually, while the Federal Bureau of Investigation reports 103,000 such rapes each year (Statistics, March 2010). about lawmakers agree that sexual strength is a problem that requires a lot of attention and investigation.In the mid-1990s, a number of violent crimes were being committed by deep released sex offenders. The media attention motivated many states to pass laws that specify that communities must be notified about paroled sex offender living in their communities. This ca employ a business organization of the people in the community that released sex offenders may commit assaults in their community as well. Alice Walkers The Color Purple is an excellent account of the life of a charwoman who must suffer not only social ostracism due to gender and skin color but also women who suffer greatly at the hands of men.This is true in terms of infidelity, physical and verbal abuse, and sexual abuse. The Color Purple revolves around the life of Celie, a young woman growing up in the poverty-ridden South. In order to find herself and gain independence, Celie mu st regale with all manner of abuse, including misogyny, racism and poverty. When she is a young missy of just 14, Celie is sexually assaulted by a man she believes is her father. She had two children by her rapist, both of who he takes to a Reverend.When her mother dies, this man known as Pa marries Celie to a man she will only refer to as Mr. (Walker, 1985). This is just a fine example of the recollection of a victim. The Violence against Women Act (VAWA) of 1994 marked a turning point in our national response to the problems of both sexual assault and domestic violence. For the first time it considered the ways in which sexual assault and domestic violence were similar they are both crimes of violence against women, rooted in historical and cultural traditions and attitudes.VAWA also addressed the ways our laws failed to affiance and punish perpetrators of these crimes of violence, while often increasing the trauma experienced by victims. The act included measures designed to protect crime victims rights and provide crime victims with compensation, micturate hotlines for sexual assault and family violence victims, establish sex offender registration and community notification, protect women from date rape, and coordinate law enforcement and social services to deal with crime in a unified manner.VAWA is a wide-ranging law which, among other things, mandated research into sexual and domestic violence, funded community efforts against sexual and domestic violence through grants, proposed changes in the evaluation and determination of evidence, affirmed victims rights of privacy and equal protection under the law, recommended compensation of victims, and authorized enhanced penalties for repeat sex offenders. rectitude enforcement officers are highly trained and are fully aware of this Act and how it works.It is the duty of the officer to enforce these laws. One intervention method for the offenders that would restore justice practices is the gaining pop ularity of chemical castration which is the use of Depo-Provera it decreases the level of testosterone that men produce (encyclopedia, 2012). Lowered testosterone levels decreases the sexual thoughts and fantasies of the offender. The way this method would impact the victim is by given them a piece of mind of knowing the offender is being mentored and knowing that this could happen to another person.The way the Criminal Justice system can work more than efficient to help the victim through a rape or sexual assault is not blame the victim this was a strategy that was used in then(prenominal)ed which would make the victim feel as if it is their fault. For example, the victim goes to a party and becomes overly intoxicated and wakes up to find herself assaulted sexual, in the past the victim would be the blame because she became overly intoxicated.But what should be done is to encourage women not to precipitate the crime through careless behavior. But blame the offender, because they are the predator in crime and they should be removed from society. As a Criminal Justice professional I would provide more effective attention to the victim by offering services such as hotline information, victim advocate services, and assist them with police reporting process. Or even offer counseling service and self-defense strategies.Things that could be done to reduce victim blaming are training within the Criminal Justice system and educating the public on victim blaming as well. ? REFERENCES encyclopedia, T. f. (2012, May 05/31/12). Chemical Castration. Retrieved from Wikipedia http//en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Chemical_castration Statistics, U. S. (March 2010). National Crime Victimization Survey. National Crime Victimization Survey, 2008- -Statistical tables, 26 49. Walker, A. (1985). The Color Purple. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich.

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Political Aspects of Criminal Justice Essay

Introduction A felonious rightness agreement in any country is enshrined in the countrys executive branches. It is usu completelyy enshrined on the judiciary arm of the goernment and handles all sad cases and decides who should be prosecuted. (Shaffer & Herington, p36-40) The twist evaluator arranging is in any case entrusted with the structures that comprise the whole jurist system.It comes up with the supply that cater for emergence of new crimes. It also enforces the laws to make sure that everyone complies with them to maintain and enhance order in the society. The criminal justice system is comprised of all the justice systems right from the topical anesthetic to the national levels (Bonnie, p688).The degree of criminal offence determines the structure that should handle it. Minor crimes can be handled at the lowest level, for instance, by practice of law who maintain order by arresting and assigning some punishments to the offenders and blushtually releasing them. This system involves cooperation of the nation at the grassroots level. (Alexander, p67-78) Criminal justice system enhances internal protection of the citizens. Citizens are protected from the internal enemies who are out to cause harm to them. It also checks the excesses of the offenders and instills fear in them. This system has played an all- central(prenominal) role in tracking down criminals and ensuring that justice is done on the offenders.For instance, murderers, robbers, drug traffickers, rapists have been tracked down and put behind bars, thanks to the criminal justice system. This promotes security in the country and promotes the freedom of assumement. People can move from one point to another without the fear of macrocosm held hostage, kidnapped, raped or killed. As a result concourse are free to pursue their common good and can even engage in money generating activities or other businesses that promote their livelihood. (Bonnie, p688) Criminal justice system preve nts war or clashes within a country. A sense of peace and harmony is maintained and indeed they are able to maintain positive inter natural processs. As a result, a cohesive society is created and everyone is able to pursue their businesses. (Neilstrong, p40-p40) Criminal justice system has evolved over the years from a primitive era to an advanced era. The executive branch is divided into three stages at primary and secondary level. The three eras can be summarized as traditional (1776- 1899), transitional era which in like mannerk place between (1900-1927) and finally nationalization era which fell between 1964 to present time. (Bonnie, p688)Traditional duration (1776-1899) This is the earliest era of criminal justice system in America. It details the most primitive form of criminal justice system. During this time the justice system was devolved and hatful were in regard of the most decisions affecting the country as sound as the presidency (Shaffer & Herington, p36-40). D uring this time, the president was not in control of the country since decisions were do by the citizens. The community decided what problems was affecting them and prioritize them and finally came up with a modality on how to solve them. The decisions were not central, that is, left to the central government. During this time, people were given proof on how their money was spent and therefore the executive would account for every single penny spent. The community based team which was in charge of solving problems being experienced in the community were prosecutors, police parole and probation officers, judges, church leaders, community residents and school leaders (Shaffer & Herington, p36-p40).These leaders were presenting the local community. all(a) the decisions and plans were first handled by them before being handed over to the higher function. It is worth noting that at this time the process of decision making was slow.This is because of the many levels that a court case h ad to go through before passing a judgment. The judgments passed were either very light or too harsh. For instance, slaves were beaten and tortured. Some even died in the process for committing very mild offences. There were no laws protecting them, and therefore they fell victims of abuses. If a slave was murdered by his master, no action was taken against him, he was not imprisoned. Unfortunately, it promoted a lot of evil against slaves who were blacks at this time. (Shaffer, p36-p40) The justice system at that time did not cater for many crimes being committed. For instance, there were no legal systems put in place to punish government officials. There was detention without trial and in most cases some forms of totalitarianism were evident (Alexander, p67-78). There were no rehabilitation centers for criminals and hence any criminal was either imprisoned and was not given a chance to reform and turn over a better person.The only advantage with this era was that it was not domi nated by the presidency. Peoplehad a louder voice and were slow heard by the authority and therefore their needs were sorted out fast. The criminal justice system was felt even by those at very low levels.Transitional Era (1900-1927) During this time, there were some changes being felt by the people. The devolution of the powers of the criminal justice system was not devolved like in the past. This era encouraged a more centralized form of government. The decisions began to be make at the top and gradually trickled down to the bottom. The criminal justice system stopped being too harsh on the citizens (Bonnie, p688).The citizens were beaten and locked up in the cells, and there were no developed mechanisms to investigate crime. Most serious crimes were left unattended and forensic laboratories were at the initial stages of development. During this time, so far the taxpayers money was used to build better prison cells and therefore the torture chambers were done a elan with. It pr omoted fair trials and many people began to be prosecuted including the Whites. The cells promoted decency in handling human beings. (Neilstrong, p40-40) The government began educating people about change and development. Proper government structures that deal with crime were set up. The people who handled criminal cases were more educated and understood the system better. There were open policies of discussion and leadership was promoted in all structures and systems of government. The leaders served as models to be copied by teenaged citizens and therefore the justice system was streamlined. All the prosecutions were based on concrete evidence (Alexander, p67-78). The most evident thing about this era was that the criminal justice system was going through a process of change. People were hungry for better systems of government.They started to believe in the government since it was holding all the resources that they needed. They believed that only the government had the power to cater for all their needs. For the people to realize this change they had to give up some of their ambitions. Power without resources was nothing. Without the money and power structures, their money would always remain weak and they would not be able to guard themselves against enemies. The state was gradually being allowed to be in control.This is because all power was vested on it and they had higher control on everyone and every department. At this time prosecutors became generalists and started operating out of their decentralized offices. This way they were able to closely work with the police and the society on important issues that mattered most to the residents locally. (Shaffer, p36-40) During this era, when people from all the corners of the country felt angry and isolated from the government as well as their representatives, then the better option was to move closer to the community whereby they felt that the community was responding well. However, the fear was that, th e community could not give them much but only the state would. In America, some cities, for instance, sassy York began to experiment with the neighboring courts.The court did not only give out sanctions but also offer one stop shop for a bet of services both social and economic. For example, drugs for treatment. This was aimed at coming up with solutions to solve the problems present at that time. There was proliferation of courts that dealt with drug cases in the whole country. This was a condemnation of growth in appreciation and coming up with tailor made responses to answer to the concerns made locally. (Neilstrong, p40-p40) At this level however, community policing was evident and people were responding well to the status of the government and cooperation was promoted in all areas.Nationalization Era (1964 to Present) At this era all the decisions were made at the national level. The criminal justice system was centralized and all the decisions were made by top government of ficials. The presidency at this time assumed the role of Commander In Chief of the fortify Forces. The sitting president could not be prosecuted because he was the overall head. If charges were brought against them he gave a no prosecution order. This is called nolle prosequi. That is, he could not be prosecuted at any time. All the political decisions related to the criminal activities were handled by the state. The criminal justice system became more and more bureaucratic and lengthy. There was a accumulate of cases since all the criminal cases were under one system. (Alexander, p67-78) Nationalization era developed prisons and new ways of transforming the prisons was invested. Forensic laboratories were employed to investigate any type of criminal case. There were more developed and modern rehabilitation centers. Not any crime could land a person in prison. They came up with new techniques of measurement criminal cases. The people who were found to measure up to them were refe rred to rehabilitation centers to reform them. (Shaffer, p36-40) The domination of the presidency and the desire to control the criminal justice system however promoted many evils in the state. For example many offences committed by the president have not been looked into due to his lush powers. He is simply above the law. It also bred other evils such as assassination crimes. Most presidents have been known to assassinate their rivals if they pose a threat to their presidency. In essence, the presidency has abused the criminal justice system. All the powers have been taken away from the local government and it has rendered it a toothless dog as far as criminal justice system is concerned. (Bonnie, p688) From the nationalization era it is evident that the presidency has moved to dominate the criminal justice system on most of its issues. This can be explained from the excessive powers vested on the presidency. It practically controls all the other arms of the government, which mean s it is untouchable. (Neilstrong, p40-p40) The disadvantage with this situation is that it has on many occasions abused the powers and privileges vested on it. The presidency influences all the decisions made at the parliamentary level and influences the powers of the judiciary, and other organizations which oversee the work and activities of the government.For instance, organizations which are supposed to investigate the governments unethical behavior. When investigations are made and concluded, they are never released. This is done to protect the image of the present government and the presidency. Offenders of such crimes are never made public. Despite the government having enough liabilities, it is always made to appear perfect and blameless. Nationalization era has bred very corrupt government officials. (Alexander, p67-78) The US was not better in the earlier period. This is because the state physique of government could not bring the resources closer to the people. They have very many states and a state government could not devolve the resources available equitably and equally. The national government is therefore better and improved the economy as well as expanding the democratic space. The people now have more control of the local government and they can control the resources which have been placed at their disposal. For a country (nation) as big as US only a national kind of government can work. A centralized state would encourage community policing which cannot be applied in the modern world. (Bonnie, p688)Conclusion Despite the gains of a state government, I believe that for a growing state the federal kind of government is more desirable. This is because people can access resources faster and more easily. In addition, it is not cumbersome and neither is it bureaucratic and hence decisions are easily made faster and much more conveniently. Federal government is the way to go since it discourages crime at high levels of government as well as corru ption. The citizens are more in touch with their leaders and they can easily express themselves.Works Cited.Alexander, S. Political Government To What Extent Do Governments, Control Systems of Government, Harvard Press, 2003 (P67-p78) 2nd EdBonnie, B. Community Criminal Justice What Community Policing Teaches Harts Mitch. D.C, Washington, 2004 (p 688) Vol INeilstrong, B. Federalism and tell apart Government The Way to Go, Palgrave Publishers, United States of America, 2002 (p40-p40)Shaffer, S& Herington, C. Aspect of Good Governance, Harvard University Press, UK 2001 (p34-p40) Vol I 2nd Ed.

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Domestic Polices of Johnson and Eisenhower Essay

The decades of 1950s and early 60s were periods of unprecedented affluence, successfulness and economic growth for regular army, at scales that is difficult to twosome by any other country in human history. Years of persistent industrial growth, technical advances, and a full-time developed economy during the Second World War set the computer programme for USA to experience continued improvements in its industrial outputs, living standards, individual income, business and commercial profits, and infrastructural and capital growth.With its gross domestic product and GNP repeatedly touching new record heights, USA had undisputedly become worlds richest behemoth. However, amidst this spectacular mantle of prosperity, there remained large patches of poverty, racial discrimi farmings, unemployment and in personifyity that did not conform to high take aim of affluence generally attained through out the nation. To bridge this yawning gap, President Johnson launched the concept of enor mous guild with aim to bring equality and justice in US and distribute fruits of growth and prosperity to every citizen.Policies and Programs of Great Society The landslide victory of Lyndon Johnson in 1964 general election gave him suitable platform introduce a series of legislations concerning education, health mission, environmental protection, consumer rights, regional and urban development, civil rights, employment opportunities, social eudaemonia and income supplement programs, as part of his vision towards the great society. As Johnson himself belonged to middle class family, his ideas were well mold and oriented towards the exact framework that he wished to get to.Pursuant to this vision he proceeded to introduce a event of legislations that included, Food Stamp legislation, Civil Rights motivates, Economic Opportunity Act, Mass Transport Program, Public Work and calling Act, and Medical Health Car, Social Support, and Education Programs. The notable programs under Jo hnsons Great Society were 1. Income helper Under the Income Assistance program, financial coverage and assistance were provided to people to enable them to support themselves and become self-dependent. mass were counseled, advices and encouraged to strive to meet their own requirements, under government aegis. 2. Education and training Johnson was of firm imagine that education and training had crucial role in uplift deprived people to general levels of prosperity and affluence, providing tools and paths to break the vicious cycle of poverty and seclusion. Therefore, he put special emphasis on providing equal educational opportunities to economically deprived children.In the Great Society Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, special provisions were included to provide financial help, services and required assistance to schooling agencies and boards masking piece areas with economically disadvantaged families. Further, provisions were instituted that provided direct fin ancial help and support to individual disadvantaged students. A number of training programs were launched in semi urban and rural areas to provide work exposure, work think training and vocational training to people, to enable them to earn and break free of poverty.3. Healthcare and Medicare Programs Recognizing the requirement of healthcare for all, an integral part of Great Society vision was to provide medical care for elder and scummy people, who are unable to look after themselves. The Social Security Act of 1965 and 66 ensured health care and medical treatment for people belonging to all age groups. 4. Housing A rapidly appear urban America required houses to support the millions that came to cities to full fill their dreams.Concurrent were the problems of providing secure shelter to thousands stateless poor, left stranded on streets in inclement conditions. Therefore through Housing and Urban information Act of 1968 one the one hand government targeted construction of 26 million additional reformation units and on other provided for easy flow of real estate credit, liberalized loan market, expanded public housing fund, and low installments to enable people in low and middle income groups to own houses. 5.Environment One of significant achievements of Great Society vision was launching policies to make environment as free of pollutants and chemicals as possible, and consequently imitating the drive towards environmental awareness. Armed with a number of acts and legislations such as Clear Air, body of water step and Clean Water Restoration Acts and Amendments, Wilderness Act of 1964, Wild and Scenic Rivers Act of 1968, Land and Water Conservation Act of 1965, Motor Vehicle Air Pollution Control Act of 1965 etc, Johnson tried to create a social culture that is aware of its responsibilities in protecting environment.Differences with Eisenhower People, and especially poor oriented polices launched by Johnson stood in contrast with the generally i ndustrial and business focused programs adopted by Eisenhower in his government activity from 1953-61. During the Presidency of Eisenhower, social welfare programs had taken backstage before large-scale industrial, infrastructural, and military programs. Although the entire nation as an entity move ahead, serious gaps had remained in its fabrics that Johnson tried to cover with his welfare programs under Great Society

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Biotic and Abiotic Structure and Function of an Ecosystem

In this assignment, you will check the biotic and abiotic structure and function of an ecosystem. Choose one of the spare-time activity ecosystemsTropical rainforest.Grassland.Coral Reef.Estuary.Desert.You will write a two to three page APA-style research paper about your choice of ecosystem including Where might this type of ecosystem be located? Give one specific example. pick out the structure of the ecosystem List both the abiotic components and biotic components secernate the function of the ecosystem How do the abiotic and biotic components interact in biogeochemical cycles? Describe both the carbon and nitrogen cycles Describe disturbance and recovery Describe one natural and one human caused disturbance to the ecosystem. Explain the trauma to the ecosystem, including how the abiotic and biotic characteristics of the ecosystem changed. Explain how ecosystems recover by nature based on resilience mechanisms and the theory of secondary succession. The following grading rub ric will be used for this assignment.Grading RubricAPA Style 5% Where might this type of ecosystem be located? Give one specific example 20% Describe the structure 40%Abiotic components 10% Biotic Components 10%Describe the functionDescribe the Carbon cycle 15% Describe the northward cycle15%Disturbance and RecoveryExample of natural disturbance event and changes to the ecosystem.Discussion of recovery operate 15% Example of anthropogenic caused disturbance event and changes to the ecosystem.Discussion of recovery process. 15% Explain how ecosystems recover naturally based on resilience mechanisms and the theory of secondary succession.

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Response to the Right Stuff Essay

David Suzuki in his essay The Right Stuff stresses the richness of sex learning and human biology, in the course of science, in towering develops. He urges that in senior high school shoals sex education should be taught startle than any other subject. Suzuki argues that the impressions made in high school are very deep and are unforgotten than any other stage of flavour, so in this age, some(prenominal) they for puzzle learn, will always remember and will be very beneficial throughout their life. So, he urges the need of educating human sexuality in high school. Although Suzukis idea of teaching sex education in high school is interesting, the argument he makes is less than convincing. Suzukis chief(prenominal) purpose for composition essay is reflecting the importance of sex education in high schools. He wants that science education in high schools should be taught practically and in more interesting way. He argues that the students in high school are enough mature to un derstand to the highest degree sex education, and the lessons they learn at high schools will be helpful for their whole life and they will always remember those lessons.He says that all students do not choose science course at university level, so sex education needs to be taught in high schools. He informs that the students are interested and pay more attention towards the topics of human biology, drugs, and sex, so in science class sex education should be taught first. Suzuki in his essay uses the information from his in-person companionship and from his science background. He sees everything in a scientific way because of a science background, and suggests teachers that first they go through practically from every subject in science before teaching to students. He also wants in high schools, sex education should be plan around human biology. The major(ip) part of the essay covered his personal narration, which is his visit to a small town to judge a science fair. Suzuki also uses some information in his essay, from the book Is There Life After higher(prenominal) School? that he read and some given by a high school teacher of a small town about the interest of students towards sex, drugs and cars.The consequences of Suzukis reasoning are that some of the parents and phantasmal persons maybe on the other side because maybe they do not want that their children know about sex education, that is why, they may be disagree. On the other side, if students get all the information regarding sex in their early age at high school, they might be grow too quickly, and probably get into sexual activities in their young age. In some of the religions, sex education is not allowed in high schools, if it kept compulsory in schools, so maybe some religions will oppose it. And also students may not pay much attention to other subjects, or they start watching erotic films, so that will affect their life.In his essay, Suzuki does not provide strong evidences to support hi s idea. He first describes the life of students in high school and the changes occur in that period, then he suddenly shifts to his personal own in a small northern town with 400 high school students. But his main points are not properly argued. Suzuki wants sex education to be taught in high school, but he didnt think about the bad impact of that education on students. Some students will probably do a lot of bad things, which they dont need to do, if they will get the knowledge about sex in their teenage. So, his main point is not convincing.

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Nashville Predators Case Essay

The capital of Tennessee Predators discombobulate been going through a on the face of it endless process since entering the NHL in 1998. It did not take the Predators long to establish a no-hit and competitive nature among the franchise. Their first five seasons they struggled becoming a aggroup and missed the playoffs, however, they assimilate semen together and made the playoffs every year since. The Predators on-ice motion was consistently among the top one-third groups in the group discussion, precisely comfort faced many challenges.Although the Predators on-ice performance continued to mature, they lighten struggled with growth in tatter gross gross revenue. How does a number three ranked NHL team fall to cardinal of thirty teams in all everywhereall shred sales? Clearly something of necessity to be evaluated in the instruction merchandising st localizegy. According to many officials, capital of Tennessee has all the tools to generate a pro containable fran chise. It seems that since a team plays well that they should attract a loyal cull let on base. It was not this easy for the Predators as they dealt with several contracts over the years to gain one full-time owner.The teams franchise might be undergoing new-fashioned ownership formerly again. This puts an immense amount of stress on the man long timement team as they have several things to prep atomic number 18, for a voltage new owner. The team believes that a new owner might race the Predators to a location outside of Nashville. The management team exigencys to come up with an efficient marketing plan/ strategy for the new owner. Re-location suggestions are among the top issues to evaluate. The team has narrowed their approach to five capableness cities for the Predators, as well as the possibility of leaving them in Nashville. Hamilton, Winnipeg, Kansas City, Las Vegas, and Houston were among the best-fit re-location options.Although the team needed to hear at opposite cities, they were also determinedto prove Nashville could be a victor. The management team believed that with the on-ice success and a new and exciting marketing campaign would increase the average attendance at games. some challenges they faced along the counseling were mainly generating more revenue, and targeting a new clientele. NHL depends heavily on tag end revenue and less on broadcasting compared to any early(a) professional enjoyment. This alone tells the management team, very much more focus needs to be applied toward selling tickets. While more tickets need to be sold, there is a separate approach within this strategy. The majority of NHL teams sell sixty percent of their tickets to corporations, and retain business suites. The Predators are generating seventy percent of ticket revenue through individual sales and alone thirty percent from business packages. This is a number that needs to improve for the franchise as they look to increase revenue. Gaining suppor t from major corporations is al trends an upside for any business.Whether the team moves, or remains in Nashville, there are several key decisions that the management team moldiness make. First off they have to establish a comprehensive strategy starting with a recommended location. Where the Predators will be best fit is a decision that mustiness be machinate in stone. Once you have the location set is when the team can move into an overall strategy for the franchise. They will need to consider recommendations on promotions, determine, and client focus. What will the ticket prices be, and how will they obtain the brand (team) loyalty from fans? No matter what strategy they influence it must be viable and profitable. ticket prices are directly correlated to the attendance in the building, and point a major challenge. Last moreover certainly not least the team must stand up a strategy for targeting new corporations among its new location. This is ice hockey, however, at the en d of the day this is business and is about having, a good product on the ice.Upon win evaluation of the franchises relocation, an internal abridgment of strengths and weaknesses helps to visualize potential. As I said before, the Nashville Predators have a good team, but things must be evaluated to understand what to and what not to stress in their marketing strategy.Nashville Predator FranchiseSTRENGTHSWEAKNESSESOn-ice performance achieved playoff contention every year since 2003 Ranked third of thirty teams in NHL Competitive Nature a team that plays well and succeeds generates more awareness & fans Sommet Center single twelve years old over seventeen gibibyte in capametropolis Seventy luxury suites for businessesNewly Renovated Arena updated game measure/ score board hundreds of televisions added for conk out spectator views State of the art technology in Arena majority of employees/ musicians have been together for a while now and know how to work together through changes As of right now they have no clear strategyManagement team is in the fateful beca utilisation the team has not confirmed whether or not they are gaining a new owner- the management team is forced to plan for multiple scenarios under new ownership Preventing them from focusing on one powerful strategy Lack of embodied interest in Predators franchiseDue to the attempts/ failures of multiple ownership agreements the franchise appears as un necessityed and undesirable to outsiders Lack of client Service Department- over five hundred thousand dollar signs Lack of consistency within franchiseExternal summaryCustomers- NHL tickets serve purely hedonic needs in the eyes of the consumers, as Sports games are a facet of the frolic industry. adept group that the NHL targets in ticket sales are fans of the sport, both diehard and casual. Diehard fans purchased season tickets regardless of winning or losing seasons or otherwise conditions and as such they are not considered price sensit ive compared to casual fans. episodic watchers of hockey perform more of a search to find the best entertainment option for their dollar and can be trickier to encourage buying multiple tickets. Based on statistical figures your average NHL fan is a male in his middle 40s, although almost 40% of fans are women. An interesting incident is that accordingto the article, NHL fans are wealthier than any other fan of a major group discussion northeastward American sport. Fans of the sport geographically speaking are spread out across North America, but NHL franchise attendance is highest in Canada and Northern U.S. regions. ContextPolitical the National Hockey League governs Major league hockey games. The NHL regulates how many games are in each season, controls where teams are located or relocated, and determines salaries for players, and so on stinting Like any other entertainment option, success as a business depends on the customers amount of discretionary income. If the general e conomy is suffering, NHL games likely suffer in terms of ticket revenue. Social NHL is a part of the sports entertainment industry, which continues to grow into a multi-billion dollar industry. Many in North America follow a sport one way or another and are a way to socialize with other fans. Technological Not too many technological advances in the sport of hockey, other than to watch games while not in attendance. Company- The National Hockey League (NHL) is the governing corpse for professional hockey teams. The league, more than any of the other professional leagues, depends on ticket sales as a main source of revenue.According to Porters generic strategies, the focus of the NHL is to provide a different kind of professional sports experience at a competitive price point. Unlike football or baseball, hockey is generally not susceptible to fluctuations in ticket revenue based on weather since it is an indoor event. No other sport is played on ice so that is the NHLs main source o f competitive good. Collaborators- The NHL is in contract with venue leasing companies to provide the heavens for the games and they are their biggest collaborators. besides contributing to the game day experiences are the firms that provide the food and beverages, manufacture the merchandising and player uniforms/equipment, security, etc. Most of these arenas arent built solely for hockey games so firms that design, build, and manage the ice rinks are of import to delivering the product.CompetitionProduct Category Competition NFL, NBA, MLB, and MLSGeneric Competition College sports games, race tracks (of horse and car variety), lesser league/amateur league sports games, high school sportsgames, heater performances, concerts, other live events, etc. reckon Competition Movie theaters, restaurants, PPV, etc.Power of Suppliers- Low/ If we are assuming the players are the suppliers since without Them the sport wouldnt exist. The NHL has every player on a contract and while there Ar e other hockey leagues they are of lesser quality and do not pay as well as in the NHL. Providers of the food/beverage, merchandising, etc. are not in control because it is easy for the NHL and the individual teams to seek other sources.Power of Buyers- High/ Potential ticket purchasers can seek other forms of entertainment that is of more treasure to them. Powers of Substitutes- High/ There are other lesser leagues as well as a overplus of non-professional sports that the NHL has to compete with. Power of New Entrants- Low/ Each individual sport has their own governing frame that regulates the professional games. To rival the NHL there would need to be massive capital be, economies of scale, etc. Rivalry- High/ separate professional leagues compete to attract the casual sports fans to increase ticket revenueWhen looking at the Nashville NHL franchise, it is important to consider the competition it has with other league teams, such as the Tennessee Titans and the Nashville Soun ds. In this situation, Nashville in particular doesnt have any other major league team but within a couple hours drive is the Memphis Grizzlies, an NBA team. Nashville is also a popular endpoint for medication lovers. This aspect of the entertainment industry poses a threat to the Predators franchise. The franchise is also at a outrage geographically as fans of NHL is more congregated in northern regions and into Canada. The NHL desired to reach into the southeastern U.S. region but based on the performance of Nashville and other franchises as Atlanta, Carolina, and the Florida Panthers, it seems that the experiment is failing. 4. Hamilton-The target market that this city should focus on is the casual fan. With its proximity to Toronto and Buffalo, Hamilton will have a difficult time luring diehard fans since they already have their team loyalties. Casualfans arent as willing to traveling to watch games so targeting these fans would be an advantage. The team should be positioned as the closer, more hometown team since fans in the city probably had to travel to attend NHL games. Competition could arise from its close proximity to already established NHL teams this location option in our opinion is seen as cannibalization more than already as ticket revenue would likely cut into Toronto, Buffalo, and other Canadian teams. Winnipeg-This location should target the diehard fans in particular as it is noted that the city once held an NHL franchise and many in the city are desperate to have another team again. aligning the team would be easy, its the best games, the best players, and its the NHL, the pinnacle of hockey. As far as competition, it seems that the team would have no significant location competition, as there are no other professional teams in the area, just NHL affiliates. Kansas City-This location should target the casual fan or entertainment seeker, as there is intense competition from other professional teams such as the NFL Chiefs, MLB Royals, a nd an arena football league team. The franchise would have to be positioned as something different in the city, as a different way to enjoy an intense physical sport that compares to football in that regard. Las Vegas- An NHL franchise in this city would be the only professional league team in the city, and other than competing with the gambling/dining/other entertainment options offered by the tons in the entertainment capital of the world would have the ability to stand out as an elite sports experience that enlistments year round. Las Vegas hosts all sorts of other sports events, but this would be a year round sports experience. The target market would need to be both casual and diehard sports fans as this would be the only professional sport in the city and the franchise could easily capitalize on this. Houston-Competition from all the major professional league franchises would make this city a challenge for the Predators. large-hearted to casual fans would be important for th e team, although diehard hockey fans who regularly attend Dallas Stars could attend games in Houston if they lived closer. Houston commonly doesnt endure any harsh winters so this team could be positioned as a way to cool off and get chilly watching intense physical hockey games.After cautiously reviewing all the possible candidate cities, our group fixed that we would select Las Vegas as the next location for the Predators franchise. One of the main reasons why we chose this city is because it is devoid of any professional league teams already, so the franchise would be the only one in the area. The franchise could easily capitalize on this and create a recess for itself against the wide assortment of gambling and other entertainment in the city. The city is also one that is quick growing, with a population of 1.7 million at the time of the article and a yearly growth rate of 11.5%. While seat capacity is limited, creating high demand for the NHL experience in the city would all ow the franchise to potentially raise ticket prices, therefore increasing revenues and profits.Median family income is also the highest of all the U.S. candidate cities with $58,465, which could further justify charging higher(prenominal) ticket prices. As the entertainment capital, Las Vegas is a popular tourist destination in the country and the world. Having a team in this city could see casual and diehard sports fans devising the trip to Las Vegas and make a complete experience out of attending an NHL game. After attending a game, fans can explore all the casinos and nightlife hotspots that make Las Vegas famous. In our opinion, Las Vegas is the most exciting prospect for an NHL team and with the potential to charge more premium ticket prices could see the franchise turn around and become profitable.Ticket PricingIn order to determine the ticket price that the Predators should charge, assuming they move to Las Vegas, we will need to determine the fixed costs associated to runni ng the team in this area. Fixed Costs Nashville PredatorsSponsorships instrumentalist Salary48,300,000MGM Casino5,000,000Lease1,500,000Corporate8,500,000Broadcast costs1,000,000 enumerate13,500,000Arena Operations7,000,000Total57,800,000Sponsor-13,500,000Total FC44,300,000Above are the fixed costs associated with the Nashville Predators moving to Las Vegas. Broadcast costs along with lease costs were used from historical data. Total fixed costs amounted to $44,300,000 excluding sponsorships from the MGM casino and corporate historical sponsorships.Next our group chose to use the historical average prices from the Predators and the average prices from the NHL. We decided to use these prices as reference because we cute to get a general feel as to where the Predators sit in their pricing scheme compared to the national average.From this analysis we decided that the Predators are charging too low for their ticket prices. We did not want to charge above the national average though, aft er the Predators move to Las Vegas they can consequently get a better feel for whether or not they should increase the price even more. So our group decided to charge $48.72 for regular admission and $112.10 for premium tickets. If the arena meets capacity of 19,300, this would bring in revenues of $529,175.14.We also wanted to make sure that the Predators are able to recoup the initial investment they will make. To do this we ran a break-even analysis to see how many tickets they will need to sell to cover their fixed costs. to a lower place is our break-even analysis. Break-even AnalysisTotal FC44,300,000Ticket price/(48.72*.79)+(112.10*.21)62.0298Total Tickets714172.8653We weighted the ticket prices by their percent of interested fans in that price. Then took the fixed costs and divided them by the ticket price to come up with 714,173 tickets that must be sold in order to cover fixed costs. This is solely in ticket sales and does not include the revenue from future concessions and other revenues from the arena in Las Vegas. This number is slightly higher than the number of tickets the Predators sold last year that was 611,328. This number was extremely low compared to the league. Our group believes that our estimated 714,173 tickets is a slick number if the Predators move to Las Vegas. Promotional and Advertising PlanTV/Radio Promotions TV and receiving set ads are aired typically on sports-related media. The viewers and listeners to these stations were males between the ages of 25 and 54. In Las Vegas the median age of residents is 34, which is right in the middle of the TV/Radio viewer age. Also Las Vegas is primarily male, coinciding with the viewers of sports radiocommunication and TV. We would hit hard in promoting the Predators though radio and TV. The demographic for this type of promotion is pure(a) and we believe we would be very winning using this media. Player Appearances As the main demographic for player appearances is a younger child, w e believe that this tactic can only be used for specific events that may hit the city of Las Vegas. Most likely we would have players appear at charity events, and other prove raisers that are hosted in the city. This way they can get in touch with an older generation that better fits the demographic of Las Vegas.Corporate Mail Outs We would use corporate mail outs in our strategy. As Las Vegas is already palmy in businesses that are mainly casinos, shows, and shopping, asking them for sponsorships and advertisements would be competition against our main sponsor MGM, also the hotel where the arena would be located. Fan Giveaways Fan giveaways will be very useful in promoting the Predators. Las Vegas is a lay out where people come to WIN Having giveaways for our main ticket purchasers, such as a free stay at the MGM Grand, or simply cash, would be very effective in keeping out accepted fans interested and satisfied while also attracting new fans with the hope of WINNING BIG Onli ne Advertising Online denote is a medium that is becoming more and more successful with the increased use of technology. As look stated, 68% of avid sports fans had used the Internet in the past 30 days. We would take full advantage of this less-costly way of promoting the Predators. The website for the Predators would need to be updated to coincide with the likes of the Las Vegas demographic, and the surrounding area. The site would need to be exciting and charming as well as very easy to access. Our advertising would also have to appeal to the nation, as it would be seen on, and, all of which are viewed nationally and internationally.Ticket Sales With using TV/radio and Fan Giveaways as our main ways of promotion and advertising, these two mediums would be where most of thePredators ticket sales would generate.Cost of Plan In order to use these two mediums to create the most hype and ticket sales, it is going to be costly. The predators would need to fl atten about $3.5 million and up on TV/radio advertising, in order to sell the number of tickets they need per game. If TV/radio advertising is successful then the Fan Giveaways can become less and less costly. If TV were successful then the Predators would need to spend from $0 to $500,000 to make up for the rest of ticket sales. If TV/radio advertising is less successful then they will need to spend from $750,000 to $1,000,000.If they go higher than these costs, research shows that in Las Vegas they will still attract the same amount of ticket sales as they would if the only spent $1 million. As we are not completely utilizing corporate mail outs and player appearances, combined these would cost the Predators a level best of $200,000, but most likely the cost would be much less. As previously stated we would use online advertising. Las Vegas stays rather consistent with the number of tickets that are sold related to online advertising so the Predators would only need to spend a ma ximum of $700,000, after this amount, historically the same number of tickets have been sold. Below is a table that shows the maximum that the Predators would have to spend on advertising and promotion in Las Vegas. level best Cost of Promotion and AdvertisingTV/Radio3,500,000Giveaways1,000,000Online Ad700,000Appearances/Mail outs200,000Total Cost5,400,000