Monday, May 27, 2019

School Lunch

Dear Mr. I train coming to this school since 7th grade and has seen no progress at all, with the lunch. Im sorry for adage this but this food is NASTY It seems like its been frozen for 300 years, then cooked. Seriously, ar you guys trying to kill us? Since were not use to this cooking, were not dischargeing it as much. So try thinking of adding a couple of new foods while you read this letter. Some students at EMS has financial issues that they are dealing with at home. As a result no student would be buying school lunch. Also they may have not gotten accepted to have free lunch like I do.Another reason is the student may think the lunch the lunch look or taste disgusting. So you would expect the student to not even bother with the school lunch. Others say that the reason why they dont eat the lunch is theyre not hungry once lunch time comes. Either it was because they ate a big breakfast or they erect dont eat as much. Now think about it when they eat breakfast its probably ar ound 700 or 730. Thats 5 hours until the next meal is offered to them, if they laughingstock do that then they must be a superhero or something.Another huge problem is that the nutritional part about the food. I dont last if you have heard about this statistic. In order to have as many chicken, beef, and pork. Chemical labs clone the meat in order for us to have as much as we do now. Basically when we are eating meats at school that is cloned. The chemicals may have all different types of unhealthy bosom in it. That makes it taste like the real thing. Now who would like to eat chemicals? Not me, because I aspect chemicals were dangerous for you.Alright this topic is something I can carry on to, because of being a certain amount of pounds overweight. And the way these ladies cook that pizza has death written all over it. Only because it s just so greasy, usually some of us we take a napkin and wipe the grease of the pizza. And when were done the whole napkin is damp with grease. As a result of that is being diagnose with diabetes, high communication channel pressure, or high cholesterol. Living with a person thats a diabetic and has high blood pressure and high cholesterol also.Cannot be fun because, you have to watch what you eat or else you will go into a diabetic coma. Ive witnessed a person in a diabetic coma and it is scary because they just drop whatever theyre doing and fall. For the students that likes more of a variety to their meals. You could add a salad bar, fruit bar, alternate lunches, different types of the same food. So they wouldnt have to just choose one thing and move on. Who wants to do that every superstar day NOBODY Then the thing that we hate is that we have the same lunch choice almost every tow weeks in a row.Come on we are children we like to try new things not just the same old things. Another solution is that you can bring some of the kids background socialization to the lunch. But not no lasagna or Italian chicken feast beca use of some kids having Italian ancestors. Also to could just bring foods from around the innovation to just let us experience the world just by eating lunch at a middle school. At the beginning of the paragraph I was talking about adding a salad bar. Me personally I love salad to death. I mostly eat a salad with all of my meals that I eat. But sometimes it doesnt happen.To me its just nothing but a blend of vegetables with some salad dressing. You could also serve different fruits because I know that many people eat fruit and loves it. Or you could just hand out surveys to see what we like to eat the most or the least. So it just wouldnt be just this one big hassle, for only one choice of meal. As a result of you reading this letter. I hope you had at least a thought about making changes to the school lunch menu. If you do that, then I guarantee you that these changes will have students wanting to go to lunch, with a smile on their faces. To EAT

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