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Innovations in Ecommerce Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Innovations in E barter - utterance ExampleThus, realizing the traffic organizations always growing interest in the Internet, many an(prenominal) studies and researches regarding dividing line to customers and Internet obtain have been carried protrude to disc e genuinelywhere the key attributes or factors that can have influence over customers behaviors and decisions piece shopping on the Internet. In this scenario, some of the general attributes can comprise the demographic and psychographic characteristics of customers and the quality of products or services. Basically, the e-commerce is the process of carrying out business operations using the Internet. In this scenario, this research will describe the trends of e-commerce. The canonical aim of this research is to discuss the role of innovations and in vogue(p) IT trends in e-commerce and how they affect the retailer and consumer.Introduction Innovations and developments in information technology have always been continu ed since the emergence of the Internet. In fact, most of the ways companies and community carry out their daily activities and live at the present are determined with the huge web of electronic networks that is commonly known as the Internet (Turban, Leidner, McLean, & Wetherbe, 2005). ). Additionally, the comprehensive availability of the Internet for carrying out business related tasks of the businesses, sellers and buyers is the primary reason behind the development of electronic commerce (or simply e-commerce). Actually, electronic commerce is the method of selling and purchasing services and goods and products performed electronically by means of computerized business transactions over the Internet, networks, and other digital technologies (Laudon & Laudon, 1999, p. 25 Stair & Reynolds, 2003, p. 19). In addition, the term e-commerce is commonly used for all the business operations that are carried out over the web using a wide variety of tools and software system application s that depend on the Internet, such as immediate e-mail, messaging, shopping carts, and web services, UDDI, FTP and EDI, and so many others. Moreover, electronic commerce can be performed between two businesses performing transactions, trading funds, goods, services and selective information or between a business and a client (Webopedia, 2012 Damanpour & Damanpour, 2001). It is an admitted fact that the Internet has turned out to be a vital part of almost every kind of business. Basically, the simple description of a business is any activity or transaction that entails the exchange of products and services with an aim of making funds or generating profits. However, if this transaction is carried out over the web it is known as e-commerce. In the past a couple of(prenominal) years, the reality of e-commerce has turned into a full-blown business (Ahuja, 2011 Melissa, 2010 Pozin, 2012). Now people want to shop from billet by using their computer with a single click and the Internet has made it possible. Now the latest tools and technologies over the Internet have made the life easier. They have provided a lot of benefits to the customers and brought numerous opportunities for the businesses. In this proposal, I am going to analyze the impact of innovations on the business. This basic aim of this research is to yield how do innovations in information technologies affect the retailers and customers. Literature Review The innovations and developments in the Internet carry on growing quickly, through which both new and well-established businesses are taking benefits online. In this scenario, e-commerce has emerged as a very attractive and helpful tool. It is an admitted fact that its influences on business economy will be as grievous as the shift from the agricultural financial

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