Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Research paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 3

Research Paper simulationIn the last work by Langston Hughes that is I, too were identified varied themes, symbols and metaphors. This paper intends to unravel the commonality of those themes, symbols and metaphors in the two short stories by the author, which ar Father and password and Cora Unashamed. As was traced in the poesy I, too by Langston Hughes, the short invention Father and Son by the same writer delineates the brutality and brutality of the Jim line-shooting rules, but in a more detailed and intricate manner. Father and Son is a story about a Georgia whiten man Col wizardl Thomas Norwood who keeps a melanize woman Nora for a mistress and fathers five children by her. The story reveals the psychological and social might of the Jim bluster laws. In the story, Colonel Tom is showed to harbor feelings of constrained center and liking for his sons from Cora, as is natural for any man. However, his obedience to the Jim Crow system is evinced to be more doughty and mightier than his commitment to the voice of human feelings within him. He not solely tends to publically deny his children from his faint maid Cora, but considers an open profession of affection by his son Brat to be a mark of dishonor and disgrace. As in I, too, in Father and Son, Hughes exposes the absurdity and fickleness of Jim Crow laws, which allow a white man to get into the about intimate of descents with a black girl and to father sons by her, yet, do not allow one to socially and legally recognize the relationships that such intimacies and acts entail. As in other works of Hughes, the register attributed to the black characters further exposes the bestial and subhuman level to which the blacks character are supposed to stoop in Jim Crow America, replete with invectives like nigger, darkie and yard-nigger. In Father and Son, Hughes elaborately shows the decorum and mannerisms which the black dependants were expected to keep abreast in subservience to Jim Crow norms t hat he alludes to in I, too. The black slaves owned by Colonel Tom are never allowed to enter his home from the front door or to roam about in his intragroup chambers, irrespective of their long service to him or their relationship to him. The blacks were always to approach his home from the backdoor and allowed to gather only in the kitchen. Like a dog, they were expected to maintain a respectable distance from and decorum with their white master. The story overly reinforces the social status attributed to black characters in Hughes other works. All the black characters are shown to be serving in menial positions. Colonel Tom do tries to be good to his children by extending to them educational and other opportunities and facilities. However, the magnanimity of his concern for his children never dares to cross the boundaries marked by Jim Crow laws. The story also reveals the fear of marginalization of the whites, as in Hughes other works. When Brat, the youngest son of Colonel tr ies to rebel against the constraints of segregation and reclaim his relationship with his father, the system comes crashing down on him and his brother. Cora Unashamed is one of the masterpieces of Langston Hughes. Though the writer predominantly repeats the themes, symbols and metaphors in the story with which he deals with in his

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