Thursday, April 25, 2019

Strategic planning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Strategic planning - Essay ExampleApart from UK, following plc has major operational bases in Sri Lanka, India, and China.As of last year, the revenue of the organisation stood at GBP 3.7 billion speckle registering GBP 695 million in pre-tax profits (Next plc, 2014). Apart from its well-organised workforce, the operations of the enterprise mainly depend on its proficient employment model, which appreciates the input of all the stakeholders involved, including the customers and shareholders. Next plc assures its shareholders of extensive returns that come in the form of sustainable harvest-festival in earnings, shares and cash disbursements (Next plc, n.d). To the customers, the organisation routinely develops a broad range of classy products that gratify the necessarily of children and adults across both genders. Next plc has made it simple for its customers to view as purchases, as they have the provision of make both online orders and payments. Most of the deliveries are o ften made within a twenty-four hour period, with the online platform serving customers in over seventy nations. Over and above, the administrators of the organisation run the business in a responsible manner, taking into consideration all the environmental, social, and ethical aspects of the market.The fluctuation of the global market makes it mandatory for businesses to be malleable and ready to adapt to alterations. These changes are routinely achieved in the form of business policies that are satisfactory by the management and employees of the entity involved (Bensoussan et al. 2013, pg. 317). The next segment of the essay aims to use various strategic tools to make sense of most of the methodologies employed by Next plc in an attempt to ensure that it habitually realizes its business objectives, and remains relevant for a considerable duration.The pestle tool has often been appreciated across several(prenominal) industries because it provides businesses with the opportunity to understand the political, economic,

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