Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Self-Portraits. Journal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Self-Portraits. ledger - Essay ExampleAdditionally, I do not need to be responsible to whatsoeverone or allocate my practice with anyone I do not need to dress up, put on make-up, I righteous need to capture the uniqueness and individuality of me. I choose to do a self-portrait so that I weed capture and paint my subject matter as best as I can and as no one else as ever done before. Painting a self-portrait helps me in expressing authoritative aspects of myself and identities, far beyond the surface of somatogenic appearance. 2. Describe your artistic choices in composition use of color, space, etc. I consider color to be the most ungovernable and essential element in impression, therefore, when choosing the down the stairs painting, the first thing I usually do before I start painting, I am always weary of the color that I will use. I prefer creating a gray crustal plate using Raw Sienna starting at white and mixing a small amount of the best-loved color into white this creates various tones of color. Using burnt amber and ultramarine blue, I mix the sinister color. Using twelve square scale gives me enough values that I use in painting the self-portrait (Bartel, 2010). As noted earlier, I prefer raw sienna this is because, it helps in setting charcoal such that, it acts as highlight, which allows for the under painting to be visible through the final paints layer surface and also, it does not discoloration into my painting. The colors I use are more affluent and brush strokes are more bombastic In order to portray necromanceric form, I borrow the smooth, fine technique utilized by Rembrandt in his paintings (Bruyn, Wetering, & Rijn, 2005). In some areas of my self-portrait where I have used paint with tactile quality, I employ the technique of rough treatment of highly multicolored paint surfaces so as to allow for the portrayal of illusionist form (Albert, 2003). In order to suggest space, I again borrow a technique of deviation large white spaces employed not only by Rembrandt, but by Titian, as well. In addition, I also use of intricate webs of line in order to get an effect of fatty dark tones (Bruyn et al., 2005). Primarily, I am able to create dramatic effects by using dwarf and strong contrasts of light, which is an emulation of Rubens baroque style. Having read, seen and become known some of Venetian art, my use of brushwork is more communicatory and I have developed a tendency of putting figures in parallel to the picture plane. 3. beg off what the portrait represents active you (as the artist.) This self-portrait depicts or represents a happier, although it looks a bit serious, the smile on my face, the look in my eyes, and the grim in my face shows a comfortable, happy, and free soul. The most important thing to note about this portrait is that, it is a unique representation of the real me I have not in any way attempted to conceal the imperfections on my face, therefore, it leaves very little to be im agined. Apart from accurately representing the physical and emotional uniqueness of my face, this self-portrait also invites the spectators to study and analyze the techniques I use. For instance, on close inspection of this portrait, anyone familiar with Rembrandts work will notice that, my face emerges from the movement of the brush and that my hair is as a result of carefully measured work. 4. Explain your choices of subject with regard to at least three opposite specific pieces

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