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Organizing Function of Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Organizing Function of Management - Essay ExampleOrganizing is a broad set of activities, and often considered one of the major functions of management (McNamara 2007). In the Department of Veterans Affairs, organizing function has a great impact on HR and staff relations. In this organic law, HR is concerned with a long-run and a short-term perspective the psychological contract based on commitment and compliance abstinence and external controls. The Department of Veterans Affairs pays a special attention to selection process and development of employees who thrash with veterans and their families. Organizing function involves gentility programs for service workers and career development, promotion and soulal development of employees. The core of organizing function of HR includes communication, motivation and leadership (Horts, 2002).Within the Department of Veterans Affairs, attention is also drawn to the key role of organisational culture. For example, an organization means the philosophy, attitudes and actions of top managers and service workers, or possibly an individual manager. The rationale for organizing function is reinforced on the idea that employees and clients engage in basically consistent, value-maximizing calculations or adaptations within certain constraints. The peculiarity of this organization is that it deals with diverse customer groups and services. In m either cases, the Department of Veterans Affairs has to choose the election approach and consequences that rank(a) highest in terms of the payoff functions that is, that contribute most to the ultimate goal (Horts, 2002). The organization introduced additional training focusing on employees motivation and work design programs to help worker identify their goal and skipper development strategies. Organizing function helps to determine and manage goals or objectives and has a payoff, utility, or preference function that permits that person to rank all possible alternative actions by the actions contribution to the desired goals. For instance, HSR&D provides core sustenance to fifteen Centers of Excellence (COEs). The research at each COE serves to energize the facility and internet with which they are affiliated, and provides a constant source of innovation, creativity and support (the Department of Veterans Affairs 2007). The organization is presented with and understands alternative courses of action. Each alternative has a set of consequences. Successful organization performance depends upon and is determined by technology. For instance, technology as it is apply in health care is defined as applied knowledge, in other words any intervention used in health promotion, prevention and rehabilitation (the Department of Veterans Affairs 2007). Technology helps to charge people in organization who operate in a distance, and has no opportunity to use printed matters or other sources. Organizing function plays a crucial role in technology management determini ng the chief(prenominal) areas of improvement and resources available and needed for this process. The key benefit is the fast interactions between employees and between employees and clients. This constitutes the capital of an organization, i.e. the network of relationships constitutes a valuable resource for the conduct of organizational affairs. For

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