Saturday, April 27, 2019

Australian Financial Planning Business Research Paper

Australian Financial Planning Business - Research Paper Example some other asset that makes the site easy to access is a active find blank that allows a quick link to the subject of choice. This blank remains at the top of the page so that it is easy to go back and forth quickly between different links and then return to the home page. at once the site is opened, login is not necessary, and at that place is no fee required. Four major subjects can be accessed each at the quick link blank or on the site itself-About adenosine monophosphate, Banking, Financial Planning, and Products. apiece of these areas offers links to information about the area chosen. In addition, some of these links have additional links. For instance, infra About AMP, the Our History link gives a brief statement and offers a timeline link about the go with from when it was started in 1849 until it became a public listed company in 2003. The Financial Planning section lists a cry number, email address, and a locator in addition to links for advice and help. For customers interested in information on hideaway, at that place is a Frequently Asked Questions link as well as a link to the companys cartridge clip called Connections.For customers who may want to sign in to the Web site and perhaps commit to choosing a program, there are Logins for BankNet, My Portfolio, AMP eSuper, and My Shareholder. Within these sites, a customer, or even a prospective customer, can login, becharm a demo, or register. BankNet offers FAQ prior to registration, My Portfolio offers a demo, which moves quickly and doesnt allow time to study each phase, and a section is available for employees to choose a product for retirement. In addition, the link to calculators includes one for loans another for retirement plans one for credit cards, and one for tax cuts as of 2005, which shows a graph. In addition to links for intelligence information and features, the home page offers a link to the companys magazin e called Connections and printable brochures and forms for insurance, investments, retirement income and superannuation. The search engine in the right hand upper corner of the site is an excellent source of information through AMPs magazine articles and Web sites other than AMP, including government sites and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). e) Language used in site (technical finance language, everyday language, technical language but defined in site)The immediate impression when entering the AMP site is simplicity and clear-cut language. At this point, the language is not technical and just offers choices for users depending on their interests. Because there are so many choices, users should have a good idea of where they want to go in spite of appearance the site. Rather than a detailed description of the company on the home page, which is often the case on other financial planning sites, AMP presents several headings leading into the site, with the most text appearing in the News and Features section. Even there, however, each paragraph is simple and short with a link offering more. In the Popular Links section, technical langua

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