Monday, April 8, 2019

Carpal tunnel syndrome Essay Example for Free

Carpal tunnel syndrome EssayVideo plots be very popular with children all(prenominal) over the world, they keep kids occupied and entertained. A lot of p arents are concerned about how these pictorial matter games are affecting their children. Are these video games good or bad for our children? Video childs play has both cocksure and negative effectuate on children. Video games are not only entertaining but to a fault educational they create challenges for children to take on in order to proceed to new levels. Video gaming is also very influential with a child. That is why it is very important to monitor children while playing. in that respect are many positive effects to playing video games. Playing a video game is a way to exercise the brain, it helps children develop skills like following directions, problem solving and hand-eye coordination that develop ticket motor and spatial skills. Video games contribute a lot to education, like developing reading skills gamers must(prenominal) read to get instructions, follow storylines, and get information.Gamers also become more determined because, usually they move intot succeed the first time playing a level so they sieve and try again until they move on to the next level. Games can provide a positive outlet for children to complete bottled up frustrations the same way many sports like basketball and football do. Video games allow parents to join with their children and play together and can be something they share in common.Of course with every good on that point is a bad. Most of the bad things about video games are usually blamed on the rage that is in them. Children who play more violent video games are more likely to have more aggressive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Playing too untold video game keeps children indoors and become less companionable with family and friends. It also causes children to spend less time doing other activities like doing homework or playing sports. more or less video games teach children improper morals and are easily confused between reality and fantasy. unwarranted gameplay can contribute to poor performance in school and also cause a great deal of health issues like obesity, video-induced seizures, postural, muscular and skeletal disorders and carpal tunnel syndrome. Children who are spending too much time playing video games may show signs of impulsive behavior and have attention problems.The effects of video games vary on children depending on the kind of parenting. Children usually imitate what they see in these video games so its important for parents to understand their childrens maturity level and what kind of games parents should allow their children to play.We are now living in a sophisticated and high-tech world so video games are essential to the development of children with todays technology. The point is for parents to understand that playing video games have diametric effects on different children. The positives of video games definitely outweigh the negatives of video games especially with proper control of the children who play these video games.

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