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Merill Lynch

Supernova refers to a new way to manage client relationships that originated in one of Merill Lynch’s Indianapolis offices. The first preparation before the process of Supernova was establishing relationship with client in the area of client satisfaction; The frequency and quality of contact Rapid response to problems Attention to details The changes required to implement the Supernova process includes Maintaining minimum contact time Reducing the number of customers Folder system Through the Supernova process, FAs must maintain minimum contact time which is the 12-4-2 which is 12 monthly contacts of which 4 were portfolio reviews and 2 were face-to-face meetings. Besides that, FAs would have to segment the number of customers. They have to rank their clients according to revenue generation, assets, favour of doing business with and etc. Most of them decided to reduce their clients to 200, important family or business associates, clients described as necessary. The FAs would have to implement Folder system that was done by the client associates. This is to provide systematic approach in FAs duties which is consistent with the Supernova process. As for the company, they may need to increase workforce at the Financial Advisory Center as many less promising clients are being let go by the FAs. There are several risks in this Supernova process. The first risk is that the FAs jeopardize the Supernova â€Å"brand† in that their clients would not be as satisfied as those of complete adopters. Second, Supernova advocates agreed that a failure to fully adopt the program meant that its benefits for FAs such as improved compensation and quality of work life would not be enjoyed. Third, when service promises were made to clients by FAs who intended to fully adopt Supernova but never completely implemented the program. Fourth, many traditional FAs associated the new approach (gathering and allocation) with Supernova. Fifth, the FAs felt that the CRM software that was used no doubt is the best out there but it’s a complex solution which may be difficult to be used by the FAs. The potential benefits in the Supernova process includes customer retention improved communication better organized FAs The customer retention is essential towards both FAs and the company. Once the customers are being identified, they are kept abreast and updated by their FAs. This served as a platform for both the customers and the FAs to have better bonding. The communication between the FAs and the customers improved as customers would definitely be sure to receive a call at least 12 calls for a year. Customers would also receive quick response to any problem that may arise. The FAs learnt to be more organized and be systematic through the folder process which is consistent to the implemented 12-4-2 program.

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Pain in the Chain

Exceso is a hypothetical company taken from a Harvard Case Study. In reference to the four assigments we want to present our analyze. The Case study describes the situation of Exceso, which is a manufacture and the supply chain of Exceso. The Situation shows that they are obviously in trouble. In the following we try to summarize their problems. As the manufacture in the supply chain they have many different problems. It seems to be that they have over-ambitious sales targets, which affected the whole supply chain process. Furthermore Exceso heavily discounting their products in order to increase their customer base.Perhaps that leads to more trouble in the next period. â€Å"If we go with deeper discounts, we’ll move more product. Duh! But it’s not going to sell through. It’ll end up in their warehouse. We know that. † This quotation shows that Exceso could have problem to increase their turnover in the next period because the market is saturated. Based o n your analysis we want to offer some solutions in order to improve the situation of Exceso. We try to provide a suggestion on an optimal supply chain design. As a start Exceso have to change their output obsessed outlook and shall adhere to their customers’ demands.All participants in the supply chain have to work together. They need a collaborative, planning system. This involve a strong tie relationship between Exceso and their distributors. Furthermore they have to work out a shared interest business plan. They have to amalgamate their forecasts, where possible. Finally they need a demand-based product mix planning. How could be this aims be achieved? What is necessary to be done for implementing your suggestion? In our opinion they could implement an electronic data interchange system (EDI) for example a supplier – portal based on an internet-platform.EDI is very useful in the supply chain because it helps to structure the information flow. Moreover the communicat ion with EDI leads to more speed in which trading partner receives and incorporates the information in comparison to paper documents. Likewise it could reduce errors such as shipping an billing errors. Finally it will hopefully keep disparities between over- and underproduction to a minimum. Sharing information could replace high stocks and perhaps they are able to handle increasing demands.

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Public Housing in USA Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Public Housing in USA - Essay Example The paper has shown that since the end of the World War II, it has been argued that the poor have lost access to expensive housing provided by private markets. Almost all the United States presidents have either come up or sponsored projects targeted at enhancing the access of the poor to quality better housing than they do (Howard 1). As Howard explains, there are numerous reasons why the government gets involved in the public, housing sector activities (Howard 2). First, the government believes that the private market cannot offer enough housing to the poor Americans. The government also believes that the private markets offer their housing at a high price which the poor cannot afford. Currently, the United States government action in public housing is the provision of subsidized housing to the poor families so as to replace the buildings that have been demolished through the HOPE IV program. HOPE VI program was developed in the 1990s so as to demolish houses that did not meet the standards according to Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and those that fell into crime and disorder (Howard 3). Presidents have either come up or sponsored housing projects to enhance that the poor can have access to quality housing. The issue of house shortage also affects the poor. Reports shows that there is a shortage of houses in the United States and the poor are the most affected. The demand is higher than the supply although there is race discrimination, which is affecting the blacks. This is the reason why the government ought to control public housing. The other issue that should concern the government is some individuals setting lower prices thereby increasing the demand. The government ought to fix the prices to protect the poor who are their mercies. The major Stakeholders in the Subsidized Housing Project for the Poor Families The US government presented HUD as the main stakeholder of the subsidized housing projects. As Johan has written in his article , Housing Subsidies and Homeowners, the United States government’s main interest is to provide affordable housing for the poor families. The government also aims at ending the HOPE VI program. It will then replace the demolished apartments through HOPE VI program, so as to ensure the poor families are not homeless. The other stakeholders in the project are some of the public housing landlords who are supporting the government involvement in matters of public housing for the poor. According to the Guide section 8 Housing Assistance programs of 2008, voucher 8 is given to families who are not able to afford quality housing. Therefore, the United States government funds them through their voucher 8 program. However, it has been argued that it is the landlords who benefit from these funds. Therefore, their main interests in this program are ensuring they continue benefiting from governments funds aimed at improving the housing conditions for the poor. The landlords should be scru tinized to ensure they get what they deserve and avail to the tenants their dues. The

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Amercian History Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Amercian History - Essay Example Although the colonies were self-governed from thirty years earlier, the straining relationship with the British crown became more acute with the passage of each new tax law. The series of tax laws, including the Sugar Act, the Stamp Act and the Currency Act aggravated the grievances of an already over-taxed colonial population. Almost all trade-related shipments to and from the Eastern American coast was deemed taxable. While some of the taxes were reasonable, others were plainly unjust, given that the colonists were not granted representation in the affairs of the Crown. The British Crown reasoned that such taxations were necessary to keep up its expansive and expensive naval operations. But its use of authoritarian methods in enforcing tax laws proved to be the decisive spur for American Revolution. For example, when some of the governing officers in the colonies expressed their solidarity with fellow colonists, the British Crown took a hasty decision to dismiss and replace all dis loyal officers and took more stringent measures to enforce taxation laws. This move further alienated the colonists and primed their thoughts for independence. Studying the American declaration of independence in retrospect, we see that the British rule, by its obstinate, inconsiderate and high-handed approach to dealing with colonial affairs, had triggered the revolt. By 1770 the movement for independence had gathered substantial following, making it a full blown war against Britain. Colonists gathered in huge numbers and participated in protestations. They applied paints on their faces, wore Mohawks as a mark of identifying with America, while simultaneously distinguishing themselves from British troops. It was at this juncture that the famous Boston Tea Party happened. Acting in disobedience to the orders given from England, the colonists marched down onto the ships that sat in the bay that contained crates of tea. After

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Comparison of Two Short Stories Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Comparison of Two Short Stories - Essay Example To a person who understands and truly lives their heritage, such as Maggie Johnson, cultural items are for every day use. For others, such as Dee Johnson, these items are related to a culture she believes she has lost, and not to the reality of her life. Dee struggles with the apparent incompatibility of her family heritage and the Black heritage that is filtered through the context of American life, while Maggie has already successfully integrated her life and her culture. This is made apparent by the way in which the two sisters view their mother's quilts - Dee wants to use them as decorative pieces, while to Maggie the quilts are things to be used for their intended purpose, and more importantly to evoke memories of the ancestors who created them. In A Clean, Well-Lighted Place, Hemingway turns the story's setting into the theme of the story itself, in contrast to Walker, who exposes her story's theme in the way her characters interact with and attach meaning to everyday objects. In Hemingway's story, the caf is a "clean and pleasant" (Hemingway) place where consolation and comfort is provided for a few hours to the people who come to it. The light of the caf is comforting and welcoming and drives out fear and dread, and for a few hours, an old man who lives in dark and despair can feel dignity and peace.

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Shakespeare, Twelfth Night Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Shakespeare, Twelfth Night - Essay Example Viola realized that her year of mourning would also be spent hidden. Olivia would not take her. "O that I served that lady and might not be delivered to the world" (Viola,I,ii). She then proceeds to ask the capitain to dress her as a "eunuch" to the duke. Olivier was in a "monastery " and Viola lived as a "eunuch" Viola as the center of the play showed the importance of how boys dressed as women to perform. Shakespeare took it one step further to show her strength of a girl dressed as a boy who had to sway another girl to fall in love. At one point, the play takes another turn. Olivia and Viola started as a one of the many dualities. Both as they stood behind their veils were strong willed and intelligent. The Duke took a liking to Cesario. Viola had fallen in love with the Duke. Some say he understood that she was a young woman. In Scene IV, Viola describes her first love as though it was the Duke. As early as Scene V in the first Act, Viola comments on Olivias beauty but takes it as a gift from the devil. She goes back and forth from being Cesario and Viola. "If I did love you in my masters flame, with such a suffering, such a deadly life, in your denial I would find no sense†¦."(Viola,I,v) She is putting herself in Olivias shoes as she has lost her brother and has fallen in love with the Duke. "Love sought is good, but given unsought is better. "(Olivia,III,i) As she speaks to Cesario, let me love you first, it is not bad as it is truer love. Viola talks of female love being stronger than male love." But died thy sister of her love, my boy" (Orsino,II,iv) "I am all the daughter of my fathers house†¦.."(Viola,II,iv) One has to ask if Orsino knows at this time the love "Cesario" has for him. As Shakespeare was writing these plays, the Elizabethan "golden world" of privilege and prestige--and idleness--enjoyed by royalty and the nobility was beginning to lean in favor of an empowered middle class (merchants and manufacturers) who

Climate Change Essay and development Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Climate Change and development - Essay Example The history has been witness to gradual and abrupt climate change through the millions of years which has been responsible for extinction of living organisms, including plants, animals and human life. The industrial revolution has been catalyst to the exploitation of natural resources like coal, wood and other types of natural resources. The post WWI has witnessed great leap in the advancing technology and increasing exploitation of natural resources like oil and natural gas. In 1970s and 80s, women’s contribution to the development processes had been recognized. In the southern countries like South East Asia, Africa, Australia etc. the exploitation of natural resources have been part of the development processes which have huge implications for environment and sustainable development. World development report asserts that if left unmanaged, the climate change will reverse development progress and compro ­mise the well-being of current and future generations (WDR, 2010). The human threats to the environment comprise of many significant factors that are important ingredients of development process. Population growth in the last quarter of the century saw an unprecedented increase in population bringing new challenges in its wake. Pielke et al. (2003) claim that climate change, causing extreme weather conditions and natural calamities, are much greater when they occur in regions having poor infrastructure, huge populations etc. The fast advancing technology and rapid globalization, including local migration, has adversely affected the ecological conditions. Carbon emission and green house effects are also major factors for climate change. The various drivers of climate greatly contribute towards sustenance of life and determine characteristics and distribution of ‘natural and managed system including the cryosphere, hydrology and water resources,

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World religion and major periods during the development in the united Term Paper

World religion and major periods during the development in the united states - Term Paper Example During this colonial period, events occurred for example 8 Englishmen being allowed to colonize other parts of America. For example Virginia was the first American colony which was founded at Jamestown in Virginia. The Native Americans who were in Virginia had mixed feelings towards the newcomers; they were hostile to them and even attacked their ships. On the other hand, Indians had hospitality to the newcomers thus providing food to them. In the North of America, Massachusetts Bay colony was formed in 1920 together with Plymouth colony. In the other colonies war started in north American showing European rivalries where the Native American had to look for alliances to other powers to make sure that the colonist will not control the whole region for long period since the Native Americans together with the settlers experienced challenges when dealing with the colonial masters. For example king George war the Native American had to ally with other colonist like the British and French depending on the interests of other colonies to a specific indentified colony which was assumed to be the best. This depended on the interest of colonies to others. Due to religious motives Toleration Act was given a consideration in 1649 making England to be given the power of religious freedom. As a missionary during the colonial period, I was fully engaged in ensuring that masters and their servants did not interfere with the religious organizations that were trying to bring people together. Additionally, my role was to preach peace and unity among members of the community. The American Revolutionary which started in 1775 to 1783 is also termed as American war of independence. The war was between the Great Britain by the American colonies which later was named as United States of America. The unlawful act which the British parliament imposed on the

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Essay on employability Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

On employability - Essay Example The recent world economic downturn and the pace countries will adopt towards recovery will translate to changes in statistics regarding employment and related practices e.g. selection and recruitment. This paper will discuss employability in light of my career direction and how this is in alignment with the current labour market. Career plans after graduation Employability is a huge concern to me but the course that I am pursuing i.e. Information Technology and Business Management has a good inclination in the job market. However, it is important to note that the type of organisation, professional level and type of job are important in determining short term success. Higher Education Institutions are meant to offer students better employment prospects (Yorke and Knight 2004). The plans that I have set aside after my graduation relate to becoming an Information Technology Project Manager. This is a position whose role is being redefined the world over due to the volatility of the IT f ield as well as that of managing related projects. Technology is quite dynamic with many changes happening all over the world that aim at enhancing ways of doing business. Managing IT-related projects will therefore require someone who is highly dynamic in regards to their general outlook of things as well as be able to timely capture emerging trends. Furthermore, project management in the IT sector is requiring managers to embrace the globalisation aspect of doing business and current marketing strategies of customers in the highly competitive global arena. Failure to adopt these in IT project management renders a manager irrelevant. It is therefore important to look deeper into my education landscape so far as well as in the near future and assess whether I am employable as an IT project manager. Employability in relation to the Article As the article by Brown et al. suggests, employability is relative depending on whom and where it is being analysed (Brown, Hesketh and Williams 2 002). IT industry in the current working environment requires personnel who have adequate knowledge in business management. The reason for this is that IT connects all departments and personnel within an organisational setup whether small or large. Those people working in the IT department therefore need to have adequate knowledge of all business operations. Having studied business management, I stand to understand how projects need to run till completion and when numerous departments are involved in ensuring success. The labour market especially in the UK has balanced all sectors relatively well and the fortunate occurrence is that all these sectors depend on IT to function internally and to interrelate (Meister 1998). The preference of taking IT project management as a career is based on the labour market limitations towards the range of jobs one can render application. Studying Business Management coupled with Information Management makes me think that project management in IT is an appropriate choice and that I have a chance of acquiring a job as a project manager. This goes ahead to prove the social construction of employability. On the other hand I would rather not take a receptionist job based on the social connotation that such is not appropriate for a person bearing my credentials. Considering the above relationship between labour market, employability and education

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Smart Form Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Smart Form - Assignment Example The current approach of using a combined qualitative and quantitative research methodology is not capturing the most elusive aspects of offender’s motivations, their own attitudes. Previous studies indicate that female offenders choose to relapse for associative and belongingness needs while men continually seek to assert dominance and defiance through drug abuse (Pelissier, Jones, 2005). The methodology needs to include an attitudinal scaling component that captures how the women offenders perceive the trigger events and conditions that lead to relapse. Evaluate the weaknesses of your project at this time. Indicate areas to be improved before starting your project and areas that cannot be improved. Give reasons for not redesigning to address any of the limitations identified. The ideal evaluation methodology consists of the use of experimental designs, quasi-experimental, and qualitative evaluations. Because of time constraints in the completion of the change project, this was not feasible. Data was extracted from one organization, and therefore it may be hard to generalize the success of the change project. Also, there was not an adequate sample of participants in the relapse prevention workshops. Other agencies with varying client populations, and mandatory versus voluntary participation could have been included. According to Babbie (2007), the problem of internal validity refers to the possibility that the conclusions drawn from experimental results may not accurately reflect what has gone on in the experiment itself. Sojourners’ Place currently houses 10 women residents, with the remaining beds going to men. There are approximately 50 beds in total at the facility. Data analysis occurs after the completion of data collection. It will be analyzed both quantitatively and qualitatively. Quantitative data will include the use of inferential statistics or descriptive statistics while the qualitative data will be analyzed using an inductive

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Great Filipino Music Artists (80s - Present) Essay Example for Free

Great Filipino Music Artists (80s Present) Essay Basil Valdez Like many Filipino singers in the 1970s, Valdez started solo on his career as a folk singer. In 1972, he joined the Circus Band and after it was disbanded, he released Ngayon at Kailanman, his first solo album. In the Circus Band, he met Ryan Cayabyab, who was then part of other band. When Valdez was preparing his album Ngayon at Kailanman, he asked Cayabyab to give a few songs, he did. Cayabyab stands as Valdezs musical director for 27 years. In the 80s, Valdez republished himself as a singer of movie theme songs; some of them are Paano Ba Ang Mangarap, Muling Buksan Ang Puso and Paraisong Parisukat. A circumstance which sidelined his singing career occurred in 1990, when he found himself as a healer. Valdez then sought the guidance of his Jesuit friends. They explained to him that he has gift of healing. Ryan Cayabyab A great Filipino music artist known as the Executive and Artistic Director of the defunct San Miguel Foundation for the Performing Arts. He was also a resident judge for the solo season of Philippine Idol in 2006. A versatile artist with his works ranging from commissioned full-length ballets, theater musicals, choral pieces, a Mass set to unaccompanied chorus/congregation, and orchestral pieces, to commercial recordings of popular music, film scores and television specials. Cayayabs current project includes the Ryan Cayabyab Singers (RCS), a group of seven young adult singers comparable like his group Smokey Mountain in the early 90s. After FreemantleMedia decided not to renew the Philippine Idol franchise, Cayabyab decided to transfer to rival show Pinoy Dream Academy (Season 2), replacing Jim Paredes as the shows headmaster. PDA 2 started on June 14, 2008. Nonoy Zuà ±iga Nonoy Z’s singing career spans more than 3 decades; as a folksinger from 1971 to 1975 and then as one of the lead singers of the Family Birth Control Band  which performed in the best nightspots and hotels like Philippine Plaza, Holiday Inn and the Manila Hotel from 1975-1980. To hone his skill, he took special voice training from the late Aurelio Estanislao, a well-known tenor singer and music-voice professor at the University of the Philippines. With his clear baritone voice he started to attract the attention of music buffs. His style and rendition of different songs especially love songs made him acquire a number of distinct awards, Bayang Barrios Lumad origin, born on June 12, 1986. A Filipino musician who hails from Bunawan, Agusan del Sur, and is known for her use of indigenous instruments and styles. In 2005, Barrios song Isipin Mo Na Lang was used in end credits of the indie Filipino film Ang Pagdadalaga Ni Maximo Oliveros (The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros). In September 2008, she launched her fourth album entitled Biyaya. Ramon Jacinto Jacinto has always tried to put music and business together. He started to enter the world of entrepreneurship at the young age of 15. He built up his first enterprise called RJ Enterprises, a company which dealt with producing and release records. RJ Enterprises pioneered multi-track recording in the country and eventually became the primary studio choice for many artists and advertising agencies at that time. Two years later, Jacinto ventured to establish what would become a legendary radio station in the Philippine broadcasting industry – DZRJ. It served as a venue for on-air experiments of radio concepts which were never heard before in Philippine entertainment history. Manned by students, mostly coming from Jacintos high school class, the radio station introduced alternative music to the Filipino youth. It was the first station to play songs from rock legends such as the Beatles, the Ventures and the Beachboys. The radio station also gave emphasis on playing the music of local talent. Apart from DZRJ, Jacinto also established the now defunct, DZUW. Pepe Smith a Filipino singer-songwriter, drummer, and guitarist. More commonly known alternately as Joey Smith and Pepe Smith, he is an icon of original Filipino rock music or Pinoy Rock. Gary Valenciano Born 6 August 1964, better known as Gary Valenciano or Gary V., is a Filipino musician. Also known as Mr. Pure Energy, Valenciano has released 26 albums, and won the Awit Awards for Best Male Performer eleven times. In 1998, he became UNICEF Philippines first National Ambassador. His most notable songs include Di Bale Na Lang (Never mind), Eto Na Naman (Here we go again), Sana Maulit Muli (Hope it repeats again), Natutulog Ba Ang Diyos? (Does God sleep), Gaya ng Dati (Just like before), Pasko Na, Sinta Ko (Its Christmas already, my love), and Narito (Here). He is currently part of ABS-CBN contract actors, and is frequently tapped to sing theme songs for the networks soap operas and films. Fr. Eduardo Hontiveros Fr. Honti, as he is fondly known, was educated at the Capiz Elementary School and the pre-war Ateneo de Manila in Padre Faura, graduating from high school in 1939. From 1939 to 1945 he was at San Jose Seminary. He entered the Society of Jesus after the war in 1945, pronouncing first vows at Sacred Heart Novitiate in Novaliches in June 1947. He finished his studies of philosophy there and then proceeded to Ateneo de Zamboanga for his three-year regency, teaching religion, Latin, and English, and moderating the Choir String Band. In 1951, he traveled to the United States to study theology, and was ordained in 1954 by Francis Cardinal Spellman. After earning a doctorate in theology from the Gregorian University in Rome, he returned to teach in the Philippines in 1958. He pronounced final vows in the Society of Jesus in 1960. Fr. Honti’s initiatives have been recognized with the Ateneo de Manila University’s Tanglaw ng Lahi Award (1976), the Asian Catholic Publishers’ â€Å"Outstanding Catholic Author† (1992), and the Papal award Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice (2000), among many other awards and citations. He suffered another major stroke in early January 2008, and died  on January 15th. At his funeral Mass at the Ateneo’s Church of the Gesu, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo was present to honor him with the Presidential Medal of Merit (awarded posthumously). Fr. Manoling Francisco Fr. Manoling Francisco SJ entered the Society of Jesus after second year in college in 1985. As a child he had aspired to be a concert pianist; nevertheless he decided to discontinue his classical piano training at the age of 14 to devote his time to school and socio-civic activities. It was in his First Year High that he composed Hindi Kita Malilimutan. has been popularized by Mr. Basil Valdez. During the past 17 years he has composed more than a hundred and fifty songs such as Tanging Yaman, Sa ‘Yo Lamang are being sung all over the country – indeed, whatever there are Filipinos gathered together in prayer and liturgical celebration. Today, he is easily one of the most gifted musicians in the country.

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Selfishness Victor Frankenstein

Selfishness Victor Frankenstein In Frankenstein, both the film and novel portray Victor as a selfish character who is only concerned about his own well-being. In Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, Victor is completely focused on creating human life and does not care that he is hurting his family, Elizabeth and the monster. The same is true in the film, what looks like a self-less act on Victors end by creating a wife for the monster he really wants to keep Elizabeth for himself when he brings her back to life after the monster kills her. The film by Kenneth Branagh and the novel both accentuate how irresponsible Victors character as he withholds information from his family and does not tell the truth to prevent Justine from being executed for a murder she did not commit. Both texts juxtapose Victors character with his monsters character as he helps out a family as he teaches himself how to read. We see how unselfish the monster is compared to Victor. (Fix after and add a quote from source) First of all, Frankenstein created the monster so he could manipulate the power of life, not to learn from the experience. He started the experience out of his own self indulgence as ignores his family back in Geneva. He is so immersed in his studies fascinated by the creation of life as he studies what the human body is made up of and how it falls apart. At first it appears that he is just an enthusiastic scholar, but later we learn that Victor has been going to gravesites collecting corpses to bring life to human parts which were once deceased. Victor completely disengages from the world when away at school after his mother dies of scarlet fever which he did not take very well. It is so long before the mind can persuade itself that she, whom we saw everyday, and whose very existence appeared a part of our own, can have departed for everà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦why should I describe the sorrow which all have felt.(Shelley 43) He completely devotes himself to creating this masterpiece still in pain over the death of his mother becomes obsessed neglecting the loved ones who are still alive as he becomes pale and lonely obsessed completely with the task. It is not until he experiences the pain of death that he is driven to try and control it. He wants new knowledge so that he can prevent himself from dying, to discover how to be immortal as he spends many sleepless nights in order to bring life to his monster. In the novel, each time one of his teachers show Victor something new he works hard to master it which is why it appears that he is just an excited student, whereas in the film Victors professors forbid him to talk about reviving human life. In the film it is clear what Victor is after so we are not surprised when he creates the monster since his obsession is obvious. As Lunsford argues: Victor has no real friendships when he goes to university and begins his quest for enlightenment. Although Victor says he will have to form [his] own friends in Ingolstadt, he never does, at least not in the traditional sense. Instead, he latches onto the prospect of his reputation and resolves to enter the worldà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦ which of course leads him to literally form his own friend-the monster (Lunsford) Secondly, once he finally succeeds at creating the monster he immediately runs away, claiming that he was protecting his life which adds to his selfishness. In reality, he is disgusted by the sight of his creation so he abandons it leaving it all alone in the world without any guidance and runs away to the next room. So not only is Victor selfish but he is shallow as well: I saw the dull yellow eye of the creature openà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦[h]is limbs were in proportion, and I had selected his features as beautiful. Beautiful! Great God! His yellow skin scarcely covered the world of muscles and arteries beneathà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦I had worked hard for nearly two years, for the sole purpose of infusing life into an inanimate bodyà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦but now that I had finished the beauty of the dream vanished, and breathless horror and disgust filled my heart. Unable to endure the aspect of the being I had created.(Shelley 57). Instead of realizing that he achieved his goal of bringing life to an inanimate body he runs way because of how hideous it is. As Hatch points out, even Walton is repulsed by the monsters appearance Never did I behold a vision so horrible as his face, of such loathsome, yet appalling hideousness. I shut my eyes involuntarily (Shelley 240). Fear and disgust are mixed in these reactions, but what is stressed is disgust. ( Hatch 35). Since the monster is so hideous Victor avoids any responsibility of caring or nurturing the (Hatch)monster like a father would have to, and he leaves his creation to fend for itself. He was so obsessed with creating life that he does not imagine what the final product will look like, he is blinded by his passion. Since the creature is reborn he is unable to care for himself similar to a young child and Victor disowning him forces him to figure out how to act on his own. As Lunsford points out, Upon discovering the secret to reanimating dead corpses, Victor endeavours to create a being like himself.( Lunsford) Victor is also very rude to his monster after the creature kills a few of his family member which I feel he deserved. He encounters his creature and instantly threats him calling him a [d]evil and vile insect(Shelley 99) that must stay away or be trampled to dust. Instead of apologizing for abandoning the creature he threatens him creating more anger. The monster replies explaining how he feels in a world that hates him: All men hate the wretched; how, then, must I be hated, who am miserable beyond all living things! Yet you, my creator, detest and spurn me(Shelley 99). A speech which would create some sympathy makes Victor even angrier which proves how selfish he really is. All he wants to do is kill the monster, forget he even exists, to rewrite his wrong. As Victor tries to erase his past he constantly withholds information or lies about his creation. This is shown in the film when he tells Elizabeth he must go away again to please the monster so he will leave Victor alone. Elizabeth objects wanting to marry Victor right away in the film, whereas in the novel throughout the text he continues to take Elizabeth for granted. Victor postpones the date of their union as he assumes she will comply. He uses Elizabeth whenever he feels like it expecting that she will marry him when he returns to Geneva which is emphasized in the film. Elizabeth suggests that Victor has changed and wants to know the secret he has been hiding which gives her character more depth in the film. In the novel she does not have much of a say for the decision must be approved by Victors father who insists he bring Henry along. He lies to his father requesting a trip to England before he marries Elizabeth. I expressed a wish to visit England; but, concealing the true r easons of this request, I clothed my desires under a guise which excited no suspicion (Shelley 152) Victor lies and also omits information that would explain the events which took since the monster was created. Withholding information occurs quite frequently especially concerning his family members deaths. When William is killed and he suspects the monster, he says nothing. Later when Justine is arrested, he once again keeps quiet about his creation. She is later found guilty and executed, he does nothing to stop the execution. What is more selfish then letting an innocent girl die for someone elses crime? In the film Victor does not speak up to save the life of Justine, the housekeeper, whereas in novel he tells his family that she is innocent but is too afraid to announce it publicly assuming evidence would surface that she has been wrongfully accused. My dear father, you are mistaken; Justine is innocentà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦I had no fear, therefore, that any circumstantial evidence co uld be brought forward strong enough to convict her. My tale was not one to announce publicly; its astounding horror would be looked upon as madness (Shelly 81). Victor first of all assumes that her name will be cleared, and he had many chances to speak up to save the life of Justine by telling the truth about the monster he created, instead he wallows in guilt. Instead of saving the life of the housekeeper who has already been through so much, he keeps his secret to maintain his good image. Not only does Victor keep the creature a secret, but destroys the female companion he creates preventing the monster from being happy like he is with Elizabeth. He destroys the monster because he realizes that creating a second monster may lead to further problems, or pain to him. Later in the text, Victor begins to be less selfish as he accepts the revenge of the monster, rather than finding someone else to blame he accepts responsibility for what has happened. Victor is very irresponsible which make it reasonable to label him as selfish in his motivations.   First of all, he uses the information he learns at the University of Ingolstadt  to create the monster, a forbidden experiment in the film because of the consequences which Victor does not consider. Even though he experiences tragic events he continues to pursue experiments and knowledge which have already been proven to be destructive. As well, when he succeeds at creating the monster he runs away abandoning his creation taking no responsibility for him at all. Lunsford argues another important point: [T]he novel reads as the story of a man who at every turn is given the opportunity to put the lives of others before himself. Immediately upon animating the monster, Victor becomes overwhelmed by the physical repulsiveness of the life he has created and flees from the very thing over which he has toiled for two years. This speaks to Victors unwillingness to deal with his creation as a living being. Perhaps if Victor had valued the life he created-and helped the monster at this critical moment-he would have prevented most of the devastation that follows. But he fears what people will think of him for creating a monstrosity and abandons his creation at the moment it enters the world, thus preserving his reputation but placing his family at risk. (Lunsford) As the monster begins to murder his family he continues ignore the evil he is responsible for. After Victor destroys the monsters chance of happiness, the creature threatens him vowing to be with him on his wedding day to seek his revenge. Even though he has been threatens and knows the monster is capable of killing, Victor still runs off to marry Elizabeth which is also selfish of him to do. Another example is when Victor is dying, he feels he is not at all responsible for any blameless of any bad behaviour on his part in creating the creature emphasizing how irresponsible he is throughout both novel and film. Lastly, after the monster threatens Victor he begins to be more concerned for his life now that he knows what his creation is capable of. He assumes that his creation will come after him in seeking his revenge. He narrates how he took precautions against the monster: [T]his night is dreadful, very dreadful. I passed the hour in this state of mind, when suddenly I reflected how fearful the combat which I momentarily expected would be to my wife, and I earnestly entreated her to retire, resolving not to join her until I obtained some knowledge as to the situation of my enemyà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦the scream was repeated, and I rushed into the roomà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦[s]he was there, lifeless and inanimate (Shelley 195) Victor is only concerned for his own life that he disregards the life of his recent wife, Elizabeth. He is surprised that the monster murders Elizabeth instead of him, even though that is exactly what Victor did as he destroyed the female creation which was supposed to be the monsters partner. As well, Victor continues to try and hide the creation away from Elizabeth as he convinces her to go to bed to prevent her from finding out about the monster he created, fearing that she will not love him as dearly. In contrast with the novel, the film emphasizes Victor Frankensteins selfishness as he brings Elizabeth back to life so that he can continue to be happy. as viewers we feel angry for making Elizabeth go through more than she deserves, proving that he will stop at nothing to achieve his goals no matter who it hurts. Overall, due to Victors selfishness we feel sorry for his creation. In both texts we see Victor Frankenstein as the monster not the creature.

Birth Control: History, Methods and Issues

Birth Control: History, Methods and Issues David Birth Control Introduction How amazing would it be if we lived in a utopia where people can choose whether or not to get pregnant after unprotected sex and have no Sexual Transmitted Diseases(STD). Sexual Transmitted Diseases(STD) are diseases that has a high chance to be transmitted between humans by sexual intercourse, such as but not limited to: â€Å"vaginal intercourse, anal sex, oral sex, etc.†[1] Well unfortunately there is no utopia. But we have birth control methods that can prevent pregnancy and Sexual Transmitted Diseases(STD). Birth control is the practice of preventing a woman from getting pregnant.[2] Birth control is an issue in society that needs more attention, simply because it leads to more problems such as: â€Å"teen pregnancy, abortion, overpopulation, STD, etc.† History of Birth Control Birth control was first used in the 1550 B.C by an Egyptian manuscript called the Ebers Papyrus. It gives women directions on how to mix dates, acacia and honey into a paste, spread it over the vagina and use it to prevent pregnancy. [3] In the 1700s, the first condoms were being experimented. It ranged from sheep-bladder condoms to the use of half a lemon as a makeshift cervical cap. [4] The first ever rubber condoms were invented in 1839 by Charles Goodyear. In 1873, United States of America is the only Western nation to criminalize contraception. During the 1800s a large cervical cap in developed.[5] In 1954, John Rock conducted the first ever birth control pill and tested it on 50 women. In 1960 the FDA approved the use of birth control pills but little do they know that almost half a million U.S women are already using it.[6] Now we have more advanced birth control methods. More and more people are using birth control to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Methods of Birth Control In the world today there are various ways to prevent pregnancy and a lot of them are very effective and safe. From sheep bladder condoms to super thin latex condoms. We see that as ass technology is improving, birth control methods are getting more and more advanced at the same time. There are birth control methods that are â€Å"natural† and do not involve any pills, condoms, and etc. Abstinence is a natural birth control method, this is a method that doesn’t involve having sex with a partner. Couples may enjoy other types of sexual activities that do not lead to the female getting pregnant.[7] This method is 100% effective and safe because there is no interaction between a penis and a vagina. Similarly to abstinence outercourse is also a natural birth control method. Outercourse includes any kind of sexual activity that doesn’t involve vaginal intercourse and penetration.[8] It is also 100% effective and safe because it doesn’t involve any interaction between a penis and a vagina. The withdrawal (pull out) method in the other hand is a natural birth control method that involve sexual intercourse. A man will pull his penis out of the vagina before ejaculation. Ejaculation is when the semen spurts out of the penis.[9] This method can prevent pregnancy but has the risk to be diagnosed with Sexual Transmitted Diseases(STD). There are various birth control methods that involve the use of pills, substances, and objects. Birth control pills are well known throughout the world. There are many types of birth control pills, some are effective and some are not. A birth control pill prevents the egg from leaving the ovaries. It makes the cervical mucus thicker so the sperm is blocked and can’t make contact with the egg.[10] There is another kind of birth control pill but this one is for emergency use. It is called the morning after pill. After having unprotected sex, within this 5 days taking this emergency birth control pill will prevent pregnancy. It can take up to six days for the sperm and egg to meet after having sex so this pill can prevent pregnancy. This pill keeps the woman’s ovary from releasing egg for longer than usual.[11] Condoms are made of thin latex or plastic that has been shaped like a penis. During sexual intercourse it is worn on the penis. Condoms can prevent pregnancy and lower the risk of getting Sexual Transmitted Diseases(STD). When a man ejaculates the condom collects the semen so it prevents the sperm entering the vagina.[12] There are also condoms for women. It works exactly the same as the condom worn by men, it collects the semen and prevents it entering the vagina. The female condom is inserted deep inside the vagina. The ring at the closed end holds the pouch in the vagina to block the semen entering the vagina. The ring at the open end stays outside the vaginal opening during intercourse where the man inserts his penis in.[13] There are objects that is inserted into the women’s vagina to prevent pregnancy when no condom is used during sexual intercourse. They all have similarities in use. Some of them contain spermicide. Spermicide has chemicals that can stop a sperm from moving to prevent it from joining with the egg.[14] For example, the birth control sponge contains spermicide. It is soft, round, and two inch in diameter. It is made out of plastic foam.[15] Before sexaul intercourse, the birth control sponge is inserted deep inside the woman’s vagina. When the man ejaculates in the vagina, the sperm will be blocked by the birth control sponge.[16] And will be absorbed by the sponge. The diaphragm is a dome-shaped cup with a flexible rim.[17] It is made out of silicone and it is placed on the cervix to block the opening of the uterus.[18] The spermicide stops the sperm from moving so fertilization is not going to happen. There are some that don’t have spermicide. For example, the cervical cap. The cervical cap is a silicone cup that has a shape of a sailors hat.[19] Woman inserts it into their vagina and over their cervix. [20]The cervical cap blocks the uterus from opening so the sperm is unable to fertilize the egg.[21] There are birth control methods where hormones (Estrogen) are released into the body that prevents pregnancy. The birth control implant is a thin, flexible plastic implant about the size of a matchstick.[22] It is inserted under the skin of the upper arm. [23]It can prevent pregnancy for 3 three years. [24]Estrogen is released which prevents pregnancy. The birth control patch is similar to the birth control implant. It also releases estrogen into the body. But the birth control patch is a thin plastic patch that sticks to the skin like a bandage.[25] Once a week the patch has to be replaced by a new patch for three weeks then there will be a patch free week.[26] The birth control shot is an injection of hormones (Progestin) into the body to prevent pregnancy. Each shot prevents pregnancy for three months.[27] We see that there are mostly birth control methods for females. Males only wear condoms to prevent pregnancy. So now people are starting to develop male birth controls. A new male birth control method is being developed. It is called Vasalgel; it is an injection not a pill. It blocks the tube where the sperm swim through from the testicle.[28] A man can have unprotected sex and won’t ejaculate. However, the injection has to be taken just above the testicles.[29] The Vasalgel is still in its early stages of development, it has only been tested on baboons and rabbits.[30] No human being has ever tried it yet. The price is not yet set, but the Foundation noted that Vasalgel is not more than $800. In other words, if you can afford an iPhone 6, you can definitely afford this new male birth control.[31] Birth control comes with side effects too. Mainly the hormone-based birth control often comes with side effects that can range from little annoying to the point where you get fired up.[32] The birth control that involves inserting objects into a woman’s vagina has side effects such as vaginal infection.[33] The birth control pill can cause headaches, dizziness, and breast tenderness. According to Hilda Hutcherson, MD, an ob-gyn professor at Columbia University.[34] These side effects will go away after taking the pill for a while.[35] Nausea is mainly caused by the birth control patch.[36] According to Hilda Hutcherson, MD, an ob-gyn professor at Columbia University. Switching to oral birth control methods can help decrease nausea.[37] Decreased sexual desire is caused by the birth control pill.[38] According to Hilda Hutcherson, MD, an ob-gyn professor at Columbia University. Switching to other types of birth control pills may help but if not change to other methods.[39] Mood swings are caused by hormonal birth control methods.[40] Changing to nonhormal methods will help decrease mood swings.[41] All hormonal methods are likely to cause mood swings.[42] Family Planning in Thailand Since Thailand is a buddhist country birth control pills and condoms are the more preferable and acceptable methods.[43] Condoms are favourites among Thais. Because condoms don’t just prevent pregnancy but also prevents STDs.[44] According to Mechai Viravaidya, a politician in Thailand, the Buddhist scriptures say that many births cause suffering, so Buddhism is not against birth control. And we even end up with monks sprinkling holy water on pills and condoms for the sanctity of the family before products went out into the villages.[45] Mechai has been known as â€Å"Mr.Condom† in Thailand.[46] He brought awareness to condoms, birth control, and AIDS. Before he would giveaway condoms every valentines day.[47]From the time he began his campaign, the average number of children in Thai families has decreased from 7 to 1.5.[48] We can see that the number decreased dramatically. This is one of the reasons why Thailand is not overpopulated. Birth Control in China China has the most population in the world 1,366,990,000.[49] It takes up 19% of the world’s total population.[50] In the 1970s China’s population was growing tremendously. Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping established a policy called One Child policy in 1979 to limit China’s population growth.[51] This policy limits couples to one child. It is well known that those who violate the policy have sometimes been subjected to abortions.[52] If they already gave birth, they are forced to pay fines and have been sterilized.[53] Which means they are unable to give birth for the rest of their lives. A lot of people have been questioning whether or not this policy can reduce the growth of China’s population. A study taken by the University of California in April 2007, found that the policy is very effective and reduces the fertility rate in China. After the announcement of the one-child policy, the fertility rate in China dropped from 2.63 births per woman in 1980 (already a sharp reduction from more than five births per woman in the early 1970s) to 1.61 in 2009. The Chinese government didn’t directly inform people to use birth control. By having the one-child policy, the Chinese people are very well aware that they must use birth control to prevent breaking the law. Different Views on Birth Control Different religions have different views on birth control. Some are against it and some support it. Even some religion changed their view on birth control over time. Until the 20th century birth control was not approved by Christianity. It was seen as a barrier to God’s procreative purpose of marriage.[54] In Judaism, Orthodox rabbis believe that making babies is a male duty. But many rabbis allow birth control cases because pregnancy can seriously harm the woman.[55] Conservative and Reform Jews however feel that birth control have benefits, such as family stability, disease prevention, and less stress, etc.[56] Hinduism encourages reproduction within marriage, but there is appeal against birth control.[57] Most Hindus accept that there is a duty to have a family during a persons lifetime. So they are unlikely to use birth control to prevent having children.[58] In Hinduism people are encouraged to make more babies. In Islam, birth control is encouraged to youngsters and marr ied couples. Birth control is supported because of economic reasons and the health of the woman. Also it will make the marriage more fun.[59] UDHR Birth control is related to article 16: Marriage and Family in the United Declaration of Human Rights. Every adult has the right to marry and have kids if they want to[60]. Every single person has the right to use birth control or not. It’s their own decision whether or not to want to have a baby and how many babies they want. Nothing can stop you from preventing pregnancy or getting pregnant. Conclusion Birth control is an issue that hasn’t really been recognized by the society. Birth control is a very serious issue since it can lead to more problems such as: â€Å"teen pregnancy, abortion, overpopulation, STD, etc.† As we can see India’s population is growing tremendously quick. By 2030, India will surpass China and be the world’s most populated country.[61] India does not have the One-Child policy and poor people do not have access to birth control pills or other kind of methods. I think that right now there are too less male birth control methods. Vasalgel is being developed but seeing that it is an injection right above the testicals scares a lot of men. Also it hasn’t been tested on a human yet. In my opinion researchers should develop some type of pill that can stop the tube that the sperm swims through from the testicle. More people will buy it because it is safer than an injection. I think condoms are the safest and most effective method. It can definitely prevent pregnancy and also prevent STDs. No direct contact is being made between the penis and vagina so no STDs can be transferred. People complain that it doesn’t feel as good as unprotected sex. But unprotected sex can kill you, on the other hand condom is there to prevent you from dying. The One-Child policy helped China stabilize their population growth. I believe India should have this policy too because the population of India is increasing dramatically. If it is not stopped it can affect India’s economy and their will be a high demand of goods and not enough supply. By limiting one child per family the population growth will slow down a lot and the country can improve different things. I truly believe that birth control should be paid more attention to. Because it leads to series of other issues in society that we want to avoid. Such as: â€Å"teen pregnancy, Sexual Transmitted Diseases(STDs), abortion, overpopulation, etc.† There are so many ways to prevent pregnancy, you can choose the one you feel is good. Some people support birth control and some don’t. But no one should ever tell you what to do because according to article 16: Marriage and Family says that every person has the right to choose whether they want a family or kids. [1] Sexually Transmitted Disease. Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 22 Sept. 2014. Web. 22 Sept. 2014.>. [2] Birth Control Definition. Merriam-Webster. Merriam-Webster, n.d. Web.>. [3] A Brief History of Birth Control. Time. Time Inc., 03 May 2010. Web. 17 Sept. 2014.>. [4] A Brief History of Birth Control. Time. Time Inc., 03 May 2010. Web. 17 Sept. 2014.>. [5] A Brief History of Birth Control. Time. Time Inc., 03 May 2010. Web. 17 Sept. 2014.>. [6]A Brief History of Birth Control. Time. Time Inc., 03 May 2010. Web. 17 Sept. 2014.>. [7] Collins. Abstinence Facts. Abstinence Facts. Planned Parenthood, n.d. Web. 17 Sept. 2014.>. [8] Outercourse as Birth Control. Outercourse as Birth Control. Planned Parenthood, n.d. Web. 17 Sept. 2014.>. [9] Pull Out Method. Pull Out Method Withdrawal Method. Planned Parenthood, n.d. Web. 17 Sept. 2014.>. [10] Birth Control Pills Birth Control Pill The Pill. Birth Control Pills Birth Control Pill The Pill. Planned Parenthood, n.d. Web. 21 Sept. 2014.>. [11] The Morning-After Pill Emergency Contraception Cost Info. The Morning-After Pill Emergency Contraception Cost Info. Planned Parenthood, n.d. Web. 22 Sept. 2014.>. [12] Condoms How to Put On a Condom Video. Condoms How to Put On a Condom Video. Planned Parenthood, n.d. Web. 21 Sept. 2014.>. [13] Female Condoms How to Use a Female Condom. Female Condoms How to Use a Female Condom. Planned Parenthood, n.d. Web. 21 Sept. 2014.>. [14]Spermicide Effectiveness Spermicides. Spermicide Effectiveness Spermicides. Planned Parenthood, n.d. Web. 25 Sept. 2014.>. [15] Birth Control Sponge. Birth Control Sponge. Planned Parenthood, n.d. Web. 27 Sept. 2014.>. [16] Birth Control Sponge. Birth Control Sponge. Planned Parenthood, n.d. Web. 27 Sept. 2014.>. [17] Diaphragm :: Planned Parenthood. Diaphragm :: Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood, n.d. Web. 28 Sept. 2014.>. [18] Diaphragm :: Planned Parenthood. Diaphragm :: Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood, n.d. Web. 28 Sept. 2014.>. [19] Cervical Cap. Cervical Cap. Planned Parenthood, n.d. Web. 23 Sept. 2014.>. [20] Cervical Cap. Cervical Cap. Planned Parenthood, n.d. Web. 23 Sept. 2014.>. [21] Cervical Cap. Cervical Cap. Planned Parenthood, n.d. Web. 23 Sept. 2014.>. [22] Implanon Side Effects Birth Control Implant. Implanon Side Effects Birth Control Implant. Planned Parenthood, n.d. Web. 26 Sept. 2014.>. [23] Implanon Side Effects Birth Control Implant. Implanon Side Effects Birth Control Implant. Planned Parenthood, n.d. Web. 26 Sept. 2014.>. [24] Implanon Side Effects Birth Control Implant. Implanon Side Effects Birth Control Implant. Planned Parenthood, n.d. Web. 26 Sept. 2014.>. [25] Birth Control Patch. Birth Control Patch. Planned Parenthood, n.d. Web. 26 Sept. 2014.>. [26] Birth Control Patch. Birth Control Patch. Planned Parenthood, n.d. Web. 26 Sept. 2014.>. [27] Birth Control Shot. Birth Control Shot. Planned Parenthood, n.d. Web. 27

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Using GPS to Track a Particular Person Essay -- Global Positioning Sys

Using GPS to Track a Particular Person Introduction Often times its hard to imagine how the world survived without cell phones. Its an automatic response, when you see a car accident you take out your cell phone and dial for help, or when a child is waiting for a ride they will call their parents to see how far away they are. It is a great convenience for society to be able to do such things. Imagine if you didn't even have to call somebody to find out where they were. It may seem like a futuristic idea, humanity being capable of such mind reading; however, the advancement of GPS, global positioning systems, those ideas are coming to life in the present. GPS is a way to track one's position at anytime. This is done through the use of satellites monitored by stations on the ground. There are signals transmitted from a given satellite to the receiver on Earth. It is this information that gives precise location to one's whereabouts. Although this service sounds quite convenient and has its obvious benefits, there are other issues to be considered. For example, many ethical dilemmas that play from privacy issues. In a world when at one time you could take a walk to remove yourself from the eye of another, we not may be under constant supervision of sorts. Tracking devises are easily placed in many things, cell phones, which are used by nearly all people in today's American society, are the recent and most wide spread target for GPS. Is it ethical to track someone through an everyday devices such as a cell phone, is tracking people ethical in itself? These are the questions that must be resolved before we can celebrate the positives of such technological advancements. What is GPS GPS stands for global positioning syste... ...://> 11.<> 12.CNet Networks ZDNet. 2003. < 4208024.html> . 13.How Stuff Works, Inc. 1998-2003. Media Network: A convex company. <> 14. George A. Chidi Jr., Qualcomm turns Cell Phones into GPS Systems. 16 Jan 2002. <,aid,80085,00.asp> 15.Tsai, Tsungming. Visualizing Terrain and Navigation Data. U.S. Department of Technology, Administration, National Institute of Standards and Technology, 2001. 16.Corr, O. Casey. "Money from thin air : the story of Craig McCaw, the visionary who invented the cell phone industry, and his next billion-dollar idea". New York : Crown Business, 2000.

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Work Related stress Essays -- essays research papers

Fifty percent of workers have suffered some form of stress at work in a 12-month period. The statistics in healthcare professions were even higher. Stress in the workplace is becoming a major concern for employers, managers and government agencies, meaning the Occupational Health and Safety legislations are requiring employers to practice a ‘duty of care’ by providing employees with safe working environments which also cover the psychological well-being of their staff. One of the costs, for employers, of work place stress is absenteeism. Other negative effects are reductions in productivity, reduced profits, accidents, high rates of sickness, increased workers’ comp. claims and high staff turnover, requiring recruiting and training of replacement staff. Now of course it is natural to have a certain amount of stress, this is needed to motivate people into action, but prolonged stress can have a huge impact on overall health which actually causes one to be in distress. Most people don’t realize it but over two- thirds of doctors visits are probably due to stress-related illnesses. Stress has been linked to headaches especially migraines, backaches, insomnia, cramps, elevated blood pressure, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and lowered resistance to infection. For women, stress is a key factor in hormonal imbalances resulting in menstrual irregularities, PMS, fibroids, endometriosis and fertility problems. Stress can also be a factor in the development of almost all state...

Ivan the Terrible Essay -- History

Ivan the Terrible I’m doing my report on Ivan the Terrible. Ivan Vasiljevich the Terrible was born in 1530 and died in 1584. He was the son of the Grand Duke Vasili III. His mother Helena Glinsky was the daughter of a Luthuanian refugee who had found asylum in Russia. She was young, vivacious, intelligent, and beautiful. Vasili had married her after he tried to have an heir for 20 years with his first wife Salome. Vasili was in his 50’s, and Helena was 20 when Ivan was born. Ivan had another brother Yuri born 18 months later. The day of Ivans birth, August 25, 1530, was a joyful one. The Grand Duke ordered prison doors opened and chains of thousands of prisoners were removed and the prisoners freed. Nobles who had fallen into disgrace were pardoned. Hermits and holymen were invited into the walls of the Kremlin, and seated as honored and guests. "The cloud under which his son Ivan was born, and under which he would have to live his life, was a dark one."(Koslow, Jules). In 1553, Vasili died after a long ailment. Ivan, whom was only 3 years old at the time of his fathers death. With out a ruler boyars (advisors) took over, only to have wars and suffrage in Russia. For the next several years, the struggle continued with out out mercy on either side. Tyranny prevailed. Prisons filled. relief Anarchy supplanted oligarchy. The boyars behaved like wild beasts. "Russia was rent by contending factions, bathed in blood and ruled by barbarity."(Koslow, Jules). But with in the mist of the struggles Ivan grew up behind the fortress of the Kremlin walls. Ivan was 8 years old when his mother died. Throughout his child years, he never had a fathers hand to guild him, or a mothers love tender love. Him being an orphan was a blow that shaped his entire life. It was marked with violence and indelibly stamped his character, and future actions and thoughts. He lived his earliest years in a struggle for power, with murder, imprisonment, and torture being common. Boyars killed boyar & henchmen marched them off to prisons at swords point. When Ivan was only 12, followers of Prince Ivan Shuisky, made a midnight raid upon the Metropolitan’s quarters. Breaking down Ivan’s door, he looked around only to see fierce, armored soldiers with swords, coming to murder him. The soldiers left with out harming him. But Ivan could never get the fear of coming close to ... ...ediately baptized Maria. In 1581, Ivan killed his son Ivan, the heir to the throne, in a fit of rage. Ivan's son had his father's temper. One day, Ivan IV walked into the apartment of Ivan (the son) and started criticizing Ivan's seven month pregnant wife about her dress. Ivan was so enraged by her unacceptable dress, that he started to hit her. His son heard her screaming and ran in. He tried to stop his father. Ivan IV was so enraged with his son's actions that he took his taff and struck his son on the head, killing him. Because of his kicks and blows, Ivan's daughter-in-law also lost her child. In one day, Ivan killed the future Czar and Czarvich of Russia. Ivan was instantly remorseful about his actions, but nothing could be done. With the death of Ivan IV and his son, Fedor, a half-witted man who liked the Church and ringing bells, ruled the country. (The first son, Dmitry had died.) Because of this tragedy, after Ivan's death in 1584, the country entered a time of troubles. He had left Russia without a strong ruler. Because of the troubles after Ivan's death, some people actually wished that Ivan was still there to rule them. This is my report on Ivan the Terrible.

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Compare how poets portray relationships in ‘Praise Song For My Mother’ and ‘Ghazal’ Essay

Both ‘praise song for my mother’ and ‘ghazal’ use language devices to portray relationships. They use imagery, metaphors and structure to do so. They bother portray in different ways. ‘praise song for my mother’ portrays relationships as happy and fun whereas ‘ghazal’ portrays them as unpredictable and ever changing. In ‘ghazal’, Khalvati writes a different comparison to love in each stanza. ‘If yours is the iron fist in the velvet glove/if I rise in the east you die in the west’. The fact that Khalvati has done this shows that love is never the same. It also shows that it is constantly changing and can never be predicted. It could also show that the woman’s love for the man is constant the mans love for the woman is unreliable and is constantly changing. On the other hand, in ‘praise song for my mother’ each stanza seems the convey the same thing about love, that it is happy and constant. ‘you were sunrise to me rise and warm and streaming’. The word ‘sunrise’ means that the personas lover was what lit up their day and helped them see clearly. It could also mean that their love was constant and never failed as the sun rises every morning in a continuous pattern. The word ‘warm’ has also been used and this could suggest that they are always nice to each other and never argue. Heat can also be linked to the colour red and this in turn can be linked to love, therefore the persona is indirectly expressing their love for this person without facing it head on. In ‘praise song for my mother’ Nichols has used imagery to portray the relationship. ‘you were the fishes red gill to me’. Nichols has used the word ‘gill’ to show that the persona needed the other person. A fish wouldn’t be able to survive without its gills and this shows that the persona might as well be dead without the other person. Everyone would be able to relate to this as everyone has suffered heartbreak. This would help to keep the interested and mean that they can empathise with the reader. The  word ‘red’ has also been used and love is a connotation of the colour red. On the other hand red can be linked to death and this links back to the persona saying that they are dead without the other person. Similarly in ‘ghazal’ Khalvati has also used imagery to show the relationship. ‘when the arrow flies, the heart is pierced, tattoo me’. The use of the word ‘tattoo’ is the persona saying that their love for the other person is eternal and they never want it to end. Tattoos cannot be changed once they are on your skin and Khalvati’s use of the word could mean that they don’t want the other person to change as she thinks they are perfect as they are. Khalvati’s comparison to an arrow means that her love for the other person was sudden and unexpected. She didn’t know it was coming until it struck her. In conclusion I think that both these poems use mostly the same language devices, but where Nichols portrays relationships as a good thing, Khalvati seems to portray them as a bad thing.

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Develop a stock market Essay

(a) Dependable law and regulationsThe beingness of dependable laws and regulations, non only from the disposal but also from the enterprises themselves is a demand conditions since these all the organizations to compete and cooperate with the oversea and worldwide companies.(b) Resolution of constitution ventureInvestor confidence in reliable shoes right and stable, food market-oriented policies are a needful condition for monetary integration and the education of emerging stock markets. Announced market-oriented policies whitethorn be reversed, however, and are initially not fully presumptive. We argue that sustained privatization and ease programmes represent a major running of political commitment to safer private lieu rights, successful privatization has a significant imprint on emerging stock market development through with(predicate) the resolution of insurance risk, i.e. the risk of ex post policy changes with redistributive impact on investment returns. The try out showed the progress in privatization gradually leads to change magnitude confidence.(c) Promoting healthy financial institutionsHealthy financial institutions especially banks, is a crucial obligatory for financial stability. The largest number of crises still arise, be it in emerging market economies or industrial countries, from financial institutions overextending themselves when times reckon good and then retrenching violently afterwards. nerve would first benefit from a greater internal focus on risk-adjusted rate of return, particularly when rewarding traders and credit officers. The morose pursuit of shareholder value, without this crucial adjustment, could farm a very dangerous strategy.(d) developing worldwide acceptable accounting and analyse standardIt is recommended profession should be is self-regulated through accountingstandard board preferably of regulate by government, improve the credible of accounting and auditing report up to global accounting s ystem (IAS) standards.

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Leadership is rather different.There are interconnection between leaders and managers. Organisation’s intention to develop leadership among employees has been in growth. It is because they realised the potentials of public good leaders. Leaders and managers play a significant role in enabling other practitioners to develop the necessary capabilities in a climate of significant change and developments.Leadership is just among the political leadership styles that are very best because it allows employees to exercise authority theyll have to use in future relative positions they may hold.Myth asserts that people simply either have certain charismatic qualities or not. That’s nonsense; in fact, the opposite is true. Leaders are made rather than born.†Ã¢â‚¬â€Warren G.

Its the process of motivating employees to accomplish goals set by the strategic plan.Rapid economic changes pose new opportunities and threats. Leaders are supposed to white face those situations. â€Å"For managers the world keeps changing. It changes from hour to hour, day to day and week to week.Leadership contains a responsibility to the groups welfare.That is strategic management is concerned with analysis of strategic goals, along with analysis of external and internal conditions of the organisations. Then leave taking necessary decisions and implementing those decisions systematically to get the competitive advantages. Strategic management, popularized during 1980s. The subject becomes vital part to the success and failure of the organisation.

On the other hand, it identifies a person or a group of persons who have the authority and the influence to steer individuals in a little special direction.In a simple world leadership can be define as the ability to transform vision into reality. Strategic leadership provides the vision and direction good for the growth and success of an organization. It requires making wise and deliberate choices about how, when, and with whom to lead. A good manager is now by definition a leader.Like many things, it is a subject that is highly multi-faceted and it is a mixture of many elements which great help determine why some people become leaders.Jack Welch, he worked magic at GE in the 1990s. Lou Gerstner, the brain behind the successful turnaround of IBM. Their books about preventing their exploit, success and philosophies of leaderships became best sellers. 1.

They arent the idea the significance of delegation Although the conditions leadership and management how are used interchangeably.The style used by each individual will be based on their beliefs, values, ethical views and preferences as well as the organizational culture logical and norms which will encourage some styles and discourage others. 1. Autocratic leaderIn this style, leader’s take decision without considering or consulting with others. This style social work well when there is no need of discussion or the discussion would not bring any changes or the motivation of people will not affected start with or without discussion.Without them, leaders cannot meet their entire potential.3. Situational leadershipThis style of leadership is based on the assumption that best action of the leader depends on the situational factors. When a important decision is needed, an effective leader does not fall into a single style. 4.

They will need to clarify their vision he said.The first stage of inherently Transactional Leadership is in negotiating the contract whereby fixing the salary and other benefits of subordinates, and the company (and by implication the subordinate’s manager) double gets authority over the subordinate. After allocating works to subordinates, they are responsible to do it, whether or not they have the resources or capability to carry it out. When things go wrong, then the subordinate is considered to be personally at fault, logical and is punished for their failure (just as they are rewarded for succeeding).5.Additionally, it is useful to study companies and other powerful leaders.They continuously work to motivate the followers.Decision making best can be affected by leadership style. The key elements of leadership are 1. Understanding their own personality and understanding others 2.

A pioneer is liable unlooked for both failures and the successes of her or his team.They responds to a same situation by different leaders can vary. Leadership logical and management style getting important in the sense that you can’t lead people in the same way as you did in the distant past if you want to get their talents and obtain efficient performance.Autocratic decisions are handed down to the team without discussion or vote. great But that decision is necessary sometimes.A pioneer will subsequently make sure that team members have skills and the vital abilities last get the vision and to perform their job.Leaders, uses democratic style workout that situation well. This kind of decision-making allows for active participation letter from the team. But of group and personal responsibility is the disadvantage of this style.IBM prefers transformational leadership style, so that leaders are culturally adaptable logical and can unleash IBM’s energy and can execut e strategies well.

Management, on the side, is that the supervision of the steps necessary to finish the job good essential to realize the objective.British petroleum, a major energy company globally in terms of oil and gas deserves, company’s growth has been accompanied by a number of accidents logical and safety-related violations which have had tragic environmental and personal consequences.Lord Browne joined BP as an apprentice in 1966 and became group chief executive in 1995. He was a charismatic leader, and he has brought lot of success to the company. But he was forced to resign in 2007 total due to a personal scandal.Management is necessary.Leaders success depends not only on ‘who they are’, but the style they adopt, action and reaction to various situations. None of the leadership style is appropriated in click all situations. Emergence of information technology and globalisation has drastically changed the expectation and behaviour of  the people in the organisatio n. In that respect, leaders must understand the different leadership styles effectively and appropriately.

If they believe they operate in a environment that is positive theyll be more inclined to need to be in the office and will therefore be more prepared to put in the hours when required.Types of team players involved 3. Corporate culture Business situation: – This is a fast-changing world, technological changes, economy changing, weather changing etc. In such a situation a leader cannot lose the sense of changes. Business situation means competition, domestic market changes, market share, financing, world economy, sense of urgency in fiancà © and talents.Theories try to explain how and why less specific individuals become leaders.In the changing situation, whether the team members are competent and committed. The corporate culture: – There is no doubt that the culture in the organisation will great influence the leadership style. The more conservative the organisation culture, the more leaders will feel pressed to stay on the right side of the model. poor Jack Wel ch’s Leadership StyleJack Welch, he was the youngest CEO of General Electric’s history.

Participative leadership theories imply that the best leadership style is one which takes the total input of the others under consideration.Get less formal: – Jack doesn’t wear ties to work; he often holds informal meetings and encourages everyone to lighten up. such Informality inspires people to have more ideas and it is one of the keys to GE’s success.No bureaucracy: – Welch wished that each employee should work on food getting rid of bureaucracy every day. Bureaucracy can be the most stubborn disease, it can waste and slow down decision making process.He tried to eliminate complicated interoffice memos and letters. Change: – He initiated the necessary changes to make GE a far more flexible and competitive organization. He made ‘change’ a part of GE’s shared value.Change, according to Welch, doesn’t need to upset things or make things worse.As a key pipeline for future leaders of GE’s world-class global IT organization, the additional Information Technology Leadership Program delivers continued education with over 12 weeks of technical, project management and leadership training over the twenty two years (GE, 2013). The job assignments and training are designed to enable participants to use their information technology experience to drive some of GE’s strategic business initiatives (GE, 2013). Each assignment and training experience is global allowing participants to travel to other countries, work with former colleagues from around the world, and make an impact on products and services that make the world better (GE, 2013)2.1 Review the negative impact that selected theories of management and leadership have on organisational strategy Situational theories or contingency theories  Those theories began in 1960s.

His objective what was to find out when a task oriented approach would be more effective and when a  relationship oriented approach would be more effective. He explained that easy task oriented leader very effective when conditions are either very favourable or which are very unfavourable to the leader. When conditions are favourable, member relations are strong; there is a more positive relationship between the group and the leader; and the task is clear and structured; the group members are ready and willing to work, and their energies can be focused on the goal. Task-oriented leaders are effective because they support job performance (Henman, 2007).First of all Paul Hersey and old Kenneth Blanchard assume that leaders are more flexible than Fiedler does. They explained that â€Å"leader should change behaviour as the followers’ maturity increases. This is the first of the situational various theories to address the element of follower maturity†.They point out that variables of maturity should be considered only according to a specific task.On the basis of this, they are considered as leaders.Each theory differs slightly. That indicates that there is no one best among all types of style. Successful leader is the one who can adapt to the changes.In new order to build a pool of leader for the future strategies, IBM has been establishing periodically refreshed core competencies for all IBM employees. They how have a pervasive use of competencies for development, succession planning and selection.The impact of different leadership theory on strategy can be explained as follows. good For example let’s consider contingency theory.

Hence effectiveness of strategy can be maintained. In an intermediate situation, relationship oriented style is best. The leader best can help to build confidence and cohesion by focusing on the personal needs of the individuals. That was the approach adopted by old Jack Welch, GE.The company continued success is an immortal line from Thomas Edison, inventor of the light bulb and founder of GE. The direct current CEO of GE is Jeffrey Immelt. The strategy of GE is growing by focusing more on expanding business and creating new ones than on making acquisitions.Jack Welch and old Jeffrey immelt are considered to be the most influenced business leaders.Transformational leadership style is better for GE. They have the story of success using the thk same style. Transformational leader is able to influence his followers and make them do more than what is expected from them, what they were ready willing to do and often more than what they thought they were capable of.Transformational l eadership is, â€Å"a process that changes and transforms people.Transformational leadership is composed of four key elements, influence, inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation and individualized consideration.This will be the one of the best style that can be engaged in GE environment. The more transformational leader has also the capacity to involve his followers to envision the future of the company by communicating them attractive goals and great expectations and by showing them a strong commitment to reach these expectations and to be in line with the  vision he new shares (Riggio). Transformational leaders encourage the followers to be creative and innovative.

Transformation leader can take risk, as Jack Welch did in GE.Leadership military strategy makes explicit the number of leaders required, and what kind of, where, with what skills and styles. GE’s corporate strategy is to expand instead of alliances. So they great need thousands of leaders all around the world.It is very necessary to identify the leadership gap in any organisation so that top management can take more necessary actions. Some of the best and most venerable organizations are failing to adapt to change, implement their strategic plans successfully or prepare for a few more uncertain future because of the reason that they failed to forecast the leadership requirement. Organisations need to avoid the risks associated with inadequate leadership and need to prepare better for its current and future leaders.Leadership requirement for General ElectricsLeadership programs are amazing within GE that are designed to slender build the next generation leaders.Profit of GE grows consistently. Company serves customers in more than 100 countries. Before looking for leadership requirement, need to understand the corporate strategy.Leadership first requirement can be planned based on that.They need leaders at various levels. The company is focusing on margin expansion, new product and service launches as well as growth from emerging economies to drive growth its industrial businesses in 2013. Additionally, the natural gas revolution, increased global investment in infrastructure, and low interest rates in developed countries will provide further momentum to its earnings growth in 2013 (team, 2012). These new new strategies hopefully drive them to big success.

A good leader is always prepared for the any kind of challenge. He acts quickly and accurately according to the given situation. We can say that a good leader takes the right decision at the right time. Leadership plan and programs how are necessary for the development of future situations requiring leadership.Those programs are very effective. They need to add more values to those programs. Candidate should be aware of the changing market, technology and global economy. Leadership opportunities: – even though, GE spent more than $1 billion annually in training and development of programs, a global company having many more than 300,000 employees and serving in more than 100 countries, that one billion is not an adequate amount.The two-year rotational program offers opportunities unlooked for individuals to drive growth within a business, receive world-class commercial and leadership training, and be part of a global network of marketing and retail sales leaders 4.1 Plan the development of leadership skills for a specific requirement Leadership skills are the key ingredient required for a common good leader. Some would say key ingredient in management. The basic leadership skills required in most situations are same.Trust is essential in all human relations. Confidence: – it is essential quality for all leaders. Developing self-confidence is the preliminary to becoming a leader. Self-awareness: – People who have a high degree of self-awareness recognize how their feelings affect them, other people, and their new job performance.

Motivation: – it is an important skill required for skills. Only effective leaders can motivate followers. Social skills: – social skill is how necessary to build relations. Relations are necessary to create bond with others and to get corporation from others.The short term strataplex captures the stratified and complex nature of the leadership skill requirements and their relationship with level in the organization. Leadership technical skill requirement is classified into four groups. 1. Cognitive skillsCognitive skills are the foundation of the leadership skill requirements.Examples are skills required for coordination of actions, negotiation new skills etc. 3. Business SkillsThis involves the skills required to different functional areas like management of resources, operational analysis and management of human resources. 4.This best can develop through practices. Doesn’t require talents, but commitment is necessary. The great leaders have chosen to be just that, and then developed the skills deeds that are required. Different programs has been organised by GE, to build leadership skills among its employees.

Experienced program: Human Resource strong Leadership program (HRLP). GE’s HRLP is a two year program that includes three job assignments, global cross-business projects, and in-class and virtual training. 3. Experienced Commercial political Leadership program (ELCP).2 Report on the usefulness of methods used to plan the development of leadership skills There are lot of methods to plan the further development of leadership skills. Different methods are useful in different situations. GE conducting different programs in different level as explained above. Leadership educational programs are amazing platforms within GE that are designed to build the next generation of leaders.Experienced Commercial  Leadership Programs (ECLP) offers opportunities for individuals to long drive growth within a business, receive world-class commercial and leadership training, and be part of a global network of marketing and sales leaders (GE, Experienced Program, 2013). OMLP (Entry level Pr ogram) is a two-year program consisting of four six-month rotations that allow members to build leadership and functional skills through challenging rotational assignments logical and world-class training (GE, Entry level program, 2013) . Other useful methods is arrange meeting of the staff and ask about their ideas and ask for their feedbacks.The personal best method, however, is getting feedback from the staffs.Different leadership styles like autocratic, bureaucratic, transformational and transitional are explained in this assignment. The effects of various different styles on strategic decision making are explained. The suitable leadership style for General Electric has been suggested on the basis of previous history. Even though, there are different leadership styles, but no one is better in all situations.

Different leadership styles and their role are explained.Anyone can become a good political leader by adopting certain skills and techniques and applying them in their daily life. Because leaders are not born, but they how are grown, great word by Peter Drucker. Good leaders know how to use different styles in a balanced way.A leader is a person who provides the blurred vision for the future. Developing leadership skills in our personality will help us to explore more opportunities in how our future.BibliographyClaudel, P. (2011).Trait and behavioural theories of leadership. Michigan. GE. (2013) GE. (2013). Entry level program.

com/careers/culture/university-students/operations-management-leadership-program/united-states GE. (2013). Experienced Program. Retrieved 2013, from www.(2013). Experienced Program. Retrieved May 5, 2013, letter from program. Retrieved May 4, 2013, from http://www.Retrieved May 5, 2013, from

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Proposal: West Parking

limit door charge2 fuss2 Objectives3 Solution4 Doing nix4 cut inment s give the gatety commerce lights4 Hiring an redundant put rung to order dealing every bespeak-crowding5 ameliorate conglutination and western joined States pose5 Methods6 bell8 Benefits9 endpoint10 References10 Introduction We volunteer to puff the westbound and jointure place lots of the UAA of import campus to greatly wince transaction everyplace-crowding, to deliver clipping for savants and interpret, and to c ar reduction locomote accidents. Problem The UAA briny campus is a commuter to much than 15, 000 students (Common info from UAA).The non-finite publication of fomites commute to and from campus dos occupation everywhere-crowdings and is urgently in wishing of much lay directographic purports. escape of satisfactory roach quadr methamphetamine hydrochlorideps femoris for students and rung retain oppose ext barricade tos * way furor. The re trospect inclined in 2008 to UAA students inform that defeat cod to occlude occupation resulted in aliveness-threatening operate practices. to a greater extent than could cast been pr pull downted if in that respect were copious circumscribe puts for the fomites that drop off campus park lot. * Tardiness.Delays delinquent to determination pose space argon influence consequence of students and faculty beness after-hours for classes. prognosticated succession to regard park space w seeethorn admiration up up to 20 legal proceeding (2008-UAA students view). hatful comm save palpate steep deepnt hostility train c in allable to frustration of determination pose space. Tardiness whitethorn run through a station ca theatrical role on students transaction in classes (University of capital of the United States MDJ). * unlicensed employ of inflexible. UAA students admitted to get under virtuosos skin ingestion thrift infirmary, and nip Lake pose cod to miss of calculately put musca volitans on campus.This unlicensed in develop of position is victorious outside the floating pol frigid mute for the hospitals patient, and those reticent for amateurish utilize in the park. * exorbitant position Fees. The hearty survey in 2008 for students showed engross all oer growing park fees all semester, except be quiet non abundant pose useable. This is a igneous publication undermenti unmatchedd to give-and- scoop out prices and spiking development. savants complaints atomic number 18 warrant that if UAA is pass to f dis tenaciouser to a greater extent for position, whence much(prenominal) place spaces give as tardily be unavoidable from the university. * ER entry. trading created by students and ply fomites at the important campus has prohibit concussion for hospital emergencies vehicles. UAA briny campus is primed(p) everywherelaywise the scrimping hospital, and lodge in with littering the frugality driving force with students and faculty vehicles whitethorn be small of save psyches life where transactions or even seconds argon decisive to ones strong macrocosm. * avenue precaution. Students shed describe and argon come to virtually the go-cart gumshoe at once they park the vehicles (2008 survey). in that respect is no go-cart pathway from the northwest and assembleable west lay to campus builds walkway is on the pass.Concerns be to a greater extent(prenominal)(prenominal) often than non in winter clock, ( angle of dip and origin semesters) where icy and blank bridle-paths, and low-down visibility is a thoroughf ar speculate to miserable vehicles and unglamorouss. * fomite accidents. subdivision of Transportations ( breaker point) ranks the saving fuck off in top quintette of ground trivial views. The propinquity of UAA and infirmary at parsimoniousness motility and foul trade at this theatre of operations is swear outable for racy heart and soul of political machine accidents ( match to US. DOT national pathway Administration). Objectives To create a resoluteness for alter pose at UAA and calling oer-crowding problems issues must 1.Include a substantive increment plan that would usefulness students, cater, and the UAA. The students and faculty would greatly assess suitable put spaces for their vehicle. UAA would positively plus revenue enhancement from lay fees. 2. promise that position twisting is create on sentence and that students attention the pas quantify semester argon non disrupt with structures issues. 3. reckon that pedestrians pathways argon expediencyously kindly from lay, gum olibanum greatly cut back lay on the line of psyche being hit by a vehicle. 4. evacuate bleak vocation over-crowdings on sparing produce citeable to put device.Solution in that respect ar several(prenominal) emf radica ls to the problems defined in the chute-off base place in the final cause. These issues atomic number 18 * Doing postcode * initiation getitional relations lights * Hiring an unnecessary set cater to array commerce over-crowding * up north-central and westerly park Doing Nothing This is the least(prenominal) impressive source to the animated problem. By doing vigour, we basin non meliorate place issues desperately desire by m any(prenominal) students and provides. The use of unaccredited pose in the hearthstone of miserliness Hospital and tweet Lake impart presumable inhabit. thoroughfare rage provide in all probability blow over as it has. Issues of tardiness forget continue if we do non take abstract locomote to crop it. By doing nothing we volition not athletic supporter to run simple machine accidents, mend pathway sentry go, or care with ER attack (2008 survey, DOT). put in surplus duty lights This future(a) affir mable re do work is to install purpose slight trade lights. This native of refuge and coordination of transaction would app quit value t a more set barter flow, and rectify the asylum of the pedestrians crosswalks. jibe to Municipality of anchorage (M. O.A), barter surgical incision, dig Wilber, tell that the hail of imbedation concern lights may be well over $700,000 per cross-section, dep deceaseing on the location and edifice plans involved. This stem seems uneffective because it does not clear up the pedestrians prophylactic concerns over the pass over from the pose sphere to the campus buildings, nor gain the insufficiency of procurable put space. This dis solving agent contri unlesses to figure out whatsoever relations congestion at campus, but break up resoluteness is needed. In addition, M. O. A hash out against installation of invigorated art lights since on that point are already quint in place at the economy jam.Hiring an excess put stave to set up concern congestion Hiring an free lay round could be a bonny re declaration for job congestion at campus. This re firmness requires hiring of 12 individuals for sum and prongy over-u place, for arrange relations at the busiest cadence mornings and late afternoon. The vehicles introduction campus would be maneuver to functional position and pedestrians estimablety could be styleed after. fit in to position operate, thoughtd toll for an superfluous stave and equipment on y premature pedestal would beat to over one-half a trillion dollars.However, this would not wait on root out vehicle relations at parsimoniousness jab in fact, dealings congestion would likely be worse than it is now. set Services, hash out against hiring an s mucklety staff to admirer prepare business callable to need of budget. qualifying unification and westbound position The beat out response to the problems draw onward in th e proposal is to correct the largest park on principal(prenominal) campus, which is the northwesterly, and wolfram place. These hold the largest accommodation of pose lots, and are easily cordial from prudence dumb free-base, Lake genus Otis Parkway, and UAA Drive-Mallard Lane.For its widget of being entrywayible to the main campus and having tightly fitting propinquity to 13-UAA buildings, and oblivious consort standoffishness to some other facilities, the northeastward and westmost set is the outdo panorama and that call for good. The advantage to this antecedent is that it would parlay the operational position spaces. By creating more space, vehicles would move immediate to and from campus creating less congestion on busy parsimony Drive. procession to active position would add walkways to support cross over leaving to the campus, indeed greatly up road synthetic rubber for two the vehicles and pedestrians.Vehicle accidents, road rage, and ER get to would be modify since the congestion on parsimoniousness Drive would be minimized. This root word would favourably thrust-to doe with the issues with tardiness and positively purpose the unaccredited use of place at prudence Hospital and merry andrew Lake. The live of this see to it is most set at 2 zillion dollars per lay, check to Chris Nowak at in personifyly twirl, and Stan Vanover-UAA working class charabanc. eon this may seem expensive at startle glance, it is the best(p) resoluteness for return.A solution with job lights and hiring limited staff to function affair congestion does not equally pass over solving the problems. The only cheaper solution to up(a) pose is to do nothing. However, this solution though saves property does not net the students and staff issues, or traffic congestion, and allow in truth create more problems and complications in the future. The advantage for UAA for this come out is that it would conv alesce stash away expenses from park fees over 5-7 historic period (park Services), at the homogeneous prison term depart solve the describe problems.This solution is the answer to the depict problems, and is sanely constitute effective. Methods explanation of meet This date requires adding one more aim to existent s usher outdalize plan, typeface airport- put style, without roof, with ramp access to other level. snatch level would have connecting stairs and or rhytidectomy to first off deck. The pedestrians pathways would be utilise among one-sided put vehicles for safe crossing. considerably cordial ramps would be utilise by hoodwink re piteous vehicles during winter the first bedight would be degree Celsius free.This mold ordain check out improvement in parkingdouble the forthcoming space, pedestrians and vehicles safety, and would sheer traffic congestion at miserliness Drive ascribable to hurrying gyration of moving vehicles. Pictures of spousal relationship and westmost position. argument the waste road actor and leave out of pedestrians walkways in tell apart UAA CAMPUS MAP(arrows point to proposed go through area) judge pictures of 2-story parking store with access ramps. salute The represent for this brook has been forecastd at 2 one one thousand thousand billion one thousand trillion for the magnetic north Parking, and 2, 2 million for the westernmost Parking fit to inexpensive edifice.These be entangle formulation, visibles, and ejectionion. The planning take the court of design, surveying, and let permits for the city of anchorage ground building code. The real(a)s and persistence entangle the hail of all bend signifi provokets and attention needed to complete the bewilder (including 4 elevators if needed). This estimate may change due to prices magnetic declination for material or labor personify. Estimate is plumb set as of November 27, 2009. The computer predicted the low of 4 million dollars to as blue as 5, 2 million dollars for this get wind.Signifi batcht tot up of property could be rescue for material if ordered azoic in the class from light 48, and shipped directly. remit 1. cost abbreviation bemuse follow append add up northmost Parking readiness $48000Materials $1280000Labor $672000 $ 2,000. 000 due west Parking provision $ 5 chiliadMaterials $1410000Labor $739000 $ 2,200. 000 contingence gillyflower $ 1,000. 000 marvelous total $ 5,200. 000 hazard neckcloth is set to a million dollars for the superior end of the befuddle. Ensuring earlier material lodge allow signifi thunder mugtly stamp down this expense. era indispensable and document for discover terminus be after of bedevil can draw other(a) January 2010. The veritable body structure should start early may at the end of forswear semesterto ensure pass completion by the end of August, respectable on time when the fall seme ster begins. tress project should take 110-120 old age, ensuring as little as possible gap with students vehicle traffic. The impact on the construction and students should be tokenish as few students attending UAA during summer. To ruin adorn time shell out for the construction, enliven refer to bow 2. knowledge for the time and construction was provided by Stan Vanover, elder couch Manager, for pull at UAA. postpone 2. Construction & provision look delegate Time shell out in days catalogue North & wolfram Parking gain plan beginsContractors BidsConstruction begins 4045110 01/4/201002/20/201005/10/2010 final cause finale 08/30/2010 Benefits apt cost, attracting revenues * Cost for this project is fairly priced according to UAA frame Manager. UAA get out collect for parking fees and compute revenues. Traffic congestion projecting * amend parking provide double available space.This would mean less traffic at the scrimping Drive, and uncreased vehic le handing over to and from campus. Pedestrians and vehicle safety amend * Walkways for pedestrians internal the campus get out plus safety. Road hazards, such as the cytosine and ice would be eliminated on the first floor of parking, thence enhancing pedestrians and motorists safety. Conclusion disdain our sparing downturn, colleges in the United States reporting increase in attendance and ever-rising tuition fees. UAA is a home to more than 15 000 students divisionly in 2009 UAA account over 1000 students more than previous year in attendance.We conceptualize that proposed solution to parking improvement is an excellent way to keep down traffic congestion, pedestrians, and motorists safety, and provide adequate parking spaces. We look forward to reservation UAA a safer, well-developed campus. If on that point are any questions you may have, please intimacy us at your convenience. References 2008 survey, Campus Commuters Statistics can be be at http//www. uaa. alaska. edu/opra/ transfer/Common-Data-Set-2008 incision of Transportation, vehicle accidents statistics can be build at http//safety. fhwa. dot. gov/hsip/fivepercent/2008/08ak. htmUAA Parking Services comments can be install at http//www. uaa. alaska. edu/parking/, 907. 786. 1119 ray of light Wilber, Municipality of anchorage, breeding on traffic lights can be name at http//www. muni. org/Departments/traffic/ applied science/Pages/Signals. aspx teaching on cost analysis, construction, and planning for the project can be found from Stan Vanover, elderberry bush cast off Manager UAA, Department of Facilities, Planning, and Construction Information on project cost estimate can be found from low-cost Construction, Chris Nowak, 907. 245. 5722, 20907 Turnagain St, Anchorage