Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Smart Form Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Smart Form - Assignment Example The current approach of using a combined qualitative and quantitative research methodology is not capturing the most elusive aspects of offender’s motivations, their own attitudes. Previous studies indicate that female offenders choose to relapse for associative and belongingness needs while men continually seek to assert dominance and defiance through drug abuse (Pelissier, Jones, 2005). The methodology needs to include an attitudinal scaling component that captures how the women offenders perceive the trigger events and conditions that lead to relapse. Evaluate the weaknesses of your project at this time. Indicate areas to be improved before starting your project and areas that cannot be improved. Give reasons for not redesigning to address any of the limitations identified. The ideal evaluation methodology consists of the use of experimental designs, quasi-experimental, and qualitative evaluations. Because of time constraints in the completion of the change project, this was not feasible. Data was extracted from one organization, and therefore it may be hard to generalize the success of the change project. Also, there was not an adequate sample of participants in the relapse prevention workshops. Other agencies with varying client populations, and mandatory versus voluntary participation could have been included. According to Babbie (2007), the problem of internal validity refers to the possibility that the conclusions drawn from experimental results may not accurately reflect what has gone on in the experiment itself. Sojourners’ Place currently houses 10 women residents, with the remaining beds going to men. There are approximately 50 beds in total at the facility. Data analysis occurs after the completion of data collection. It will be analyzed both quantitatively and qualitatively. Quantitative data will include the use of inferential statistics or descriptive statistics while the qualitative data will be analyzed using an inductive

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