Monday, July 29, 2019

Public Housing in USA Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Public Housing in USA - Essay Example The paper has shown that since the end of the World War II, it has been argued that the poor have lost access to expensive housing provided by private markets. Almost all the United States presidents have either come up or sponsored projects targeted at enhancing the access of the poor to quality better housing than they do (Howard 1). As Howard explains, there are numerous reasons why the government gets involved in the public, housing sector activities (Howard 2). First, the government believes that the private market cannot offer enough housing to the poor Americans. The government also believes that the private markets offer their housing at a high price which the poor cannot afford. Currently, the United States government action in public housing is the provision of subsidized housing to the poor families so as to replace the buildings that have been demolished through the HOPE IV program. HOPE VI program was developed in the 1990s so as to demolish houses that did not meet the standards according to Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and those that fell into crime and disorder (Howard 3). Presidents have either come up or sponsored housing projects to enhance that the poor can have access to quality housing. The issue of house shortage also affects the poor. Reports shows that there is a shortage of houses in the United States and the poor are the most affected. The demand is higher than the supply although there is race discrimination, which is affecting the blacks. This is the reason why the government ought to control public housing. The other issue that should concern the government is some individuals setting lower prices thereby increasing the demand. The government ought to fix the prices to protect the poor who are their mercies. The major Stakeholders in the Subsidized Housing Project for the Poor Families The US government presented HUD as the main stakeholder of the subsidized housing projects. As Johan has written in his article , Housing Subsidies and Homeowners, the United States government’s main interest is to provide affordable housing for the poor families. The government also aims at ending the HOPE VI program. It will then replace the demolished apartments through HOPE VI program, so as to ensure the poor families are not homeless. The other stakeholders in the project are some of the public housing landlords who are supporting the government involvement in matters of public housing for the poor. According to the Guide section 8 Housing Assistance programs of 2008, voucher 8 is given to families who are not able to afford quality housing. Therefore, the United States government funds them through their voucher 8 program. However, it has been argued that it is the landlords who benefit from these funds. Therefore, their main interests in this program are ensuring they continue benefiting from governments funds aimed at improving the housing conditions for the poor. The landlords should be scru tinized to ensure they get what they deserve and avail to the tenants their dues. The

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