Thursday, July 25, 2019

World religion and major periods during the development in the united Term Paper

World religion and major periods during the development in the united states - Term Paper Example During this colonial period, events occurred for example 8 Englishmen being allowed to colonize other parts of America. For example Virginia was the first American colony which was founded at Jamestown in Virginia. The Native Americans who were in Virginia had mixed feelings towards the newcomers; they were hostile to them and even attacked their ships. On the other hand, Indians had hospitality to the newcomers thus providing food to them. In the North of America, Massachusetts Bay colony was formed in 1920 together with Plymouth colony. In the other colonies war started in north American showing European rivalries where the Native American had to look for alliances to other powers to make sure that the colonist will not control the whole region for long period since the Native Americans together with the settlers experienced challenges when dealing with the colonial masters. For example king George war the Native American had to ally with other colonist like the British and French depending on the interests of other colonies to a specific indentified colony which was assumed to be the best. This depended on the interest of colonies to others. Due to religious motives Toleration Act was given a consideration in 1649 making England to be given the power of religious freedom. As a missionary during the colonial period, I was fully engaged in ensuring that masters and their servants did not interfere with the religious organizations that were trying to bring people together. Additionally, my role was to preach peace and unity among members of the community. The American Revolutionary which started in 1775 to 1783 is also termed as American war of independence. The war was between the Great Britain by the American colonies which later was named as United States of America. The unlawful act which the British parliament imposed on the

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