Thursday, July 4, 2019

Qualitative Study on COPD Essay Example for Free

soft take in on COPD look forThis is a soft accept conducted at the University of Texas wellness learning stress on at Tyler as a randomise controlled struggle to assign the military capability of a life-style behavioural intervention to profit natural exercise among forbearings with restrict to pure(a) COPD. (Wortz, K. 2012)54 patients of season 45 or advanced were randomly selected from April 2010 by supposes of January 2011 utilize a patient cash register database with a coded diagnosis of COPD on with mendelevium referrals. entropy arrangement consisted of baseline, demographic, clinical and self-importance-management require, roll of tobacco status, spirometry, 6-min locomote distance, BMI, Obstruction, SOB, commit cognitive meat (BODE) index, degenerative respiratory Questionnaire (CRQ) which includes 10 feed terminate questions and geriatric slack Scale. A savor of 47 interviews with the mean age of 68.4 age old, 53% male, 87% uninfected were apply in the compendium. 57.5% has delay COPD, 31.9% snip COPD, and 10.6% actually backbreaking COPD. (Wortz, K. 2012)The results of this analysis send word that the content of self-management fight with COPD should focus on addressing patients fears associated with the uncertainty, progression, paltry of their disease, expectations close overcoming or replacing losses, their needs for ameliorate wellness literacy and their proneness for ameliorate care. upkeep to these areas may upgrade patient self-efficacy and motivation to mitigate self management.

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