Friday, May 3, 2019

Dolphins Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Dolphins - Research Paper ExampleFinally I will attempt a self- analysis of my writing development, research ability and improvement overall as a compiler and researcher.As a result of the last three projects and the content of Writ1133 Im much more comfortable with my intimacy and ease of substance ab accustom with the various perspectives of research and methodology. I have developed my own writing tendency and individual preferences for the type of research and perspective I prefer.The first assigning started with the selection of an animal that we cherished to continue to study through the next three projects. I chose the dolphin aware of the many resources accessible and extensive scientific studies done on their many communication abilities and already having an interest in the dolphin. The assignment then consisted of reviewing science or scientific perspective by locating scholarly journals or publications write in more technical language. I was then to abstract pert inent, interesting and related information and write this in an easy to understand way for my intended audience, which at this time being class mates. It was chief(prenominal) to use non-technical and expert writing for this assignment. I was to define my target audience and how I might use pathos to reach and grab their attention and also decide how to appeal to their values.The second project was to use five sources and create a literature review using an artifact of something that contained the dolphin. Ideas or/and themes were to be delineate and I was to create an analysis of the dolphins role in the text I selected. This project was to use a humanistic perspective and analysis was to be supported with evidence from the text and from research. Some possible questions to upshot were how the animal is represented and also why is the animal being represented in the artifact? image three focused on

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