Sunday, January 5, 2020

Essay on Stereotyping Women That Work On Construction Sites Is Unfair

Stereotyping is a situation where a group or an individual make generalization assumption about a person or a given group of person concerning their character or gender in relation to a particular assignment or happening in our daily life within the society. In most cases human beings develop stereotypes when we have a notion or when we are unwilling or unable to obtain the required information that can be used to make a concrete judgment in situations or a bout people.   The society we live in normally unknowingly creates and perpetuates stereotypes, these fabrications in most cases lead to iniquitous discrimination and persecution when it is inauspicious. The stereotyping is commonly witnessed on women mostly in the construction sites where they are treated unfairly by their male counterparts. In the construction companies women receive the worst gender biasness as men see them as overly emotional at such work place. In the construction company when women do burst into tears at the least provocation. Men do not want show their case since they do no want be seen as â€Å"unmanly† this degrades them but the truth is that they are as well emotional. The traditional view of women as sex objects is carried to the construction company; instead of looking for what women can contribute in the company most men see them as sex objects. They always want women to satisfy their ever craving sexual desire even if the woman is never willing. If a woman acts in a way to be courteous then such men mistake it as acceptance for sex, this in most cases is not true; it is only that women are born with love and care in their hearts. Finally construction work do requires strong labors physically and in reference it is called masculine work. Being that women are not masculine there are many points where they fit and could make greater contribution in the company. When they are considered weak, their participation is considered to be of lower contribution. The stereotyping view of women should be stopped and them be viewed in a positive way. There should be mechanisms of supporting them in our society since they also have some hidden skills to offer.

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