Monday, August 26, 2019

Homo floresiensis or the Hobbit or Flores man, is it a homo erectus Research Paper

Homo floresiensis or the Hobbit or Flores man, is it a homo erectus - Research Paper Example These remains have increased historic researchers’ curiosity of intense research in order to determine if they represent a distinct species from modern humans. This scientific controversy progress has closely been followed by different forms of media. The most remarkable feature of this hominid is that it has a small brain and body. However, it could have survived until the recent past, about 12,000 years ago. Together with the skeletons were archeological horizon’s stone tools. Critics of this species claim that they are HomoSapiens going by their physiology and anatomy. The other hypothesis is that these individuals did have functional thyroids during their birth, and this resulted in myxoedematous, a kind of endemic cretinism. To prove the hypothesis wrong or right, researchers are in the process of finding preserved mitochondrial DNA, so that they can compare it with samples from the same specimens from fossilized HomoSapiens and Homo. The possibility of the similarity between Homo floresiensis and Homo sapiens is a study that needs further research. Though many scientists and scientific groups have shown mush interest on this subject, they still have not yet found the truth. However, the already found research findings indicate that this species is different from today’s human in several ways like body and brain size. Furthermore, its time of existence is also questionable. Mitochondrial DNA, which is still in the process of being undertaken, might be the only hope that will answer the many questions that scientists want to answer.

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