Friday, August 16, 2019

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living

Introduction How do you deal with your worries? Do you have any ways to solve your problems? We are not taught them neither at school nor on the job. We are supposed to find and figure out them by ourselves. Today I’d like to talk about: first, how serious damages we get from worries. Second, the solution for those of you who suffer from worries, and finally, how much benefit you can get with my suggestion. Need step As you know, worries mean nothing other than harms. For example, worries cause stresses and diseases. It is said if we could remove worries, 70% of sick people would completely recover from the disease.And the most significant factor of suicides is also â€Å"worries†. Human relationships, work environments†¦, there are lots of worries. I think everybody lives with certain worries more or less. Satisfaction Step But don’t worry. I have a solution. I have a book called â€Å"How to Stop Worrying and Start Living†, by Dale Carnegie. Althoug h it was written over 30 years ago, what he said hasn’t been out of date at all. Over 80% of reviewers rate this book on 5 star on Amazon. com. Visualization Step I can assure you that you’d enjoy the feeling that your worries are gone away as you read through this book.And it is also famous as a problem solving handbook for business persons. From only one book, you can learn not only the ways to deal with your worries, but also the useful methods of problem-solving. How amazing!! This is the reason why successful business persons around the world read this book continuously. Closing Now, I’d like to ask you, would you like to live a life with worries or without worries? If you choose a worry-free life, what are you waiting for? From the moment you start reading â€Å"How to Stop Worrying and Start Living†, you can â€Å"stop worrying and start living†. Thank you.

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