Friday, August 23, 2019

Is sleep deprivation associated with poor eating habits (overnutrition Research Paper

Is sleep deprivation associated with poor eating habits (overnutrition and ultimately becoming overweight) - Research Paper Example They argue that the problem occur because of personal choices on food and physical activities. If one consumes more than what is required the excess is stored and if there is no physical activity to consume what was stored then it will remain permanently in the body (Berreby, 2014). At school, students mostly prefer fast foods that are highly rich in fat and also they lack the appliances and the ingredients they need to prepare their own foods that are more appropriate for their health. At college level, they often reduce their sport activities despite maintaining their previous eating behavior. In addition, stress imposed by the curriculum, consumption of alcohol and delayed nighttime snacking are the major contributing factors to weight gain and furthermore sleeplessness. According to many experts, sleep deprivation will result to an increase in hunger hormones and that will finally result to a feeling of fullness (Peric & Nimwegen,

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