Wednesday, October 2, 2019

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Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence is a key component to the vision for human-centric computing. Within the wide arena of artificial intelligence, expert systems could become useful for completing specific complex tasks. AI will remain valuable regardless of whether we're able to build fully- functioning robots or human-esque brains. AI, the harnessing of intelligence on the computer, will turn complex thought processes into fast computer simulations; it will be used to analyze past events and predict the future. "The ability of these systems to explain the reasoning process through back-traces and to handle levels of confidence and uncertainty provides an additional feature that conventional programming can't handle." (PC AI) The possibilities are endless. Vision The vision of expert systems is straight forward: to replace complex human thought processes and tasks with computer programs using Artificial Intelligence. For example, create a "stock broker" program to analyze stock prospects. Or create a program to make a decision on whether or not to hire somebody. The fun doesn't stop there: many complex tasks can be done by computers using Expert Systems. This is done by emulating human logic on a machine. For example, an expert system for die polishing was developed: "Several studies on the decision making for polishing sequence and conditions using an expert system in the polishing process have been reported." (Ahn) Also, "Tricks from neural networks and expert systems are used in a smart-vision engine called AIMS-an automatic inspection and management system for finished printed-circuit boards, specifically printed-wiring assembly and high-density interconnect." (Johnson) In the overall vision of human-centric computing, this means that peo ple will one day be able to go to their computers, and not only have the interface of the machine built around them, but the machine will be able to be an "expert" in any number of areas; allowing them to perform complex analysis on data or perhap! s aid them in the creation of any number of things. Objective As the speed of computers increases, and the complexity of AI routines increases, the computer industry should be able to create software applications that replace many of the complex human thought processes. The computer industry should be able to economically create systems to do such tasks as analyze data, create data to meet your needs, and more. This should increase the productivity of the World's work force by greatly. This is the ultimate in human-centric computing applications; with this technology, our most complex work will be done easily on the computer.

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