Wednesday, October 30, 2019

What made me choose to become a mental health couselor Essay

What made me choose to become a mental health couselor - Essay Example such a wide variety of factors which can negatively impact the emotional stability of today’s global citizens, there must be effective and thoughtful counselors available through which to discuss social and self-related issues and assist people in need to ensure they receive help and/or a rational voice to offer suggestions on how best to make life more satisfying. It is quite common to witness that many people have a very difficult time adjusting to the many complications and expectations which are placed upon them, both by peers or colleagues as well as social acquaintances. There are many social protocols which demand that people act differently than who they really are when in public situations, therefore they never seem to get the opportunity to really reflect who the person is on the inside. When dealing with basic lifestyle complications, coupled with social rules and in-crowd regulations associated with what is considered acceptable behavior, it is not unrealistic that a person will begin to lose the necessary internal balance to lead a healthy, emotionally-sound adult life. These basic stresses, it would seem, also strongly impact the male psyche leading to a considerable amount of domestic abuse and violence against women. When men are being forced to simply comply with inferior business leadership (such as a poor manager or inferior colleague), these frustrations can build up over time. Add to the professional stress a home life which is riddled with bill payment issues or other frustrations caused from an inability to stretch one’s imagination and creativity, it is likely they will lash out at the nearest thing which sometimes involves asserting this aggression against women because they are weaker. In many respects, violence stemming from men is likely this group attempting to assert their dominance over the weaker since they do not have the opportunity to accomplish this at work or socially otherwise. To lash out in the employment environment

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