Thursday, October 17, 2019

Experience analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Experience analysis - Essay Example Consequently, Peggy calls for the need of uncovering the privileges according to the subject in order to present a ground for achieving equality. From the goal achieved by the event, it is of critical use in social construction of gender equality and reduced impact of racism in the society. The event presents an important step that can be taken to lessen the advantages possessed by male and white in the society. Peggy presents and expresses her goals in qualitative manner by using a case of individuals who are directly related to her study. For instance, she presents himself as a case by presenting an overview of her being â€Å"overprivilege† as the result of the color of her skin (McIntosh, 2012). This allows her to allows the audiences to readily identify with her goal besides gaining insightful view about the dimension of the study. Further, she also qualitatively describes the invisible privileges that men have, allowing her to adequately tackle her goal of discussing the impact of male privilege. Through using qualitative technique to express her goals, Peggy was able to present a clear picture of the overriding situation, to her audience that provided the basis for meeting her objectives. Peggy’s research was insightful and the way that she presents her theory fits well with intended concept of her study. I therefore agree with her position since she presents an ideal scenario that relates to the social construction of the gender. It is true that the fight against both gender and race discrimination has always avoided the discussion of privileges assigned to the â€Å"superiors† in the society. The event makes inclusive of feasible evidence for the study as seen when she describes herself as an overprivileged individual based on her skin color. This presented a chance for easily relating and understanding the message intended for the

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