Wednesday, June 19, 2019

A Vivid Rememberance of my chilhood Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

A Vivid Rememberance of my chilhood - Essay ExampleStarting schooldays is a big step in a childs biography and is typically remembered and taken to adulthood. I can vividly recall my first day of school. My first day of school was an apprehensive and sad time in my life. Growing up in Ecuador, I was close with my mother and enjoyed being at home. Starting school was a big event for me sense I was very shy. Being shy makes starting school harder than it should be sense it is harder to make friends and socialize. A typical day at school for me was a lone(prenominal) day. I was very opposite then my sister. My sister was outgoing and easily made friends. Unlike her, I struggled with friends. My shyness made it hard for me to make friends as I kept to myself. I can recall an exact memory as I was sitting in the classroom retributory before receding. My school was named Santa Mariana de Jesus. The school was a great school that taught discipline but allowed for fun. Recess was at the same time every day. Other kids could not wait for recess to begin but I dreaded the thought. To me it made the day go by even slower. As the recess bell rang, children rushed outside with excitement. I walked slowly and sat off to the side alone and by myself. This was an everyday thing. My shyness pushed other kids away. Besides recess, almost every aspect of school was just as dreadful as the next.

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