Sunday, June 16, 2019

Free writing journal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 14

Free writing journal - Essay ExampleAll the anticipate were cracked showing that women, though pretending to be tough are still vulnerable under extreme cold temperature. The story makes me feel the disappointment of the author with the society. Because shes a woman, she understands how other women may have matte trapped within a marriage that does not allow them to grow and be themselves. I felt anger and frustration at how the men in the story treated womens things and activities as trifles, useless, senseless things. I also felt the hidden anger, which was shown with the discovery of Mrs. Wrights motive to kill her husband. I felt the undervalued strength of women as they band together, like sisters protecting their own, when the two wives took the evidence proving that Mrs. Wright has plenty motive to kill her husband.This short story makes the reader realize that women are really in touch with their own nature and they are often see by men. It is full of symbolism showing how women are unappreciated and underestimated. But more than that I felt the calling within the story, the call for women to take fortify and band themselves together in order to fight the injustice against women, to create a place for women in the world, not merely as slaves in marriage but as a partner towards creating a successful family and

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