Wednesday, June 12, 2019

How Leaders can maintain High Quality Performance Term Paper - 1

How Leaders can maintain High Quality Performance - Term Paper Examplemise the attractors interest to promote integrity and motion, as a result of having the feeling that they are privileged such that they cannot lose their jobs and also to the extent of misusing their powers to serve their masters interests (Morrisson, 2004). However, if this is conducted properly, the leader would be in a position to serve the sole interests of the organization, which are based on quality and sustainable performance and development in only the departments under him or her. This paper is a critical evaluation of ways through which an effective leader can meliorate performance in his or her place of work.A leader is a person who, to a greater extent, represents the true image of an organization. This means that he is supposed(p) to be a person of high integrity and unquestionable character (Macarthur, 2004). This earns him respect throughout the corporate world such that he would be once in a while cited as a good role model to young people as well as those employees who are under him. For example, it would be wrong for a leader to have the habit of coming to work while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs as this would taken to mean that doing so is acceptable in the work place. Such a leader would set a bad example to his or her juniors, who may go to the extent of doing the homogeneous just because their boss is doing it. Similarly, it would be unprofessional for leaders to involve themselves in sexual relationships or harassment of their employees as this may promote indiscipline in the context that these employees may be motivated to do the same, which is unethical in a working environment.If anything, leaders should be the first people to observe all the rules and regulations of an organization, in an effort to maintain professionalism and concentration on service delivery. Otherwise, a lot of time would be constantly wasted trying to discipline those who go against the set standards thereby lowering the out put hence low performance. In

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