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Religious Beliefs Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Religious Beliefs - Essay ExampleThis essay will explore the important lessons worn-out from the teachings of these varied trusts as narrated through writings. Overview Several lessons can be drawn from the practices and religious beliefs of different religions in the world. Some of these religions include Shamanism, Pagan or Upanishads gain unique lessons that can be drawn from these religions. One of the common lessons that can be drawn from the different religions is the use of myths to explain or pass on different beliefs. For instance, the Greek and Mesopotamian cultures explain the origin of human life story through use of different myths. We witness the myth of the Epic of Gilgamesh, whereby the creation of human life is better explained through the use of the myth. The use of myths is common in several religions since it is used to explain the inexplicable. The Mesopotamian culture has a belief that the creation of human beings was make to free the lesser gods from thei r oppressive labors. Among the Greek culture, we witness the Homeric Hymns which were used in explaining different occurrences between different people. For instance, circumstances such as blood relation rivalry is best explained by in the Homeric Hymns through the story of Apollo and Hermes who were brothers competing against each other. The creation and control of the earth is a great learning extremum that could be used in drawing lessons about mysteries of life. The Kena Upanishad among the Hindus is used in explaining the order of the world. Moreover, it brings out the story on creation among the Hindu society (Parmananda 89). Taoism is other religion that makes use of myths to explain the creation of the world. Tao Te Ching makes use of symbolism in the different myths to reflect the power of the Tao, he elucidates that the origin of all things and how insufferable is the Tao. This is used in explaining that the origin of all things in the world emanates from a commanding Being like the Tao. Consequently, in the Upanishads, the origin and the creation of the earth is explained bowl use of different myths. Death is explained to Nachiketa by the Seer and this knowledge shoot fors the reader to know more concerning the religion trough the use of myths. The existence of a Supreme Being and the connection between this Supreme Being and human beings is another lesson we learn. From the different religions, we get to know that human beings have always interacted with gods in different circumstances. For instance, the Homeric Hymns elucidates on the relationship that existed between gods such as Zeus and Human beings. Moreover, gods like Demeter lived among human beings and visited many people during her stay on earth. In Taoism, we notice that the relation of God (Tao) and human beings is emphasized through the work of the Tao. When we lean on Tao and its teachings, we get to know that God and people work in concert to achieve different purposes in life. Taoism teaches obedience since all understanding and power comes from Tao (Tzu 74). The relation between God and human beings is better emphasized in the Kena Upanishad whereby we get to know that we cannot understand ourselves if we do not understand God. The knowledge of the Brahman is important in fostering good relation between God and people. Among the Mesopotamian culture, religion was used in fostering good

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