Sunday, June 9, 2019

Leadership Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 20

Leadership - Essay ExampleThe avocation to consider leadership under study has developed theories active it in reference to the qualities that should be possessed by those leading others and some of the considered views include a leader should be charismatic, intelligent, organized, and analytical among others (Mayer, 110).Leadership demonstrates a all-inclusive consideration that is not limited in any way. For instance, leadership may exist in the lowest category possible like leading workers in a company, leading a union or demonstrating leadership in the civil right movement. There is also the national leadership, which is a subject to alternative and leads the people by enacting laws through legislation processes. It should be noted though that the principle of leadership does not change and is irrelevant of the cadres through which one is fling leadership to the people.Given the role and the definition of a leader as stipulated in the above explanation, it is clear that in le adership we need one who takes the interest and the well-being of the people a head of any other interest. One must consult with the people engage them, and do exactly as they urinate agreed with them. Most of the popular leaders that the world has had were people-oriented they organized, advised, and took the impart of the people selfishly so that they could achieve their desires. Again, at the apex of leadership, one has to posses some qualities that will help understand the masses (Adair, 75). It should be appreciated that in leadership, one is bound to deal with many categories of people all who deserves to be attended to without difference otherwise, you will end up not being a good leader.When at the leadership level, one understand that the rest are vulnerable to your decision, they advantageously fall a prey to leaders advises, this then dictates that one has to guide what making utterances that might be inflammatory. The people always bestow some power point of respect and trust

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