Thursday, September 26, 2019

APA Annotation for 4 articles Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

APA Annotation for 4 articles - Research Paper Example The paper succeeds in demonstrating that the perception of Muslim women that is portrayed in the book undermines the need to address the patriarchal societies that make it difficult for the girl child to be empowered. Instead, it shows that the background of the author and financial motivations mostly drives the message. The paper is useful when evaluating the situation of Arabic Muslim girls in the United States of America. Although the paper serves as a strong critique of the book, it has failed to appreciate the truths in the novel. The Breadwinner has succeeded in contributing to the conversation about the role of religion in undermining the faith for equality in the society. The Arabic students in the country would identify with the argument made in the paper. In particular, they will identify with the fact that the institutional structure and culture where they learn often undermines the role of women. Moreover, they will agree that the ‘girl in need of salvation’ narrative that is present in the book undermines their quest for recognition in the society. , Erick and Zaidi focus on how the media covered the murder of a young Muslim girl in Mississauga, Ontario. The incident occurred in December 7. In particular, they have focused on how the media shifted the conversation from concerns over a tragic family event to a larger topic, the clash of civilizations. The authors also focused on tolerance and the negative effect that the term has on the society. The paper has highlighted the cultural implications involved in the debate over the hijab. Since Canada and America share many cultural similarities, the paper will be informative in shaping conversations on the topic in America. The paper highlights the ethical implications in the society. The authors have succeeded in highlighting the impact of an event in

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