Thursday, September 12, 2019

Qatar sporting legacy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Qatar sporting legacy - Essay Example Qatar in a bid to bring out some probable strengths, weaknesses and challenges that characterize the Qatar environment in relation to hosting the FIFA 2022 World Cup. Political: The political aspect of PESTEL analysis evaluates the impact of government policy on a particular business undertaking. Sporting activities of the stature of the FIFA World Cup require the consideration of political stability primarily for security of both the players and the fans, and to ensure that the activities proceed with no interference. Qatar has enjoyed a rather stable political stability. Qatar gained independence from the British in 1976 and has not experienced any major political conflict from within or with the surrounding neighbors Saudi Arabia and Bahrain except for the coup attempt in 1996. The coup attempt surprisingly consolidated the government’s popularity after its failure (Cordesman 2007, p.148). The only political threat in Qatar is an uprising similar to the uprisings observed in the other Arab countries such as Tunisia, Libya and Egypt. Before the revolution, Libya was among the key contenders to host the African Cup of Nations 2012. The revolution made it impossible (Gonzalez 2008, p.36). Such an occurrence in Oman or even the probability of such an occurrence might drive away potential organizers of a sporting event and sports tourists for security reasons. Qatar is relatively a religious tolerant country in the region and this tolerance has drawn frowns from Muslim extremists in the regio n who might want to retaliate. In 2007, Qatar allowed for the construction of the first Christian, Hindu and Muslim Churches in the country. However, since 2007 the country has not faced major violent oppositions which imply that the country can still survive as a tolerant country in the midst of extremists. Currently, the government of Qatar has taken significant steps to market the country as a tourism destination and it is obvious that the government will welcome a move

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