Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Casino Industry Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Casino Industry - Article Example The letters-to-the-editor column may support this with expressions of disappointments by long-time Las Vegas visitors about their business losing importance to gamers.The bad economy may lead to new international jurisdictions, Mr. Loveman opined. To care for an established customer rather than to attract a new one is also one less expensive option. Mr. T.J. Matthews, International Game Technology Chairman and CEO, said that adapting new slot technology is a resultant option for his company after the failure of several casino projects. From firs-time reading of this article, it seems that the author has written it very hurriedly. The language is poor and with loaded sentences and word use. Though clear, the author's viewpoint remains obscure due to the poor quality of language. For instances, he write - "The faster it adapts to the new economic climate -- and the end of "who cares" easy credit -- the better" and "Looser credit in Bucharest We'll see." The text is full of rhetoric devices; and he has used much material spoken by other people, mainly Mr. Loveman. This is apparent with the word uses of "drunken sailors", "arms race"; along with his own word use like "state of the Industry" and "grass is greener." The use of quotations is widely seen, sometimes mixed with own style; Mr. Loveman and Mr. Matthew have been quoted largely. The overall strength of argument is not powerful. There are evidences of obstacles to critical thinking. The author talks about the emergence of new international jurisdiction opposed to the traditional values through the idiom "grass is greener." Sometimes, the use of taunting language is observed; for example "Old values -- including the avoidance of crippling debt loads -- now reassert themselves." The structure of the article is very weak with an abrupt conclusion with "Imagine that." Despite being in accordance with ideas of the quoted people, the central evidentiary claims by the authors seem imaginary. The thinking about new international jurisdiction seems plausible, and is, maybe, away from central reasoning of Mr. Loveman and Mr. Matthew. Part III: Another reason to worry and one more area detected by the current ongoing global economic crisis - the casino industry is on the target with the people worrying about its current status with future scenario. The world's largest casino company Harrah's EntertainmentInc. has come forward with the fact, stated by theChairman and CEO, Mr.Loveman, thatit is the "overindulgence" in money spending. Other executives of the top casino companies do seem agreeing with Mr. Loveman when they say this business is not goingto remain in a same manner for coming years; because casino owners are shifting the focus to other available properties. This is a natural human tendency needing no explanation. He opined that the industry requires a kind of acceptance to the notion that every project is not a good project keeping in mind a money figure such as $1 billion. As per him the competitors and other businesses along with Harrah's need to change the work style especially considering the financial matters with future professional perspective. He described the competition among the professionals as very tough which might have to deescalate. For financial matters he thinks about a significant change

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