Monday, September 9, 2019

Business management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 1

Business management - Essay Example Although aspiring to be called an international bank, its home based in France does give Eurobank a somewhat influenced culture and therefore a national expression. Interesting enough, Eurobank has an ill defined corporate culture which is essentially different from a purely national culture, yet its corporate culture is an overt expression of French national values and traits. This may be attributed to presence of the French upper management and corporate policies and dual official languages on one hand while its English locale and the hundreds of local English employees not expatriates on the other hand. Although the General Manager of the bank describes Eurobank as largely transnational, but down the line other managers have taken a rather different outlook. It has been labelled as a national bank but with successful footholds and ventures overseas its international stance cannot be overlooked, perhaps amalgamating through acquisitions as an international bank. Nevertheless in true essence Eurobank in England is not given the recognition of a global organization by some quarters. Though much is being done to remove the traces of national culture and give it an international visage with a high degree of autonomy and hiring of mostly English staff, still we are able to detect the distinct national cultural characteristics influencing their corporate culture. It is the Eurobank policies and functioning style that remain normative to both national and corporate cultures. Preserving its national culture has its merits too, for e.g. as we can see with its broad customer base and customer loyalty agenda. Its national identity does hold importance to its customer groups and that is the reason they seem to have inducted that into their business strategies. The idea behind such a blend is that customers tend to correlate and recognize the culture of the institution that they are entrusting with their assets. Although the increasingly European cultural styles

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