Monday, September 9, 2019

The Different Types of New Governments Assignment

The Different Types of New Governments - Assignment Example Choosing the best possible style for a given nation is no small task. We live in a world of extreme diversity. We have ethnic, cultural, racial, philosophical, ideological, and religious diversity all around us in the modern world. In order to meet the needs of a modern diverse world is to apply a new style of government altogether; it would be more a hybridization of the most beneficial elements of existing styles to form something new, sustainable, and more ethical in a diverse world. Present government issues involving political parties that refuse to agree upon anything and a President that refuses to compromise on his policies continually stagnate and stalemate the issues of this country. Many of the American people have grown more than tired, frustrated, and aggravated by the present government; reforms, changes, and innovations are definitely in store. The best suggestion would be a combination of several different approaches; A Constitutional Commonwealth Confederacy might be feasible. In a Constitutional Government is operated with an agreed upon a document, like the Constitution, that sets down the most basic and fundamental principles of the society they are hoping to govern. It determines, both, the powers and limitation of any government entity. A Commonwealth Government is a political entity that was founded on the idea of a unifying â€Å"compact,† which represents the people’s best interests for the common good. In this new government, the fusing of the Constitution form with the Commonwealth reliance on a â€Å"compact† is rather smooth. Finally, a Confederacy or Confederation is a union between the states and provinces that allows for a central government to exist but heavily limits the powers of that government (Melina, 2011). This grants greater powers to individual areas, as opposed to being overruled by a central government. This would likely create a more fair, organized, and balanced government structure that would benefit a society of diversity in ideas, beliefs, and religions.  

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