Thursday, September 26, 2019

HFA 4M0 Summative Assignment World Cuisine Investigation Lebanon Research Paper

HFA 4M0 Summative Assignment World Cuisine Investigation Lebanon - Research Paper Example The economy of the country is based on tourism, agriculture and the banking sectors, with a special parliamentary democracy system of government, referred to as confessionalism, which reserves the top ranks of the government to members of certain religious groups (Sean, 1997). There is a fair distribution of the administration and the governing system among the 18 major denominations of the country, to mitigate religious conflicts. The country is made up of interrelated cultures of a people, having a population that greatly differs in religion, ethnicity, and language, thus making this country one of the most diversified community (Harb, 2006). The population of this country is predicted to be well over four million people, with all males required to vote on a compulsory basis after attaining the age of 21 years, while women can vote after attaining this age, only that they must have obtained education (Collelo, 2009). The cultures of this country are mostly religious integrated, with a high level of hospitality amongst the residents. Considering that, the arable land in this country is small, then, the country highly depends on imported foods. The major crops grown in the country include cereals such as wheat, fruits and vegetable as well as figs and tob acco. Since the country comprises about 30% of cultivatable land, irrigation and rain fed system are depended for the growth of crops, though not much of the land is irrigated (Aida, 1998). The agricultural activity contributes a 13% of the country’s total annual Gross Domestic Product, employing close to 14% of the country’s population, with most of the production consumed locally and just a small percentage accounting for export to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (Suad, 1986). Bread is a staple food in this country, which is served with almost every meal. Other foods acting as staple in this country include fruits, vegetables, rice,

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