Thursday, September 19, 2019

My Experience with Computers :: Personal Narrative Writing

My Experience with Computers I remember walking single file to the computer Lab. It was a room that was completely new to my whole fifth grade class. What did it look like inside? Did we all really get to play on these machines? I had never even typed on a computer before. This was fifth grade and my computer experience was, well, let's just say lacking. Learning to use these computers was a great experience for me. I was pretty scared but I learned how to play a lot of games and the teachers were very kind and helpful. Computers were a thing of the future, and more and more kids needed to learn how to use them. This was the case at our school. They thought it was time to conquer our fear, they were no longer valued as precious treasures that were only available to those over the age of eighteen. I had seen computers before but had never learned how to use them because I was never allowed, my mother always looked at me as an accident waiting to happen when it came to expensive things. Now that I am in college, I must say that I have gained some knowledge in this area, though I wouldn't consider myself an expert. I use my computer now for typing papers to turn in for school, using America Online to talk to friends, and downloading music to burn CD's. In sixth grade I moved from a poor public elementary school to a wealthy middle school. This meant I went from sharing fifteen computers with the whole school of five different grades, to having my very own computer in each individual class, teachers in the classes learned my name and my strengths and weaknesses when it came to these machines. I was terrible at typing but was awesome at just about any game you could put in front of me. I believe this also helped me gain experience. Having more access to these computers and I didn't have to bother waiting in line anymore, I wanted to participate because I had more of an opportunity to do so. I began to play around with games like "The Oregon Trail" and programs like "Microsoft Word" which helped me learn the proper technique to typing. I got my first computer from a friend of my mom's.

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